Best Office Chair for Rocking: A Detailed Guide with Pricing

There is much research on using rocking chairs. Research supports that an office chair with a rocking mechanism can be better for your legs. I have read a research paper published by Lahti University of Applied Sciences, which says, rocking in a chair minimizes leg swelling and other problems, especially in the elderly.

So, if your office chair has this rocking ability, it is actually going to be beneficial for your health as well. With how many office chair manufacturers there are in the market today, choosing the right office chair that has the rocking ability for you can be tricky.

You will notice that I have added a few rocking mechanisms. If you don’t know what those mechanisms do, you can check our article “How Does an Office Chair Tilt Work?”.

I will be your guide to selecting the right arrow office chair for you to make things easier. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Guide for the Best Office Chairs for Rocking:

Chair ModelPrice (USD)Rocking Mechanism
1. HON Ignition 2.0$340.57Synchro-Tilt
2. ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair$359.99Synchro-Tilt
3. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair$629.99Synchro-Tilt
4. DUOREST ALPHA Breathable Mesh Office Chair$599.00Synchro-Tilt
5. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair$351.73Knee Tilt
6. Alera Multifunction Office Chair$196.41MultiFuncion Mechanism
7. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair$169.99Swivel Tilt
8. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair$229.98Swivel Tilt

1. HON Ignition 2.0

Hon Ignition 2

Hon Ignition 2.0 is an industry-leading ergonomic office chair that offers a ton of adjustability to fit your posture. This chair offers free recline features to rock back and forth.

What’s the price?

At the time of writing this post, the Hon Ignition 2.0 costs $340.48. However, office chair prices change constantly. If you are interested, you can check the latest price on Amazon.

Features of this Chair:

This ergonomic office chair offers adjustable features such as adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, seat height, tilt tension, tilt lock, and so on.

The rocking feature of this chair comes from the synchro-tilt mechanism. This synchro-tilt mechanism includes tilt tension adjustment and tilt lock feature.

The tilt lock feature will help you lock your chair in a certain reclined position. Suppose you want your chair to recline about 110 degrees and remain in that position; the tilt locking feature will help you do that.

This tilt lock feature has three options: lock, unlock, and free recline. When you adjust this tilt lock to free recline, you will be able to rock back and forth. You will find this tilt lock knob on the left side(underneath the seat) of your chair.

Thanks to the advanced synchro-tilt mechanism of the Hon ignition chair that helps you achieve the ergonomic posture.

You will also be able to adjust the lumbar support to enhance your sitting experience. You can slide it up or down for desirable comfort.

Another exciting feature of this chair is the seat glide. You can slide your seat forward or back to your comfort position that supports the leg length with this feature. 

The seat height adjustment of this chair supports a person’s height ranging from 5’4’’ to 6’8’’. The sturdy base of this chair can hold up to 300lbs of weight.

Why should you consider this chair?

This chair offers excellent functionalities with breathable mesh-back features and comfortable seat cushion padding. 

You will also get a lifetime warranty after purchasing this chair. Overall, I think this chair offers great value at this price. You will love all the adjustability like premium office chair offers.

2. ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair

ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair

Alfa furnishing makes some of the most featureful ergonomic office chairs out there. This ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair is a great option for you if you are looking for an office chair that supports the rocking motion.

What’s the price?

The price of this ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair is $359.99 right now.

Features of this Chair:

This office chair has some cool features, and it is certified by BIFMA. The most impressive feature of this chair is the synchro-tilt mechanism. This is the most sophisticated tilting mechanism in the industry so far. This is the best mechanism for rocking and reclining.

Moreover, the chair reclines up to 140 degrees. This makes the chair perfect for taking a rest between your working hours.

The height of the backrest and lumbar support is adjustable. Once you find the most accurate point through adjustment, it will be the most comfortable office chair that you have ever used.

The 3D adjustable armrests of this chair are great for your elbow support. As the arms are adjustable, you won’t have to worry about the height of the arms. 

Another useful feature of this chair is the 360 swivel feature and good-quality casters. They provide great mobility, and you will definitely fall in love with the features of this chair.

Also, it has a pretty decent weight capacity, which is 300 lbs. I think this is enough for you unless you are a very big and tall guy. In that case, you can check out this article: Best Office Chairs For Heavy People: A Detailed Guide with Pricing.

