Best Office Chairs for Knee Pain: A Complete Guide with Pricing

The relationship between sitting behaviour and a sedentary lifestyle promotes health-related issues. If you have a desk job, you are probably sitting all day long, and most of the time, you are sitting in the wrong posture that leads to knee pain.

The reasons behind developing knee pain:

  • Prolonged and Static sitting
  • Sitting in a wrong posture
  • Using a traditional chair with no adjustability
  • Using a standing desk for long hours
  • Sitting with wrong seat height

According to the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, prolonged sitting with the knee in sustained flexion is the reason behind developing knee pain. Even 90-degree knee flexion can be dangerous while sitting for prolonged hours.

As prolonged sitting is the main reason for knee pain. Studies suggest that dynamic chairs or ergonomic chairs can reduce these issues since ergonomic chairs are adjustable to fit every individual correctly.

It promotes correct posture and better blood circulation that is important to get relief from knee pain, back pain, shoulder or neck pain.

In this article, I will add the six best ergonomic office chairs that can help you relieve those health issues. To learn more, read the chair’s reviews to understand better which chair would be the best fit for you.

1.SIHOO Office Chair$304.99
2.Steelcase Series 1$446.13
3.NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair$329.99
4Novelland Ergonomic Office Chair$153.42
5.Steelcase Gesture Chair$1,505.00
6.Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair$749.99

1. SIHOO Office Chair with Footrest

Sihoo Office Chair With Footrest

The Sihoo ergonomic office chair is so popular that it does not need any introduction. It offers every adjustability to fit you properly, and it also provides a footrest to get relaxed from work.

What’s the Price?

Currently, this chair costs $304.99 in the USA. As office chair prices change every day, you should check the latest price on Amazon.

If you are from the UK, check the price on Amazon UK by clicking here.


This particular model of Sihoo ergonomic office chair offers two different colours Black and Orange. The backrest of this chair is made of breathable woven mesh fabric that promotes air circulation to keep you nice and clean during the hot weather.

For a better sitting experience, this chair provides a “W type†sponge cushion for comfortability and better ergonomics. Speaking of ergonomics, the Sihoo office chair is approved by “Ergonomics Association†and offers better ergonomic adjustability for sitting.

You will get multiple adjustment features such as headrest, armrests, seat height and inclination angle. You will also get an additional footrest that will help you a lot to get relief from knee pain. For the footrest option, I particularly picked this chair.

A backrest recline is essential when you would like to sit more comfortably during long projects. The backrest can be reclined in three different positions and can be locked using the handle underneath the seat.

This chair provides adjustable lumbar support to get the optimal support to your lumbar region. You can adjust the lumbar support pillow in two ways. So, that will become handy when you are sitting in a different position.

This chair’s seat height adjustment is ideal for a person’s height ranging from 5’3’’ to 6’6’’ and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

Three years warrantyNot recommended people above 330 pounds
Offers an additional footrest (It’s important for relax and get relief from knee pain)
All parts of this chair is adjustable
Offers a reasonable price
Easy Assembly

Why should you consider this chair?

This Sihoo ergonomic office chair offers all the ergonomic adjustability at an affordable price. This chair will deliver what it promises and the additional footrest is the great option that this chair offers. If you have the budget for this chair, you should consider it.

2. Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase is a well-known brand for manufacturing office chairs. Their chair has a lot of demand in the secondhand market because of their durability and comfortability.

What’s the Price?

Right now, the Steelcase Series 1 chair costs around $446.13. But the price always fluctuates. So,  check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


This office chair comes with an adjustable seat height of 16.5 inches to  21.5 inches. This means it supports a wide variety of heights. If you have knee problems, this can be helpful as you will be able to adjust the height as per your comfort level.

This chair has a flexible seat edge that moves according to your sitting posture and ensures better blood circulation throughout your body.

It has robust build quality. The materials used to build this chair feels very premium and durable by touch.

The quality of the casters and the base is also excellent. It supports people up to 300 pounds. The design of this chair is also cool.

The mesh back design of this chair promotes enough airflow from the back, which will keep your back cool during the hot summer days as well.

I almost forgot to mention, Steelcase provides 12 years of warranty which is cool to have from a chair of 400 bucks price range.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

Great back supportHeadrest is missing
Adjustable seat height
Awesome Design
Robust build quality

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair is a lot cheaper than other Steelcase chairs, like the leap or gesture. You might have heard about the reputation of Steelcase chairs. They last for generations.

