Can I Use Rug As A Chair Mat? (Explained)

It is extremely important to place a floor covering as a protective layer so that your floor and chairs stay protected. Chair Mats can be extremely necessary. But are Rugs and Chair Mats interchangeable? 

Can You Use Rug As a Chair Mat? You can use Rug instead of Chair Mat, however it will not provide you with smooth chair rolling experience. Also, comparing the prices of good quality chair mat and rugs, on average  buying a rug instead of a chair mat might cost you $20 – $30 more.

Even though there are some benefits of using a rug as a chair mat there are several drawbacks for which it is not recommended.

In this article, you will get to know if a rug will provide the effective result as a chair mat or if it will be a waste. I will also be sharing two alternatives to using Chair Mats.

Pros Of Using A Rug As A Chair Mat

You can enjoy various benefits by using a Rug as a Chair Mat. Let me list them down for you, 

Available In Broader Size And Dimensions

Compared to Chair Mats, Rugs are broader and provide more coverage than Chair Mats. Rugs are available in various dimensions.

To be exact, you find Rugs mostly in five dimensions which include; 3 inches x 5 inches, 5 inches x 8 inches, 8 inches x 10 inches, 9 inches x 12 inches, and 12 inches x 15 inches.

On the other hand, Chair Mats are much smaller and provide less coverage. When you use a Rug instead of a Chair Mat, it will provide more protection, and you have a variety of sizes to choose from. 

Available In Different Designs And Patterns

To be honest, what I love about Rugs is that they come in different patterns and designs. The more you search, the more you see beautiful colors and designs and get more confused about which one to buy.

That’s not it! Such beautiful Rugs will enhance your room’s overall appearance, providing a more elegant and vibrant look. Rugs help to brighten up your room’s overall look and, in turn, lift up your mood.

Probability To Multi Purposes

Rugs are used for numerous purposes. To name a few, you can use a rug to decorate a room, to reduce the sound, it can keep the floor warm, and many more. 

But Chair Mats have the sole purpose of protecting the floor from the damage a chair can cause; that is to protect the floor from a chair or desk.

Even after using a Rug as a replacement for a Chair Mat for a particular time, you can use it for other purposes.  

Easy Installation And Removal 

Unlike chair mats, Rugs can be installed and pulled off easily due to their lightweight. Chair Mats can be hard to pull off; it can be bothersome to keep it upright.

If you want to change the placement of the rug, you can carry it to its next destination all by yourself. You just need to take off the furniture that was placed on top of it. 

But when it comes to Chair Mat, sometimes you might require someone’s help to take it off, especially for the heavy ones, like Glass Chair Mats.

Easy Cleaning Process

Rugs need to be cleaned regularly due to the tendency to attract dirt and toxins. But the good side is that you can easily clean rugs using a vacuum cleaner. Some of the Rugs can be washed in a washing machine. 

Unlike Chair Mats, you do not have to follow any strict procedure to clean the rug. You can use a vacuum cleaner or put them into a washing machine. Nonetheless, it is suggested to check the label before cleaning it.

Cons Of Using A Rug As A Chair Mat

Now let us discuss what are the bad sides of using a Rug as a Chair Mat so that you get both sides’ views. 

Tough To Fit In The Desk Area

Chair Mats are manufactured in such a way that they get fit with the desk area. Moving the desk is not required when you plan to place a Chair Mat.

The best part is when you use a Chair Mat with lips, and it provides you the scope to protect the area underneath your desk.

You must be wondering how chair mat lips help? Well, it protects the area underneath the desk, where there is a tendency to get damaged, when you roll your chair inside or when you put your shoes there. To know more about it, check the article on Chair Mat Lip vs. No Lip

Less Protection Than Chair Mats

Undoubtedly, Chair Mats provide more protection than rugs. Rugs are thinner and can get easily rolled up and initiate accidents. 

Although Chair Mats are smaller and have less coverage than rugs, they are more effective in protecting the floor.

Check out our article on “Rug Vs. Chair Mat Vs. Carpet” to know more about using rug or carpet instead of a chair mat.

No-Slip Or Trip Resistant 

Rugs lack hard edges and can be slippery. It can result in tripping thus, initiating severe accidents. 

When it comes to chair mats, they stay in a definite place and hardly move. Therefore, fewer chances of the occurrence of such accidents. 

More Expensive Than Chair Mats

Rugs are famous for their overall appearance and the availability of various sizes, designs, and patterns, but they can be more expensive than Chair Mats. 

So, Should You Use A Rug Instead Of Chair Mats?

To be honest, Rugs provide more coverage than Chair Mats but not necessarily more protection. Then again, when it comes to safety, Chair Mats are more secure than Rug.

Rugs stay unattached to the floor, and any hard edge is missing. Rugs can get tangled and initiate accidents. The chances of an accident will be much higher when you put a rolling chair on top of it. 

Rugs are available in various designs, patterns, and dimensions, which can brighten up the room’s atmosphere. They can be used for various purposes. Nonetheless, Rugs can be expensive and difficult to fit in a workstation. 

Can you use a rug instead of a chair mat? You can use a Rug instead of a Chair Mat, but it will not provide adequate protection and invite accidents. But if there is an emergency, you can put a rug as a replacement for a Chair Mat.

However, my suggestion would be not to put a rug as a chair mat for an extended period of time. 

What Can I Use Instead Of A Chair Mat?

Sometimes installing a Chair Mat can be difficult and unaffordable. You can avoid using Chair Mats by implementing these alternatives of using a Chair Mat;

1. Use Of Rollerblade-Style Wheel

Compared to traditional office chair wheels, the Rollerblade-Style Wheel covers less surface area and is made using more durable polyurethane materials.

These wheels provide complete protection by eliminating the frictional effect on vinyl, hardwood, and other types of hardwood floor surfaces. They can protect any type of floor from the damages caused by chairs. 

Check out my recommended office chair caster wheels by clicking here.

2. Use A Standing Desk Instead

Standing desks are cost-effective solutions and productive choices for any office environment. According to research findings, Standing Desks are more advantageous than Sitting Desks. However, they are hard to find but using them is good for your health in the long run.

Since studies have shown that long-hours sitting jobs have a terrible effect on our body, standing desks have various health benefits. As a result, many offices are now installing a standing desk model.

3. Chair Glides:

Most people use chair mats just to protect their floors. Even chair glides provide a similar purpose. Chair slides prevent the movement of office chair wheels which protects carpeted and hardwood floors.

That’s why I think chair glides are a viable alternative to chair mats.

4. Rugs Chair Mat:

Using rugs instead of a chair mat is an alternative option. There are a few low pile desk rugs that can be used as a chair mat. 

Sallous rug chair mat is a great alternative to all the other plastic or polycarbonate chair mats which is a low pile desk rug. Comes in different shapes and sizes which you can use on your hardwood floors. 

It currently costs $36.99, if you are interested you could check the latest price on Amazon, here

Related Questions

Should You Put A Rug Under Your Desk?

Well, you can put a Rug underneath your desk, but remember to buy a big one that will cover the whole area of the desk. Then again, when you have a chair on your desk, please make sure there remains extra Rug space to move the chair without getting it off from the Rug. 

Where Should A Rug Go In A Home Office?

In your home office, the rug should be placed under your desk. Remember to put a rug big enough to cover all the area and activities of the rug. That is, when you pull or push the chair, the rug should still be underneath it. 

Putting the rug underneath your desk will indeed highlight the desk and change the room’s overall appearance. Moreover, when you have Chair Mat for the desk and chair, you can always place the rug in the center of the room. It will indeed look more elegant.

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