Why should you consider this chair?

I can give you multiple reasons to consider this chair. But I think the main reason for you to consider this chair should be the synchro-tilt mechanism.

The rocking experience in this chair is top-class. You will find this feature in the top-tier thousand dollars office chairs as well.

But you are getting this feature at one-third of that price. Also, the build quality of this chair is decent. Overall the sitting experience was comfortable, and the rocking experience was also cool. That’s why the ALFA Furnishing Ergonomic Office Chair is worth considering.

3. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair

Oak Hollow Furniture

The Aloria Series office chair is from Oak Hollow Furniture. This office chair uses leather on the seat and mesh on the backrest. 

What’s the price?

Currently, the Aloria series office chair costs $629.99. The offered price is reasonable according to the value it provides.

Features of this Chair:

The Aloria series office chair offers a Synchro-tilt mechanism with 4 different locking position options. This synchronized mechanism will help you rock more naturally, keeping your ergonomic posture intact.

This tilting mechanism comes with tilt lock and tilts tension, as I mentioned. The tilt-lock mechanism has the free recline or free-float option, which will allow you to rock freely as you sit in the chair.

The tilt tension control will help you adjust the rocking tension of your chair. You can make your rocking more easy or more difficult with this mechanism.

The Aloria series has all the adjustability you can expect from an ergonomic office chair, such as armrest adjustability, lumbar support adjustability, adjustable headrest, seat depth adjustment, and so on.

This office chair offers two different pneumatic seat height options to accommodate most height ranges. The seat height adjustment supports a person’s height ranging from 5’3’’ to 6’8’’

The suggested weight capacity is 300lbs. So, I would say this chair would accommodate most of the people out there.

As I mentioned about the combination of leather and mesh on this chair, I think this combination makes this chair so unique, premium, and comfortable.

Why should you consider this chair?

You will get a lifetime warranty on the components and a five-year limited warranty on the leather. This chair would be a great investment for your office furniture.

Nowadays we all have to work all day long and having a good chair can increase our productivity and enhance our sitting experience. So, investing in this chair would be a fruitful one. I will highly recommend this chair.

4. DUOREST ALPHA Breathable Mesh Office Chair

DUOREST ALPHA Breathable Mesh Office Chair

Duorest Alpha is a premium office chair from South Korean manufacturer Dourest. This office chair offers a unique look with a minimalistic design.

What’s the price?

The Duorest Alpha office chair price is $599.00 right now. At this price, the duorest chair offers a premium feature that you can expect. If you are interested, check the latest price on Amazon.

Features of this Chair:

Duorest Alpha office chair offers a dual backrest with “3D movement” technology. This backrest design is unique, and you can adjust the two backrests according to your preference. 

These dual backrests are flexible and move into any position according to your posture. So, when you change your posture, it will constantly follow you offering constant back support.

This office chair offers a Synchro-tilt mechanism with a 3:1 ratio. So, if you recline back 3 degrees, your seat will recline 1 degree. With this mechanism, you can easily recline back and rock more smoothly.

The tilt mechanism of this chair comes with tilt tension and a multi-position tilt lock like any other Synchro-tilt office chair. You will be able to lock your chair into 4 different positions.

Despite all the tilting mechanisms, this chair offers a fully adjustable headrest to support the shoulder and neck. The Mesh seat option will help better distribute your body weight.

The seat height adjustment of this chair supports a person’s height ranging from 5’4’’ to 6’11’’ and the maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Why should you consider this chair?

With all the features that this office chair offers, the dual backrest feature you will enjoy the most and rocking on this chair will be much more natural and fluid.

This office chair falls under the premium office chair category at a reasonable price. If you have all-day office work, you will love sitting on this chair for a long time. You should definitely consider this chair.

5. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

This HON Wave office chair is an extraordinary chair from the reputable brand Hon. It has a knee tilt mechanism which provides a far better rocking experience than any other office chair with a swivel or center-tilt mechanism.

This chair is also great for big guys, as it is exceptionally well built and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. 

What’s the price?

The price of this big and tall executive-style office chair is $351.73. But the price changes all the time.

Features of this Chair:

High-quality leather and mesh fabric is used to build this chair. The 450 pounds weight limit shows the awesome strength and built quality of this chair.

