Best Office Chairs For Heavy People (300-500lbs): A Detailed Guide with Pricing

The average weight capacity of office chairs right now in the market is around 200-250 pounds. Most of these chairs are not compatible with people over 250 pounds.

If you are a healthy person and weigh over 250 pounds, any standard chair with a weight limit of 200-250 pounds will not be both comfortable and safe for you. So, You will need office chairs that have a capacity of more than 250 pounds. In this article, We have listed out the best big and tall office chairs for heavy people with a maximum weight capacity of 300-500 pounds.

How Do We Define Heavy?

An office chair with a 250-400 lbs weight capacity is classified as a heavy-duty chair. Only a handful of office chairs have a capacity of over 300 lbs, and some of them are from well-known brands. 

We did our research and got about ten best heavy-duty chairs. In this blog, we will be talking about the features, durability & weight capacity, and the chairs’ reliability.

Features to Look For in a Heavy Chair:

Good Build Quality: Heavy duty office chairs usually have an extra-strong base and frame, reinforced gas lift, heavy-duty caster wheels to lift heavyweight.

Higher Weight Capacity: Regular office chair has a weight capacity under 250lbs. So, above 250 lbs weight capacity chairs can be classified as a higher weight capacity. However, to emphasize the perspective, we chose to review chairs with more than 300 lbs of weight capacity.

Height adjustment capabilities: Heavy duty office chairs come with many adjustments features, and height adjustments are common. Usually, standard office chairs have a height adjustments capability of 16 – 20″. However, the heavy-duty office chair goes beyond that, and they have height adjustments up to 23″. You can read more about office chair size and what size you should get in this article.

Wider seat area:

Now, let’s look at the best chairs right now available in the market for heavy people in terms of build quality, comfortability and adjustment features.

We specifically chose these office chairs as they’re of higher quality, have higher weight capacity, and are more comfortable than other standard office chairs. In terms of price, they put better value than most of the chairs. We will urge you to keep reading till the end to get the best value for your buck.

Here are the ten best Ergonomic Office Chairs for heavy people.

#Chair NameWeight CapacityPrice
1.Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive Office Chair350lbs$251.00
2.KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair400lbs$238.99
3.Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair400lbs$436.00
4.SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair – M90D330lbs$259.00
5.XUER Ergonomics Office Chair Mesh330 lbs$220.00
6.Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic High Back440lbs $493.00
7.Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair350lbs$339.99
8.CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Chair400lbs$240.00
9.BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair500lbs$180.00
10.Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair400lbs $237.00

1. Serta 43675 Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

Serta Big and tall Executive chair

Serta has grown to become a world-class innovator and manufacturer of home, entertainment, and office furnishings, and they are making some of the best office chairs in the market. Their products do not only provide the best features but are also budget-friendly. Serta Big and tall executive office chair is something you must look into.

What’s the price?

The Serta big and tall executive office chair comes at a price of around $251. After reading about its features, if you’re interested in this office chair, you can checkout the most updated price on Amazon.


This executive chair is specially designed to offer ample room for those with larger frames. This chair can accommodate a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and height can be adjusted up to 23.75″, which I think is enough for most of the big and tall guys out there.

It provides a contoured lumbar cushion that provides:

  • Exceptional lower-back support.
  • Extra padding.
  • A generous sitting area will offer an excellent sitting experience for the big guys as this chair has the right amount of height-adjustable features.

I think people over 6″ will enjoy this feature the most. 

If you are worried about the lumbar support and suffering from back pain, the lumbar support and cushioning this chair offers will offer you a much more excellent experience than other chairs. An elevated headrest is available for neck support. Most of us suffer from back and neck pain while working for long hours at home. This chair could be a deal-breaker for all of us who suffer from this pain.

It’s way more comfortable, upholstered in black bonded leather with contrast stitching, stylish and durable. This chair’s reclined mechanism will let you lean back comfortably, which is a great feature to have if you would like to lean back for some time and watch movies. 

The caster wheels of this chair are well made and sturdy. This heavy-duty 60 mm caster wheel with scuff-resistant footpads gives you a comfortable place to put your feet up while helping to protect the finish.