You will be able to use this chair for more than 10-12 years without any issues. Besides, the resale value of these chairs is also great. If you follow Reddit, you already know that.

For all these positive aspects of this chair, I highly recommend it to you.

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergo3D

The NOUHAUS Ergo3D is the most popular office chair from Nouhaus right now in the market. This chair is well known internationally because of its comfort and durability.

 office chair 

What’s the Price?

The price of this chair is $369.99 but the price always keeps changing. So, check out the current price on Amazon by clicking here. 


The Nouhaus Ergo3D ergonomic chair has a weight capacity of  275 pounds which can be a turn off for people over this weight limit. Other than that, this chair has all the ergonomic features that you can ask for.

The backrest, headrest and seat contain high-quality mesh fabric. This will promote super ventilation of air from your body and you will feel how awesome this feature is during the hot days of summer.

The armrest of this chair is adjustable, which allows you to fit with your working surface properly.

The dynamic lumbar support automatically adjusts to your body, and it provides awesome support for the back.

You can also adjust the seat height of this chair from 18.5″ – 22.44″. This seat height adjustment range makes this an optimal choice for people of height from 5’7″ to 6’8″. So, if you are a tall guy like me, this chair will fit you perfectly.

The main attraction of this chair is the five years of warranty from the manufacturer. It’s really amazing to get such an extended warranty period on a chair of this price.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

Five years of extended warrantyLumbar support dynamic not manually adjustable
Adjustable Seat Height
Fits tall guys as well
Four different color options
Simple assembly process

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair provides the best bang for your buck. You will get every feature of a thousand-dollar chair just for a price of around 300 bucks.

Also, this chair is highly comfy and durable. The warranty of this chair is for five years while other chairs of its price range have only around 1-3 years of warranty. If your budget is around 300 bucks, you should definitely buy this chair. I think at its price range this is the best chair.

Also, you can check out the full review of this chair on our site by clicking here.

4. Novelland Ergonomic Office Chair

Novelland Ergonomic Office Chair

Novellad is a trustworthy office chair manufacturing brand. This office chair from Novelland has the perfect balance of everything. 

What’s the Price?

At the time of writing this post, it costs $153.42 only. But, the price changes constantly. So, you should check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


To ensure extra comfort for your back and knees, novelland has provided 5 adjustable ergonomic features on this chair.

The backrest, headrest, arms, seat height and lumbar support of this chair are highly adjustable.

You can recline the backrest up to 130 degrees. The backrest contains mesh fabric that ensures proper air circulation and heat from your back to keep you cool.

This chair is certified by BIFMA and SGS. It has passed a static load of 1136 kg. The recommended weight limit of this chair is up to 280 pounds.

You will also get a three years of warranty from the manufacturer. Other chairs at its price point only have 1-2 years of warranty.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

Promotes proper sitting postureWeight limit is only 280 pounds
Everything is adjustable
The lumbar support is cool
130 reclining feature is present
Great pricing

Why should you consider this chair?

All I want to say about this chair, it is a pretty decent product.

It has tons of ergonomic features, making it an obvious option for people who sit for long hours and want to avoid physical issues like knee pain.

When you sit for long hours with the wrong posture, back pain and knee pain develops with time. This chair promotes good posture. So, it can minimize your chances of developing those issues in the long run.

5. Steelcase Gesture Chair (Licorice)

Steelcase Gesture Licorice

Steelcase is a well-recognized office chair manufacturing brand throughout the globe. They make the best office chairs out there. Their office chairs are unique because of the ergonomic features. The Gesture chair is one of the flagship chairs from Steelcase, which means it’s on the expensive side.

What’s the Price?

This chair currently sells at $1,505.00. However, the pricing of a chair changes, so check out the latest price on Amazon here.


The adjustable seat height of this chair makes it a suitable choice for people of a wide range of heights. You can adjust the seat height of this chair from 16 to 21 inches which makes it comfortable for people of height from 5’0″ to 6’6″.

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 400 pounds or 181.4 kg. This means that this chair will be a perfect fit for you even if you are a big and tall guy.

The quality of the fabric and other materials are extremely premium. You will not have to worry about the quality of this chair. It comes with 12 years of warranty which proves the confidence of the manufacturer on this chair.

Everything on this chair is adjustable. The arms can be adjusted at any angle. However, It would be better if the back was made of mesh fabric. I like the ventilation from the back as I sweat a lot. I would like it even more if it had mesh back.

