Best Office Chair for Long Hours in Australia: A Complete Guide

According to a recent study, around 62% of employed people in Australia have a full-time job, and most of them spend more than 8 hours daily. During the pandemic period, I think the number has gone higher as we spend more time at the home sitting.

Recent research shows that more than 32% of people of the labour force moved to WFH in Australia, which has increased the sitting hours for these people, even more, causing severe health issues like back pain.

Our sedentary behaviour and modern lifestyle make us sit all day. Having a traditional chair with little to no adjustability can make our sitting experience worse, especially during this pandemic. Ergonomic chairs or dynamic chairs can make our sitting experience a whole lot better and make us productive in the long run.

In this article, I have made a list of office chairs available in Australia with many ergonomic features, which makes them excellent choices for sitting long hours. 

Guide for the Best Office Chairs for Long Hours in Australia:

#NamePrice (AUD)
1.Sihoo Ergonomic Office ChairA$439.00 
2.Executive Deluxe Office Mesh ChairA$259.95
3.Flash Furniture High-Back Office ChairA$226.32
5.ALFORDSON Mesh Office ChairA$129.95
6.Secretlab OMEGAA$549.00

1. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo Ergonomic Chair

Sihoo is an internationally renowned brand. They are one of the most popular ergonomic office chair manufacturers right now.

What’s the Price?

When writing this blog, the cost of this office chair is around 439 Aussie dollars. But the price always keeps changing, so check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Features of This Chair:

This office chair from Sihoo, comes with a lot of cool features that you will find in premium ergonomic office chairs only.

The backrest of this chair is adjustable from 90-120 degrees. You will be able to recline it according to your wish.

Also, the lumbar support provides enough support. Because of such good lumbar support, this office chair is suitable for long hours of sitting.

The arms of this chair are also adjustable. You will be able to change the height of the armrests, which will provide you with better comfort for your arms and elbows.

Then, if you have ever used the 360-degree swivel feature of this chair, you will be amazed at how smooth mobility can be.

The caster wheels were very smooth, and the chair was very sturdy and stable.

Also, the assembly process of this chair was quite simple. The instruction manual of this chair was very straightforward, which made the assembly of this chair easy and exciting.

I almost forgot to tell you about the warranty. This chair comes with a one year of warranty from Sihoo.

The after-sale service of Sihoo is outstanding, and they are very responsive.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

If your budget is around 400 Aussie dollars, you will not find any other office chair as good as this one for sure.

Also, the ergonomic features of this chair make it very much comfortable for long hours of sitting.

So, if you have a desk job and you want a decent and comfortable chair for sitting for long hours, you should definitely consider this one.

2. Executive Deluxe Office Mesh Chair

Executive mesh chair is a good quality budget office chair made by the brand called Artiss. They make the best budget office chairs in the market.

What’s the Price?

The executive deluxe office chair from Artiss comes with a sweet price of A$259.95. But the price changes all the time. So, check out the current price of this chair on amazon by clicking here.

Features of This Chair:

The backrest of this chair is made of good quality mesh fabric. The breathable mesh design of this chair promotes enough ventilation from the back, which will keep your back cool when you sit for prolonged hours.

Besides this, I am really amazed to see a good quality dynamic lumbar support in an office chair at its price range.

In my experience, office chairs at this range do not provide good lumbar support. But this chair was unique because of the proper lumbar support.

The backrest can be reclined up to 125 degrees. So, you will be able to relax between your working sessions by setting the backrest all the way down to 125 degrees. This is really cool.

I was amazed by the padding of this office chair. It had lots of padding and the paddings are really soft, making this chair comfortable for long sitting sessions.

It also has adjustable arms. You will be able to adjust it at every really impressive angle.

The base of this chair is made of aluminium. The material quality is good. The wheels were silent and smooth. Also, you will get a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

This chair provides excellent value for money. It has all the essential adjustable ergonomic features.

This office chair provides excellent back support, and the good padding makes this chair comfortable for long hours of sitting sessions. If your budget is around 250-260 dollars, I highly recommend this chair.

3. Flash Furniture High-Back Office Chair

Flash Furniture High-Back Office Chair

The Flash Furniture High-Back Office Chair is made by the flash furniture brand. They make elegant looking office chairs with ergonomic features.

What’s the Price?

This chair currently sells at A$226 on However, the price constantly fluctuates. So, check the latest price here.

Features of This Chair:

This office chair is a bit different from the previous chairs we have discussed. This chair looks really elegant because of its high back design. Also, the high-density foam padding and an independent spring make the sitting experience very much comfortable for long hours.

