Can an Office Chair Kill You? Everything You Need to Know

You might have heard rumors about office chair explosions and many severe accidents because of office chairs. I also have heard them several times but never directly or indirectly experienced one. That’s why I was curious about this, and a question popped up in my mind if an office chair actually can kill you. I did some research, and this is what I have found!

Can an Office Chair Kill You? Office chairs can not kill you. Office chairs are neither venomous nor dangerous. The chances of you getting killed by an office chair are equal to getting killed by the phone in your pocket, which is more or less equal to zero. 

Millions of people who have desk jobs use office chairs regularly, and if office chairs were dangerous, they wouldn’t be so widely used. However, there are some incidents and rumors which make people think that office chairs can be dangerous.

In this article, I will discuss past incidents with the office chair and check if they are real or myths through my research and survey data. I have dug out some cool info on this topic through some primary research which I will also discuss in this article, so keep reading!

Past Office Chair Related Incidents:

Chinese Women Computer Chair Injury:

According to a 250 words long article on Asia One, a 24 years old woman got injured in 2013 while sitting on her computer chair.

It was reported that when the woman was sitting, suddenly the chair exploded. The woman was brought to the hospital by her brother, and the woman was saved.

An Old Man got Injured in 2008:

This is another story of a Chinese old man who got injured by his office chair in 2008. He injured his arms and back. It is said that a steel rod was ejected out of the chair with great force, and it injured that old man.

Another Story of chair injury of a Chinese Kid: 

There are rumors that a kid died because of a chair explosion in 2009 in China. Again in China!! The article says the kid died. You gotta be kidding me!!

All these incidents were related to the explosion of office chairs. I tried to verify all these incidents, and I failed to find any concrete proof of these incidents. I would believe in these incidents as I did my research. I did not find anything that makes me believe that these incidents were real.

That’sThat’s why I thought I have to ask lots of people with desk jobs who have been working on their office chairs for years.

You know, I feel like most people who have been at a desk for like 5-10 years must have at least some knowledge or experience, or at least some incidents might have happened with them as well. 

I mean, if there is any possibility of the office chair hurting you, people with desk jobs must know better about it than anyone else.

So, I thought a survey on this would be really cool, and that’s what I did. If you want to know about it, all you have to do is keep reading!!

What are the chances of a Chair Exploding?

As I have noted earlier, To find the chances of a chair exploding and hurting you, I have done a little survey on some people who have desk jobs for a while now and use office chairs on a regular basis. The results were pretty exciting. Let’sLet’s check ’em out!!

As you can see, none of the respondents ever experienced any office chair explosion in their entire career of sitting on an office chair. The respondents were real people who had desk jobs and had been working for several years.

The result of this survey suggests a lot of things. The chances of a chair exploding are very negligible, and it is more or less zero. I think I will stick to my statement unless I experience the explosion myself or someone provides me with any concrete evidence of this issue.

If the chances of the office chair exploding were high, at least some on my survey would have experienced or heard about it. Don’tDon’t you think so?

Yes, You might argue that the sample size was very small!! This doesn’t represent the whole population out there.

I get that, but you have to agree with me one thing, the chances of a chair exploding is very, very negligible. That’sThat’s because billions of people are using office chairs on a daily basis, and the scenario of a chair incident is very uncommon. 

Still, it’s okay if you don’t agree with the results and might say there are chances of chair explosion. I don’t want to argue with anyone. I just wanted to provide you with the right information and my opinion on this.

In my opinion, the incidents of office chair explosions are just a myth. 

If you are still scared of an office chair and want more safety, just buy one from any reputable brand. I believe reputable brands build their chairs by maintaining high standards, and you will be just fine.

Related Question:

Can Gaming Chairs Explode?

The chances of the gaming chair exploding are also very negligible. Also, millions of gaming chairs are sold every day. I could not find a single gaming chair explosion-related article or news over the internet.

As long as I don’t see or hear any concrete news about this, I would say the gaming chair should not explode if you use it like any other normal person and do not try any extreme port with it.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Office chair can’t kill you if you use it for the purpose of sitting, and you do not try any funny business with it. You can disagree with me and say I am wrong. There may be few incidents, and those are maybe true, but the thing is, there is a certain amount of risk with everything.

You might have heard about the pencil incident of John Wick! This doesn’t mean pencils are something that you should be scared of. I believe exceptions are not rules. That’sThat’s why I would like to stick to my opinion that an office chair can not kill you.

Still, I don’t want you to believe whatever I say, do your own research in your own way and find out if you should be concerned about this matter or not. That’s all for today. I hope this article was helpful. 

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