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair is comfortable for long periods. You will feel the comfort as you sit on the chair. The only drawback is the padding on the armrest is not super comfortable, so that you could get a separate foam for the armrest. However, the seating area has enough cushioning to keep you nice and comfortable for an extended period.

This chair also offers 1-year-limited-warranty. So, if anything goes wrong you can claim warranty within one year.

If you are an executive person who works for a long time or are working from home or a gamer who sits on the chair all day long, this could be a nice treat for yourself. As the price is a more significant factor, this chair comes at a reasonable budget while offering all these features for big and tall guys.

2. KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair

KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair

KBEST is a reliable brand for office chairs. They are well known for making good quality office chairs and providing first-class customer service. The KBEST High Back big and tall office chair is a fantastic executive office chair from KBEST.

What’s the price?

KBEST High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair comes at a sweet price of $238.99 right now. After reading about its features, you can check the latest price on Amazon.


This office chair is comparatively broader and taller than other standard office chairs in the market right now. It has well-adjustable lumbar support. I think this is one of the most essential features for any office chair. The lumbar support can be adjusted with a lumbar knob which will allow you to change the pressure provided to your back.

The extremely big and wide seating cushion can quickly provide a good sitting experience for big people. So if you are a tall and big guy, you don’t have to worry about the comfortability, as you will be able to sit correctly. 

The main concern for any big and tall guy is the weight limit of an office chair. This chair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. I think this will be enough for more than 99% of the big and tall guys out there.

The height of this chair is also adjustable. So if you are a tall guy, there is nothing to worry about. The tilt mechanism of this chair is well built. You will be able to sit and relax as you can control this chair’s tilt tension as per your will.

The quality of leather upholstery, seat paddings, and the frame is fantastic. You will be able to understand it after just sitting for the first time. The chair feels very stable and sturdy.

Besides, this executive big and tall chair is backed up by one year of the manufacturer’s warranty. If anything goes wrong within this time, they will fix it for you. I have seen all the customer reviews as well. Those who have used this chair for a long time are highly satisfied with the comfortability, durability, and ergonomic features of this chair.

Its stable and sturdy structure will ensure an effortless working experience.

Why should you consider this chair?

According to me, this chair is a highly comfortable and pleasant chair for big and tall guys. If you are a big guy, you will be able to sit on it all day without feeling tired.

The installation of this chair is straightforward. But since the build quality is vital and this chair’s weight is higher, you might need another person to help you with the installation process. But you will find that the process is very straightforward.

Besides, by pushing the height adjustment handle, you can lock the chair from leaning back totally. I found this feature of this chair to be pretty neat.

This chair has got everything that a heavy person needs. The weight limit is on point, the ergonomic features are cool, and most importantly, this chair is also well-priced. So, I strongly recommend this chair without any hesitation.

3. Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase is a very renowned chair manufacturing brand. They are known worldwide because of producing top-class and most durable office chairs. The Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair, Nickel is a good chair for heavy people as it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and the build quality is far better than most other chairs in the market.

What’s the price?

At the time of writing this post, the price of this chair is $436. Check out the latest price on Amazon.


This chair from Steelcase is a minimal-looking office chair. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds or 181 kilograms.

The chair weighs only 43 pounds. This chair is highly engineered for fitting a broad range of users. The backrest is integrated with LiveBack technology.

This technology makes the backrest to move with the user to give better support for your spine. But the seat depth is not adjustable.

According to the manufacturer, the arms are 4D adjustable. However, I’m not too fond of the use of the term 4D here. They used the term 4D to show that the armrests are well adjustable unlike any other chairs.

The armrests are adjustable in all directions. You can bend it in any direction and also adjust the height of it as per your need.

This chair also comes with seat depth adjustment, seat height adjustment and weight-activated recline function.

All the material of this chair is top quality from steelcase and it lasts for decade.

Why should you consider this chair?

There is not much to say about this office chair. This is surely a fantastic and minimalistic-looking chair like other chairs of Steelcase.