You will love the knee tilt mechanism of this chair, as it is great for rocking and reclining. The knee-tilt is almost similar to the swivel tilt mechanism but not the same. They both have tension adjustments, which allow you to control how difficult or hard it is to rock back and forth. 

The main difference in the reclining mechanism of this chair from other chairs is that the moving point of the recline is to the behind of your knees from the center.

So, when you recline in this chair, or you rock back and forth, your legs won’t go up from the ground. It provides a better experience and it is obviously ergonomically better for your knees and legs.

However, the lumbar support is fixed. But it is positioned well and won’t be much of a problem for most people out there.

The padding of this chair is also awesome. It has a swivel feature and a starbase with five smooth casters. The pneumatic height adjustment is also present.

Why should you consider this chair?

This is one of the best-built office chairs I have seen in all my years in this industry. I think this chair is going to be a great option if you are looking for a durable office chair with rocking capabilities.

If you want to recline and rock back and forth once in a while on your office chair, it is very important for your chair to be stronger so that it can hold your weight properly and you don’t have to worry about it.

The knee-tilt mechanism of this chair is a great feature, and it provides a better experience of rocking and reclining than most other office chairs with general tilting features.

All these features make this chair special and very easy to recommend.

6. Alera Multifunction Office Chair

Alera Multifunction Office Chair

Alera multifunction office chair offers a mid-back mesh design with a leather seat upholstery design. On this chair, you will find multifunction adjustments, unlike other office chairs.

What’s the price?

Currently, the Alera office chair costs $196.41. This chair offers decent multifunction adjustment with a stable and solid design. If you are interested, you can check the latest price on Amazon.

Features of this Chair:

A Multifunction office chair has all the adjustments that you need to make you more comfortable while sitting. With this feature on this chair, you can rock back and forth, and lock your backrest in any position you like; there is no limit in locking.

You can slide the seat forward or backward to make some room behind your knees. You can adjust the backrest, armrest, seat height, and whatnot.

The backrest of this chair is using a breathable mesh design, and the seat is using a waterfall design that helps relieve pressure from your thighs, improving better blood circulation. If you would like to learn more about the waterfall design, you can check our article “How to Make an Office Chair Ergonomic?

The backrest of this chair is adjustable to your preference. You can adjust the backrest to lean back and forward. Also, the height of the backrest is adjustable.

Why should you consider this chair?

This Alera office chair offers some of the great functionalities absent from most office chairs, such as the infinite locking option in any reclined position and adjusting the backrest.

This chair is solid, heavy, and sturdy. You will enjoy rocking on this chair and the lockable reclined position. If this is something you want, you should definitely check this chair.

7. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Chair - HDNY167BM-JP

Hbada makes the best budget office chairs. The Hbada ergonomic office chair is very well priced, and it provides the best bang for your buck.

What’s the price?

The Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair comes at a price of around $169.99..

Features of this Chair:

This office chair has the basic swivel tilt function. It serves the purpose of rocking just fine. You can control how hard or soft you want the mechanism to be to allow you to rock back and forth through the tension control knob at the bottom. Also, the chair reclines up to 120 degrees.

The backrest of this chair is S-shaped, and it provides proper back support. The lumbar support is completely adjustable. If you can adjust it properly, it will improve your sitting experience for sure.

This chair comes with a great design. The breathable mesh back provides solid air circulation from the back. Also, the mesh fabric is made of high-quality material.

I love the U-shaped headrest of this chair. It provides support for the neck and heads properly.

This chair has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. The assembly process of this chair was also simple. You won’t feel any complications while putting this chair together.

Why should you consider this chair?

If you want a decent office chair with a primary rocking feature and a low budget, this chair is a perfect choice. It is the most inexpensive chair on our list. But the built quality of this chair is up to the mark.

It is also BIFMA certified, so you don’t have to worry about quality. The pricing of this chair is excellent, which makes it very easy to recommend.

8. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Ticova Ergo Chair - M8

Ticova also makes good quality yet inexpensive office chairs with decent ergonomic features. The swivel tilt mechanism of this chair and up to 135 degrees of reclining ability makes rocking back and forth very fun on this chair.

What’s the price?

Currently, the Alera office chair costs $229.98.

