Can Adirondack Chairs Stay Outside In Winter?

 Sitting in Adirondack Chairs with your wife and watching the babies play in the garden is a typical day for many Americans. But we tend to forget that we need to take proper care of the Adirondack Chairs. There remains confusion, whether to keep Adirondack Chairs outside in winter will ruin the chairs or not.

So, Can Adirondack Chairs Stay Outside In Winter? The Adirondack Chairs made of polyethylene lumber, aluminum, and teak can be kept outside in winter, as they are water and heat resistant. Then again, when the Adirondack Chairs are made of plastic or metal, you should avoid putting them outside during winter or any other time. 

In this article, you will get to know about Adirondack Chairs and various tips to keep your chairs uptight. Moreover, you will get a complete guideline for maintaining outdoor furniture. So, keep reading!   

What Are Adirondack Chairs?

The iconic Adirondack Chairs are wooden slats armchairs used for outdoor sitting arrangements. The name Adirondack Chair came from the Adirondack Mountain Range in upstate New York.

The chairs were first invented in 1903 by Thomas Lee from Westport, New York. This is the reason; initially, the Adirondack Chair was known as the ‘Westport Chair.’   

Originally, the Adirondack Chairs were designed for outdoor use; they are still popular. The seats of Adirondack Chairs usually have a seat that slants download and a sloping back. 

If I tell you about the appearance, Adirondack Chairs’ armrests are usually wide & flat surface. Additionally, the armrests are perpendicular to the front legs. The sloping feature of the chairs makes it comfortable to sit in during leisure periods. 

Can I Leave Adirondack Chairs Out In Winters?

You can definitely keep your Adirondack Chairs outside during winter only if the chairs are made of polyethylene lumber. Other than that, it is not recommended to keep your Adirondack Chairs outdoors during the winter for extensive hours. 

If you are still in doubt, let me tell you why. The Adirondack Chairs are mainly made of polyethylene lumber. It is water-resistant, which absorbs moisture. Moreover, it has a high density which prevents the wind from hampering the chair.

Additionally, when the Adirondack Chairs are made of teak or aluminum, you can also keep them outdoors. They are resistant to wind, water, and rust. Moreover, the chairs made of aluminum are more resilient, durable, and easy to maintain. 

On the other hand, if the Adirondack Chairs are made of plastic or metal, it is wise not to keep the chairs outside the door. 

What Outdoor Furniture Can Be Left Outside In The Winter?

For the beautification of your home, you might have considered keeping your furniture outside. But let me tell you which furniture can be kept outdoors.

1. Wooden Furniture – Wooden furniture can be kept outdoors. Nonetheless, it is also recommended not to keep the wooden furniture outside for an extensive period of time. The scenario can be different if your wooden furniture is made of teak, as the furniture made of teak keeps the water and moisture away from it. 

2. Aluminum Furniture – Aluminum furniture is risk-free when it comes to keeping them outdoors. Aluminum furniture can be kept outdoors all year long, and it won’t affect its quality. It has light & corrosion-resistant metal, which helps to protect it.

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What Is The Best Way To Protect Outdoor Furniture?

The outdoor furniture sometimes requires extensive care and maintenance. The ways to protect your outdoor furniture can vary according to its materials.

Let me tell you the different maintenance procedures for Wood, Steel, Stone, Aluminum, Glass, and Fabric. 

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Wooden Furniture:

Wood furniture is mainly made of teak, which helps absorb the moist and protective sealant that prevents your furniture from cracking. As a result, your furniture already stays protected when it is put outside. No matter what the season is, the protective sealant will do its best job to prevent any damage. 

However, when you keep your furniture outside, you can also keep it covered to keep the dirt and dust away from it. After dusting off all the dirt from the wooden furniture, you can apply Outdoor Oil and Marine Varnish

Outdoor oils are specially formulated for the wooden furniture which is kept outdoors. These oils contain Resin, mildew & UV inhibitors, and a heat stabilizer, which will protect your wooden furniture in any weather condition. 

On the other hand, Marine Varnish comes in handy for the furniture, which stays in direct contact with natural heat and water & marine environments. The UV absorbents in the Marine Varnish protect the furniture from the sun. This is also formulated to protect the furniture from water.

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Steel Furniture:

I highly forbid you to keep your Steel furniture outside, especially in winter. The cold weather can lead the paint to crack, and when it comes in contact with water, the paint starts to fall off. In addition to that, the furniture itself weakens. 

Therefore, I recommend you eep your steel furniture outside for a long time. Even if you take the steel furniture outside, I recommend taking it back inside as soon as possible. You can also utilize the storage space and put your steel furniture store. 