Steelcase Series 1 offers 12-year-warranty. So, if anything goes wrong down the road you can just let steelcase know they will send you replacement parts.

The most striking fact about Steelcase chairs for which I think they are worth buying is that they are long-lasting and have great value in the second-hand market. If you use the chair for five years, you can still find a great deal to sell these chairs quickly.

So if you are looking for a professional and straightforward-looking chair but a durable and robust chair as well, this is the one to go.

4. SIHOO Ergonomic Office ChairM90D

Sihoo Ergonomic Chair M90D

Sihoo is a well-known brand which makes good quality ergonomic chairs for office within an affordable price range. This particular chair is the best ergonomic office chair for heavy people because of its adjustable options, big seat, and high weight capacity.

What’s the price?

The price of the Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair M90D is around 259 bucks. Check out the most updated price on Amazon.


This chair has a decent ergonomic design and a number of adjustable features. You will see that most chairs for heavy people are made of leather material. But this one has a mesh back and adaptive dynamic lumbar pillow.

The headrest and whole back can be adjusted. You can tilt the backrest from 90-123 degrees. These adjustment features can help you to reduce back pain and any other sitting-related physical issues.

The adjustable height is another great feature of this chair. You can set the chair’s height as per your need. If you are tall, you might worry about the size of your chair.

But this chair has a wide range of height adjustments which makes it perfect for tall guys. So if you are a tall guy, you don’t have to worry about this chair’s height at all.

Now, let’s talk about the weight limit of this chair. This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds or 150 kilograms. I think this weight limit is suitable for most the people.

But if your weight is more than that, I would recommend getting any other chair from our list with the greater weight capacity.

The design of this chair is impressive. Actually, there is not enough design choice available for big and tall office chairs in the market.

But due to its mesh back and excellent, this chair is exceptional from other chairs for sure. I am sure that no one will complain about its design as its design is pretty cool.

This chair also has 3D adjustable armrest and comfortable high-density seat cushion for long time sitting.

Last but not least, the most fantastic thing about this chair is that it comes with a 3 years warranty. Isn’t that cool? Most of the standard office chairs in this price range offer 1 year of warranty, but this chair has 3 years of support from the manufacturer.

The quality of the mesh, paddings, and frame is excellent. The chair feels premium and stable while sitting. 

Why should you consider this chair?

This ergonomic chair is more comfortable than any other standard office chair. It has all the features of a thousand-dollar ergonomic chair. Besides, it’s seat wide enough to accommodate 20 inches of hips, and the weight limit is 330 pounds. The height of the chair can be increased to support very tall guys as well.

If you are a heavy person, this chair will provide you with the best comfort while sitting and the 3 years of support make this chair even a better choice. That’s why you should consider buying this chair.

5. XUER Ergonomics Office Chair Mesh

XUER Ergonomic Chair

XUER is a mini office chair brand that manufactures ergonomic chairs. Currently, they have two series of ergonomic chairs where the XUER mesh ergonomic chair offers more value in terms of price. Let’s dive deeper to learn more about this chair.

What’s the price?

This chair comes at a sweet price of around $220 on Amazon when writing this post. However, I would like to encourage you to check the latest price on Amazon.


Regular heavy duty office chairs are made of fabric or leather material however, this office chair has a breathable mesh back, which keeps you cool during summer. 

This chair has a weight capacity of 330 lbs, and seat height is adjustable from 17″ to 21,” The seat is about 21 inches wide. The Maximum recommended size is 6’4″, which can accommodate moderately Big and tall dudes.

If you are looking for a fully adjustable ergonomic heavy-duty chair then this chair will be enough to serve your purpose. You will find adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and adjustable armrest to fit your needs.

These features are necessary to support your lumbar spine and help prevent neck pain from sitting for long hours. You can also recline back and relax by using the tilt tension knob that can be found at the chair’s bottom.

This chair comes in black color with mesh fabric and plastic material. It rolls super smooth. Assembly is super easy, so you won’t need to worry about that. The chair’s seat pad is very comfortable and well-padded, and your butt won’t get sore for sitting long hours.