Features of this Chair:

The swivel tilt feature of this chair is the main attraction of this chair. Getting such a good rocking vibe from an office chair at its price range is rare. Although the rocking mechanism of this chair can not be compared with any other chair with a synchro-tilt mechanism, it is not that bad. I just want to say that the synchro-tilt mechanism is better than the swivel tilt mechanism.

Aesthetically, this chair looks cool. The backrest and the lumbar support are quite good. You can adjust the height of the lumbar support. It makes a whole lot of difference in the sitting experience if you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk.

Everything about this chair feels fine. But I am worried about the warranty period. It comes with one year of warranty only and a 30 days replacement guarantee.

There are other options in the market at its price range which provide 2-3 years of warranty. But I am sure that those chairs do not have a rocking feature which is nearly as good as this one.

 Why should you consider this chair?

The rocking feature through swivel tilt is only available on inexpensive office chairs like this one. If you are looking for the rocking feature specifically, this chair will serve you really well.

The design is also very nice and simple.

I think you should consider buying this chair as well because of all the ergonomic features it provides and its cool design.

Everything You Need To Know for Choosing The Best Office Chair for Rocking:

Common Rocking Mechanisms


This mechanism is common from mid-range to high-end ergonomic office chairs. The synchro-tilt mechanism makes the rocking more enjoyable and smooth. 

This tilting option also ensures ergonomic posture while rocking or reclining. Also, this mechanism offers multi-position tilt lock and tilt tension.


The knee-tilt mechanism is not as common as synchro-tilt. But, rocking on this mechanism is natural and comfortable because the tilt mechanism rotates the seat from a point near the front to place you in a reclined position comfortably.

This mechanism usually offers only one upright tilt lock option and tilt tension.

MultiFunction Mechanism: 

Multifunction mechanisms allow you to freely rock back and forth. With the tilt lock mechanism, you can lock your chair in any recline position; there is no limit. Also, tilt tension is available to adjust the tension of recline.

Swivel Tilt:

This mechanism is prevalent, and most office chairs use this swivel tilt mechanism. The rocking mechanism on this swivel tilt chair works the same way as the multifunction mechanism chair.

However, this swivel tilt mechanism does not offer an infinite tilt locking position. Generally, you can lock only at an upright position, but some manufacturers might implement a multi-position tilt locking system.

Also, if you want to know more about the different types of tilting mechanisms and how they work, don’t forget to check out our article: How Does an Office Chair Tilt Work? Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Rocking?

If you want the best office chair for rocking, you have to make sure that the chair has a great tilting and reclining feature that allows you to rock back and forth comfortably.

Besides the mechanism allowing you to rock, there are also other attributes of a chair that you will need to know if you want to choose the best possible rocking experience from your office chair. So, let’s start with the things to look for on an office chair for rocking.

Things to Look For:

Tilt Mechanism:

There are various types of tilting mechanisms out there in the industry right now. Some of the most common ones are swivel tilt, knee tilt, multi-function tilt, and synchro-tilt. 

The synchro-tilt mechanism will provide you with the best rocking experience. You will find this functionality only in the top-tier office chairs out there.

Office chairs with knee tilt and multi-function tilt are also great. But not as great as the synchro-tilt. Synchro-tilt is more ergonomically built to provide you with extra comfort.

Finally, let’s talk about the swivel tilting mechanism. It is the most basic type of tilting mechanism, which is a very common feature in low and mid-budget office chairs.

So, if you want the best rocking experience from an office chair, go with the ones with synchro-tilt. Chairs with knee tilt are also great. But you can still go for a swivel tilt if your budget is low.

Built Quality and Weight Capacity:

If you are rocking on your office chair once in a while, you need to make sure that the chair is well built and is well capable of holding your weight while you are in a rocking motion.

The chairs that I have mentioned in this article are obviously well built, and I have also mentioned the weight capacity of every office chair. Make sure you do not cross the maximum weight limit just to avoid damaging the chair.

Ergonomic Features:

Besides the tilting mechanism, there are other features that you need to improve your sitting experience. If you have a desk job, surely you would spend more than 6 hours sitting and working.

So, there are several ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar support, armrests, pneumatic height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, etc. Make sure your office chair has most of these features if not all.

The office chairs that we have selected in our list have most of these features, and you can go for any one of these without worrying much. If you choose any one of these chairs, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

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