Can a Chair Stop a Door from Opening?

The constant movement of the door can be disturbing, and it can even hurt your child, so stopping the door from opening becomes necessary. Also, if the door’s lock is broken, you might think of locking the door using your chair. So, you might be wondering if a chair can resist the door’s movement or stop it from opening or not!

A chair can stop a door from opening if a proper chair of appropriate height is used. You just have to take a chair whose height is equal to the length of the door from its doorknob to its lower portion, then wedge it well. 

If you are irritated by the door’s continued opening or want to do something to resist the door from opening for security purposes, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will provide you with different tactics to stop the door from opening just by using the things available at your home.  

How Do You Block A Door With A Chair?

Yes, a chair can be used to block a door from opening. You might have seen it in movies, but I will tell you the exact technique so that you can do it perfectly. Remember this method works only if the door opens inward. 

Step 1 – Find the Appropriate Chair. 

For this method, first, you need to find a perfect chair that will hold the chair appropriately. 

How to choose the perfect chair that will stop the door from opening? Take a solidly built chair that can barely be broken; avoid the folding chairs. Now you need to check the height, so measure the height of the chair.

Check carefully if the chair’s height is equal to the door’s distance from its doorknob to its bottom. If the length doesn’t match the chair’s height, then it won’t work because it will not be able to hold the door with its full strength. 

Step 2 – Close the Door  

This step is quite simple. You need to make sure the door is closed correctly and the doorknob is stacked in its definite place. Let’s move to the next step, shall we?

Step 3 – Put the Chair In The Correct Position

Now you need to jam the chair under the doorknob, just like your watch in the movies. Put the backrest of the chair so that the chair knob touches the chair backrest’s upper surface. 

Step 4 – Wedge The Chair Close To The Door

Gently apply pressure to the chair, at an angle, focused just beneath the doorknob to make sure the chair sits flatly on the floor. This will resist the intruder from opening the door.

Please don’t keep the chair unparallel to the ground; it will not give you the desired outcome.  

Step 5 – Lock the Doorknob 

Now that you are done with positioning the chair, it is time to lock the door accordingly. Use a key or just push the lock button on the knob to complete this method. 

Now, a question might arise in your mind, does the technique of using a chair stop from opening works?

Well, this is a great technique, but the method will not work if someone tries to open the door from outside with great force. There is a chance that the lock of the door or the chair might break. This is just a simple technique, not a full-proof security strategy.

What Holds A Door Shut? – 7 Ways to Stop The Door From Opening

1. Use Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks provide extra security when it comes to shutting the door. Due to its effectiveness, it has gained much popularity nowadays. 

Using door knobs was first manufactured for traveling purposes and is only allowed to secure the door from the inside. 

If you are willing to buy a portable door knob, I highly recommend you buy DoorJammer Portable Door Lock. It works best on the non-slippery floor as its one part should be placed on the floor. The other part should be placed under the door. 

From my experience, I found it highly effective and the price is also reasonable. Check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

2. Use A Portable Security Bar

Security bars are now widely available because it does an excellent job when it comes to shutting the door from inside. You just need to place the portable security bar under the knob. 

I recommend you to purchase the portable security bar by Brinks. This dual-function door security bar can be adjusted as per your need to fit most standard sliding and hinged doors.

It is built with heavy-duty steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can effortlessly use Brinks security bar on top of the tile, wood, or concrete floors.

3. Use A Wedge To Lock The Door

Using a wedge is a simple yet effective method to lock your door. You might have already heard about it or have seen others using it.

If you are willing to use a wedge, you can buy it from the store, or you can make one by yourself. 

You check out the SABRE HS-DSA Wedge; it is excellent in protecting from an intruder as it comes with an extremely loud alarm which is audible from 1000 feet distance. 

It is easy to install and also attractive. Still, the most fantastic part is that it is versatile with maximum security because it has a non-skid pad to prevent the door from opening while the alarm sounds, which provides enough time to gather people

4. Use A Strike Plate Lock 

The strike plate lock looks like a standard door chair, but it gives more effective results and is more durable. The best part is that it doesn’t ruin your doors because you can simply mount it on the jamb of the present screw holes of the strike plate.

Just by placing the ring part over the door handle, you can keep your door shut so that unwanted visitors don’t enter. 

You can check out the Strike plate locks with door chain and flip-lock that provides double protection security.

Check out these sturdy and durable Strike plate locks on Amazon by clicking here.

5. Use A Fork To Close A Door

Definitely, a weird idea, but it can give you an effective result. Let me tell you, how to use a fork to lock the door? You can make some changes with the fork and use it to close the door.

How do you lock a door without a lock with a fork?

First, you can use a hammer to bend the end of the fork, or you can put pressure using the piler. But don’t bend it more than .40 inches. Then, cut the handle of that fork. 

Now open the door and hook the tip of the fork into the strike plate’s hole. After closing the door, slide the fork handle in between the middle teeth. TADA! You will see the door is locked. 

Remember it will only prevent you from pushing the door; with high force, the door will open. 

6. Install A Door Barricade

A door barricade is the most effective among all other methods to reinforce the door and unwanted people from entering. Due to its popularity, different models are available.

You can check out this door barricade from Nightlock in Nickel color. It is made of Aluminum with an Anodized finish and is super easy to install.

You can check out my favorite door barricade on Amazon by clicking here.

7. Use A Belt To Lock A Door

A belt can be used to keep your door locked but in two conditions; when it has a hook and the door closer is attached to the door. 

You need to stretch the belt in and tie it between the hook and the door’s handle. This can protect the handle from turning around and prevent the door from opening. 

Related Questions

Can A Chair Barricade A Door?

A chair can be used as a barricade to shut a door. The door can only be barricaded using a chair only if the door is an inward opening door because such doors need to be pushed into a room in order to gain access to the room.

If your door is an inward opening door, then just by using a chair in the procedure as mentioned above, you can barricade the door. You can even place a lot of chairs lined up from the door to the opposite wall to stick the door. 

Final Thoughts

You can obviously stop a door from opening just by using a chair, only if you have the perfect chair available.

However, if you don’t have a chair nearby, you can use other things like a fork or belt. For high-level security, I recommend you to use a portable security bar or portable door lock.

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