Why should you consider this chair?

There are a lot of reasons to consider this chair. You will get plenty of adjustments to fit you perfectly. The seating area is well padded to keep you comfortable for long hours of working. Assembly is easier than most of the chairs. 

You can easily roll due to its flexible caster wheels. Also, this caster wheel protects your surface from being scratched. This chair has the American BIFMA certification.

If you are 6 feet tall, I would say go for this chair. Within this price range, this chair can serve you the most. If any of the parts get damaged within a year, you can replace it from their store.

6. Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic High Back

Coolermaster Ergo L

Cooler Master manufactures some of the most incredible and premium office chairs in the market right now for plus-size people. The Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic high Backoffice chair is no exception. This is one of their most premium chairs. 

What’s the price?

The price of this chair is around 493 dollars right now. This chair might seem overpriced, but I think it is worth the price because of its features and premiums. You can check out the latest price on Amazon.


The incredible feature of this chair is that the weight limit of this chair is 440 pounds. Can you believe this!! This capacity will be enough for 99.99% of big and tall guys out there on planet earth. 

The materials that are used to build this chair are basically the top of the line. You will never get a chance to complain about the build quality of this chair. The ergonomic design and the premiums of the PU material are quite impressive.

This chair is excellent for sitting long hours as it has lumbar support. The backrest is entirely adjustable, as it can be locked at 3 different reclining positions. 

The backrest is breathable and engineered to give you extra support by reducing strain on your back and neck. The armrests, headrest, and the height of the chair are also adjustable.

The back can be reclined up to 120 degrees. It has all the ergonomic adjustable features that you can think of. Besides, the manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty.

Why should you consider this chair?

The cooler master Ergo L is a tough chair. It is made to withstand long hours of use. Besides, the weight capacity of this chair is 440 pounds, which is huge. 

This chair is the best of the plus-size people. It deserves to be at the top 3 of our list. But since the price is slightly higher, I had to put it down a lil bit in the list. However, as I have noted earlier, I think the price is well justified because of the quality, extra weight capacity, ultra comfortability and ergonomic features of this chair.

You will be blown away by sitting on the chair for the first time. It feels really really comfortable. The chair feels very sturdy as well. The assembly process is also easy. You can do it very easily all by yourself.

If you are a big guy and have a desk job or play games for a long time sitting in front of your desk, you can consider buying this chair.

7. Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair

Bowery management office chair

The Bowery fully adjustable chair is made by a company called Laura Davidson. This company is known for making office furniture. When I first saw this chair on Amazon, I thought it’s a Herman Miller Sayl Chair.

Then when I dig a little deeper than I understand Laura Davidson is making this Bowery chair. This chair resembles a lot of Herman Miller Sayl chairs.

However, this chair has some excellent adjustability features and a very cool-looking modern design.

What’s the price?

This chair comes at $339.99 at the time of writing this post. However, I will encourage you to check the latest price on Amazon.


This modern chair has a uniquely looking flexible backrest. This backrest is made of a material called Elastomer, it’s a polymer that displays rubber-like elasticity.

Backrest is totally breathable so you won’t sweat even on a hot summer day. This breathable backrest will keep you nice and relaxed for the whole day.

The seating area is using poly-cotton foam. Poly-cotton is a mixture of polyester/cotton and tends to be stronger than pure cotton fabrics. This cushiony foam allows you to sit comfortably for a long shift.

This chair has four different adjustment positions to fit perfectly for most of people. You can adjust the height, seat depth, reclining position, and armrest. The reclining lock feature offers 4 different locking angles.

You will find this chair in six different colors to match your working environment. Weight capacity is rated to 350 lbs, and height can be adjustable from 17″ – 21″.

One thing to keep in mind that this chair doesn’t have any headrest, though this chair is definitely comfortable. If you are looking for a headrest, then this might not be a right choice for you.

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair has a modern design, and a unique look also comes in a mid price range. You will get the most value out of this chair since the features and comfort it offers.

I liked this chair the first time I saw it. I’ve also seen some YouTubers using this chair. It’s a highly recommended chair for anyone looking for a comfortable modern-looking chair.