The quality of the casters is unlike anything I have seen. They are very silent and the movement is very smooth.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

12 Years of WarrantyNo Headrest
Well BuiltNo mesh back
Smooth and silent CastersHigh Price
Promotes proper posture
400 pounds weight capacity

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair is super comfy. It has all the adjustments that you will ever need. Once you find the right adjustments for every part, you can forget about it and sit comfortably for ages as the chair has 12 years of warranty.

Also, as the seat height is adjustable, you can set it correctly for your specific height, which will help you to minimize knee pain.

Although the price of this chair is very high, the extreme comfort and durability justify the price. I think it that way. If you have the capacity to put a thousand of cash to buy this chair, I think you should. This chair will definitely be a good investment for you. 

6. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair

Oak Hollow Furniture

Oak Hollow Furniture is a reputable American brand. Their office chairs are usually well built and durable. This office chair from Oak Hollow Furniture is very comfy and reliable. The ergonomic features of this chair make it an excellent choice for people who are worried about knee pain.

What’s the Price?

The price of the Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair is around $749.99 right now. But the price keeps changing, so check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


The seat of this chair is made of genuine leather. If you have used a genuine leather chair before, you must know how premium it feels. This chair provides extra comfort and a premium feel because of the good quality leather.

The backrest and headrest of this chair contain mesh fabric. This promotes the air and heat flow. It is an essential feature to have.

The seat height of this chair is super adjustable. You will be able to adjust it as per your height which will help you to minimize knee pain.

The lumbar support of this chair is adjustable. You will be able to adjust the height of it as well. This improves the back support and makes long hours of sitting more comfortable.

The weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds which is enough for most people, I guess. Also, this chair comes with five years of warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability at all.

The quality of the used materials are great. The casters are silent and smooth. Most importantly, the chair is very stable.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance:

Supports rocking and recliningCosts over 600 bucks
Height is adjustableNot for people over 300 pounds.
Adjustable arms and lumbar support
Good quality Mesh fabric on headrest and back.
Easy Assembly

Why should you consider this chair?

I think you should consider buying this chair if you have a budget of around 600 bucks. This chair has all the ergonomic features that you can think of.

All these features make this chair extremely comfy for people who have back, and knee pain and the chair is also very durable, which makes this chair worth every penny.

How do I Stop Knee Pain at My Desk?

Knee Pain

Recent studies found that prolonged and static sitting in the wrong posture can lead to knee pain. According to The American Journal of Sports Medicine 90 degree knee flexion while seated can decrease blood flow in the patella, leading to knee pain.

You can do the following things to reduce your knee pain at your desk

  • Do not sit for prolonged hours; try to take a break within 30 minutes of sitting
  • Do not sit in any awkward posture such as legs crossed or bent underneath you.
  • Use an ergonomic office chair that fits you properly where you can recline back and get relaxed.
  • As 90 degree knee flexion can lead to knee pain. So, you can use a footrest and elevate your leg a little bit for better blood circulation to your leg. To learn more about better blood circulation, you can check our article “Can chairs cut off circulation?â€
  • Correct your sitting posture. You can check this article for better sitting posture.

How should I Sit if My Knee Hurts?

You can sit in the following ways if your knee hurts

  • Sit with your back against the backrest of your chair, you should not flex your knees in a 90-degree angle that can cause more pain. 
  • Extend your knee 45 – 50 degrees; you can use a footrest to elevate your leg.
  • If you have an ergonomic chair, you can recline your backrest about 100-110 degrees to get a better sitting experience. This recline feature can help elevate some of the loads from your knees.

Why can’t I sit on my Knees?

You can not sit on your knees because you more likely developed Patellofemoral Syndrome which means you will have pain around your knee caps. People who participate in jumping or running-related sports sometimes develop this syndrome.

Why does my knee hurt when I get up from sitting?

Your knees may hurt when you get up from sitting due to prolonged sitting in a static position. If you are currently practicing wrong sitting posture, sitting in an awkward position can hurt your knees. 

Personal Experience: I developed knee pain by getting injured, and when I used to sit in a cross-legged position, I felt the most pain on my knees. So, I stopped sitting cross-legged and used to extend my knees while sitting, and I do a lot of physical exercises that helps me relieve this pain. Now I don’t have knee pain; following the correct posture is really important when you have such issues.

Why Do My Knees Hurt So Bad After Sitting?

Your knees might hurt after sitting for the following reasons

  • You probably sit in an awkward posture, such as legs crossed or bent underneath you
  • Prolonged and static sitting.
  • Sitting in a traditional chair with no adjustment that might not fit you properly.
  • If you are practicing wrong sitting posture can hurt your knees.

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