When your Steel furniture gets dried, you can apply paste wax (Amazon Link) because it is water-resistance and stops rust. 

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Stone Furniture:

Stone furniture can get damaged in freezing weather and get scratched. When you put your furniture outside in the winter, water can get stuck in the furniture, and when the water freezes and expands, it can crack the furniture. 

Nonetheless, you can protect your Stone furniture by covering it; covering it can help it last the furniture longer. You can also apply sealant for better protection. 

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Aluminum Furniture:

When it comes to keeping furniture outside, Aluminum furniture is the durable one. They won’t be badly affected when you keep it outside, regardless of the weather. They are corrosion-free and can be kept outdoors for an extended period of time. 

However, if you live in a windy situation, there might remain chances of the furniture being blown around.

Aluminum furniture is light weighted. As a result, it can move pretty easily. However, to protect the Aluminum furniture, you can apply silicone spray and car wax.

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Glass-made Furniture:

No matter what the season is, it would help if you kept your Glass furniture inside. Strom, wind, and even snow have the chance to damage your furniture. Moreover, the branches of trees might fall and break the glass. 

Always keep your glass furniture indoor, not just to protect it but also to keep the surroundings safe. Use place mats, coasters, and tablecloths in order to keep the glass furniture away from scratches. 

The Best Way to Protect Outdoor Aluminum Fabric:

Fabric furniture needs special care the whole year long. In the winter, the fabric can develop mold & mildew, which can damage the quality of it. Even if you use the fabric furniture or cushions outdoors, I recommend completely drying them out and keeping them inside. 

In order to protect your fabric furniture and cushions, I suggest you use mild soap and warm water for cleaning. Then when it completely dries, spray on some fabric protector. Lastly, always keep it indoors and use a vacuum cleaner to keep it dirt-free.  

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture From Sun Damage? 

When you keep your furniture outdoors, it can get damaged in no time. No, you don’t have to worry. 

Let me give you a few tips to keep your outdoor furniture uptight. 

1. Keep It In Shaded Place 

The best way to protect your furniture from sun damage is to keep it inside. It protects the furniture from direct sunlight and dramatically extends the lifespan of the furniture. 

2. Use A Big Umbrella

Using umbrellas can also eliminate the risk of direct sunlight. The umbrella not only protects the furniture but also decorates the outdoor view. Whenever the sun shines brighter, you can simply open the umbrella to shade it accordingly. 

3. Use Ultraviolet Protector Spray

You can use UV protector spray to reduce the damage caused by sunlight. Just like sunscreen, you can apply the spray all over its surface, and the layer of the spray will protect the furniture from damage caused by sunlight. 

4. Use Furniture Covers 

When nothing works well, a furniture cover can be the best medicine for protecting the furniture from sunlight. Always use a fabric cover by Duck Covers (Amazon Link) to cover your favorite outdoor furniture.  

Related Questions

Can Wood Furniture Stay Outside?

You can definitely keep your wood furniture outside. Nonetheless, it is advised not to keep the wooden furniture for an extensive period.

When the wood furniture is exposed to high temperature and moisture levels, the glue in the joint can come loose, and the joints become weak. 

Keeping the wood furniture during winter will not affect that much. It is because most wood furniture is made of teak, which is water-resistant and protects from moisture. 

Although wood furniture has less harm than any other furniture, when kept outside, it is recommended to keep your wooden furniture protected by keeping it shaded or covered.

Is It OK To Leave Patio Furniture Out In The Rain?

Patio furniture is water splash resistant, which is why you can keep them in the light rain. However, they are not completely waterproof, and as a result, when kept under heavy rain, they will get damaged over time.

That is why I highly recommend keeping your patio furniture in the rain; instead, keep it shaded so that it stays protected from heavy rain.  

Can You Put Regular Furniture In A Sunroom?

It is wise to put the outdoor furniture in a sunroom, but not regular furniture, as the indoor furniture can get damaged when it stays in contact with the sun. 

Even if you decide to put the regular furniture in a sunroom, I would recommend you to check if the furniture has a protective coating and also check if it can survive the direct sun rays.

Only when both the categories are met, then you can put the regular furniture in a sunroom. 

Final Thoughts

Putting furniture outdoors can enhance the overall beautification of your home, but it can cost you a lot. The furniture can get weakened and damaged over time. 

When it comes to Adirondack Chairs, keep in mind that the chairs made of metal & plastic cannot be kept outside during the winter.

When Adirondack Chairs are made of aluminum, wood, or even polyethylene, lumber can be kept outside even in winter.

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