8. CLATINA Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

CLATINA Ergonomic Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

CLATINA is a brand focusing on ergonomic chairs. They provide a range of professional office chairs to create a better working environment. CLATINA Big and Tall executive chair is one of their professional office chairs line-up with BIFMA certification. They offer four types of Big and Tall office chairs, among them, I think this one is the best. Let’s dive into more details.

What’s the price?

This Big and Tall chair comes at a reasonable price of around $240 at the time of reviewing. If you are interested in this chair please check the latest price on Amazon.


This big and tall executive chair from CLATINA is solid, sturdy, and comfy. With BIFMA certification, this chair is made with premium quality materials, high-grade upholstery fabric, and durable & sturdy construction. You will also love the color of this chair.

This chair is perfect for a power nap. If you are working from home or in an executive office and need a little nap to stay more productive, you will love to know that this comfortable chair has the luxury material that will make you fall asleep.

The Assembly of this chair is pretty simple. The height adjustment piston is rated to support 400 lbs. This weight capacity makes sure that this chair is pretty capable of lifting heavyweight. Its seat height adjustable range is about 19.1 – 22 inches.

You can also comfortably sit on this chair if you are above 6 feet. Many people are concerned about the seat width of a heavy-duty chair. This chair has a 24.4-inch seat width and 18.9 in-seat depth.

Enough of the nerdy features, let’s talk about the fun part. You won’t sweat after sitting on this chair for long hours during the summer season because of its breathable back seat fabric. 

Lumbar support will help you work for long hours without having back pain. A tilt tension adjustable knob is also available that will let you recline for about 120 degrees. If you do want to sleep in this chair, pick up a soft blanket or snuggie too.

The manufacturer claims it has 1.2 inches of armrest padding. If it doesn’t seem enough for you, you can go with an armrest pad. Caster wheels on this chair are also rock solid and protective for your floors.

Why should you consider this chair?

CLATINA offers 90 days of refund without precondition and a 5-year limited warranty. This chair is worth the money in terms of price, durability, comfortability and reliability. 

Although this chair is classified as a heavy-duty chair, anyone can use this chair with the highest comforts and durability level. The seat is extra wide, which allows you to move your leg very smoothly without feeling cramped.

In my opinion, this chair provides the best value in this price range. You should consider this chair.

9. BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair

BestOffice Big and tall chair 500 lb

This chair is made by a company called BestOffice. They are known for building office chairs, gaming chairs, and office furniture. They have a significant and tall chair section for heavy-duty offices and gaming chairs.

What’s the price?

At the time of writing this post, the price of the chair was $180. However, please check the latest price on Amazon.


This chair is built with Faux leather material and comes in black color. Also, this chair is defined as a heavy-duty chair for it’s 500 lbs of weight capacity. 20″-23″ of height adjustment features and seating area is 24″ wide which is wider than regular chairs.

As you can imagine, this chair is accommodated for big and tall guys. It also has a backrest massage lumbar support that is powered by USB. It will help you release your waist fatigue if you are working for a reasonable amount of time. I also have this muscle fatigue ness issue when I sit for long hours.

The seating area has ample cushioning padded with a high-density comfortable shaping sponge. You will also find a height-adjustable, 360 degree of swivel, and reclining back features. You can use the tilt tension knob to adjust the tightness of the reclining function.

This chair is easy to assemble. You can assemble this chair within 10-30 minutes. All of BestOffice chair’s pass the BIFMA test. As it’s a heavy duty chair it’s durable casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

Why should you consider this chair?

This heavy-duty chair is built like a heavy-duty Hummer. This chair’s base is super sturdy, capable of lifting 500 lbs of weights and widening the seat. You are getting most of the adjustable features that you need, also a lumbar support messaging system.

Offering price is also justified for what you are getting. So, if you want a chair that can serve a big guy then this is it. 

10. Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair

Hon Sadie Big and Tall Chair

Sadie is a brand that manufactures office chairs and gaming chairs at a very affordable price. The Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair is a great office chair for heavy people with some cool features.

What’s the price?

The Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair comes at a sweet price of $237. However the price changes frequently. So check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


The chair is made of good quality mesh fabric. The backrest is made of mesh fabric, promoting air and heat flow from the back of this chair.

The backrest of this chair provides proper adjustable lumbar support. You will be able to spend long hours sitting in this chair comfortably.

It has adjustable seat height and armrests as well. The maximum capacity of this chair is 400 pounds or 181.44 kg. The chair is very strong and sturdy. The quality of the caster wheels are also good. The chair moves smoothly.

Another cool feature of this chair which I find very amazing is the height adjustable armrests. This feature lets you to adjust the arms as per your need. Besides, it can be assembled within 15 minutes only as the assembly process is very easy and simple.

Why should you consider this chair?

If you are a big person and you spend long hours sitting at your desk, this chair can be a great option for you as it has awesome lumbar support. It has 400 pounds of weight limit which should be enough for you. Also, the great lumbar support will help you to keep your posture right in the long run.

Besides this chair very comfortable and very well priced. The bottom line is this chair is an excellent option for you to consider. 

Tips for choosing an office chair for a heavy person:

1. Check for the ergonomic Features:

This is the most important tip out there. Not only for just heavy persons but also everyone who has desk jobs needs to buy office chairs with ergonomic features. This is because people spend more than 6 hours on an average sitting. So they are most likely to develop back pain and other physical issues like neck pain. Adjustable ergonomic features can help you to minimize those issues.

So, before buying any office chair, check for some essential ergonomic features below:

  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Adjustable Seat Tilt
  • Adjustable Back Rest:
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Arm Rests
  • Mobility

2. Find an office chair With Higher Weight Limit:

As a heavy person, the weight limit of an office chair can be a serious issue. If you are a big and tall guy of let’s say 400 pounds and you buy an office chair of 300 pounds, then the longevity of that chair will be decreased, and your seating experience will be hampered greatly. 

So, check for the weight limits before buying any office chair as see if that chair can support your weight.

3. Check if the Seat is Wider:

If you are a big guy, you will need to confirm that the chair seat has enough space for you if you want to sit comfortably. Most standard office chairs are built for people of average size.

This often becomes a problem for small and big guys. The chairs that we have mentioned in this article have wider seat areas. So if you buy any chair, you have to ensure that the chair has a wider seat. 

4. Ensure that the chair is stable and Sturdy:

Chair stability is crucial. If you buy a chair, you have to check if that chair is perfectly stable. Stable chairs make the sitting experience better. On the other hand, an unstable chair can hamper your sitting experience by creating discomfort and you will not be able to sit continuously for long hours in such a chair.

5. Look for 360 Degree swivel:

This feature is very common in office chairs these days. The swivel option will allow you to move around and pick up nearby things without getting up every time you need to get something. Having this feature can be a blessing for big guys and everyone out there who has desk jobs like me. So, look for this feature while buying an office chair.

Average Pricing of a Heavyweight chair:

The average price of a heavyweight or big and tall office chair is around 300 dollars. These chairs are slightly higher priced because of better build quality and more weight capacity in general.


How Much Weight Does an Office Chair Hold?

Generally, most standard office chairs in the market can hold 200-250 pounds. However, some big and tall office chairs can hold up to 500 pounds. You will also find some cheap office chairs in the market that have a weight capacity below 200 pounds.

How strict are weight limits in an office chair?

The maximum weight limit information that the manufacturer provides is the dynamic weight capacity. Generally, office chairs that hold a certain amount of static weight will have the capability of holding less than half of the static weight.

That means if an office chair has the capacity to hold 800 pounds of static load, it will have the capability to hold less than 400 pounds of dynamic weight capacity. Manufacturers strictly suggest following the weight limits for using an office chair and get an optimal experience.

Final Thoughts:

We have tried to make a list of the best office chairs for heavy people in the market right now, which provides you with a good sitting experience if you are a heavy person. I have considered the best ones with different price ranges as well. 

Please do share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. If you think we have missed some chairs worth mentioning, please feel free to tell us about those in the comment section.

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