Now, let’s talk about the backrest. The mesh back design of this chair makes the flow of heat and air from your back easy. This prevents sweating when you sit for long hours during the summer.

Also, the headrest of this chair is made of mesh fabric design. The headrest provides enough support for the neck and head, which will improve your sitting experience.

The lumbar support is present. It perfectly aligns with the curve of the back. So, it can support you if you are suffering from back pain.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

This chair has a decent design with ergonomic features, which makes it a perfect choice for you. The pricing is excellent, and it is a very affordable office chair.

Also, the sitting experience on this chair is very comfortable. That’s why I think this chair is worth considering.

4. NeueChair


The Neue chair is one of the best office chairs from Secretlab. You must have heard about Secret Lab. They are globally recognized as a premium brand for making the most reliable, durable and comfortable office chair in the australian market.

What’s the Price?

Right Now, this office chair sells at a discounted price of A$849. The usual price is around a thousand dollars. You can check out this premium chair from their website here.

Features of This Chair:

The Neue Office Chair from Secretlab is engineered for as the ultimate modern ergonomic office chair to provide the most comfortable sitting experience.

The mesh back design is made of 3 layered polyester fibre. The quality of the fabric is outstanding.

The lumbar support of this chair is simple but effective. You will be able to adjust the height of this lumbar support for you.

This chair is rigorously tested and passed the BIFA, TUV and SGS tests. This ensures the durability of the chair.

Besides, this chair is backed up by 12 years of warranty which ensures the manufacturer’s confidence on the chair.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

If you want the ultimate sitting experience and have the money to invest, this is one of the best options.

This is the most expensive office chair of our list and also the most durable and premium one. I think this chair will be a good investment for yourself, considering the fact that this chair will last for ages to come.

However, this chair is not for everyone as the price is high. But if you want to invest in a good office chair, you might want to consider this one.

5. ALFORDSON Mesh Office Chair

ALFORDSON Mesh Office Chair

Alfordson office chairs are always lovely and comfortable. However, the assembly process might seem confusing if you do not have any prior experience and you do not follow the instruction manual properly.

What’s the Price?

The ALFORDSON Mesh Office Chair comes at a sweet price of A$129.95. If you’re interested in this office chair, you can check it out on by clicking here.

Features of This Chair:

This office chair is a very affordable one but still has decent built quality and features. The height-adjustable headrest of this chair will provide excellent support for your neck and head.

It has decent lumbar support, and the mesh back design of the backrest makes the sitting experience better for long hours of sitting.

The headrest of this chair is removable. If you don’t prefer a headrest, it is straightforward to remove as a few screws attach the headrest.

The upholstery of this chair is Intertek certified, the wheels are TUV certified, and the gas lift is SGS approved, which actually confirms the great built quality of this chair.

The weight capacity of this chair is 180 kg. This is enough for most people unless you are a very big guy.

Do you want to know what’s most impressive about this chair? This chair comes with five years of warranty from the manufacturer. You won’t find any other office chair which has this much-extended warranty at its price range. That’s why this chair is unique.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

It’s hard to find an office chair like this one in the market right now. It only costs around 130 Aussie dollars, but it has all the ergonomic features, and most importantly, it has five years of warranty which is cool for any office chair to have at this price point.

However, the assembly process took a little longer than other chairs on the list. If you follow the instruction manual, it should not be complicated and might take around 30 minutes.

If your budget is around 130 Aussie dollars and you are looking for a decent chair, you can buy this chair without hesitation.

6. Secretlab OMEGA

Secretlab OMEGA

Secretlab makes great gaming chairs on the market. Their chair offers excellent design and functionality, which will keep you comfortable for an extended period.

What’s the Price?

Currently, Secretlab Omega costs AUD 549, making it a great chair at a reasonable price. If you are interested in this chair, check out the latest price on there website by clicking here.

Features of This Chair:

Secretlab Omega currently offers three different variants of Upholstery options and tons of colour options to choose from. So, you can get the best design for your workstation, which will look fantastic and futuristic at the same time. 

The unique part that I love about this chair is the stitching that looks very premium and modern while the Omega logo on the middle of the backrest. This chair is built in a unique way that anyone can distinguish it from other chairs.

Secretlab Omega is using PU leather with softweave fabric that will be comfortable and reliable. You will get a 4D adjustable armrest that can be adjusted in four different ways, which is very convenient for many of us. You can recline up to 165 degrees and lock the tilt mechanism in different reclining positions.

Reclining options with a lock mechanism is essential while you take a break from intense work or you are relaxing. 

Additionally, you will get a memory foam built head pillow and lumbar support pillow to support your lumbar region and neck. Make sure you place them correctly to get the optimum support in your back and neck.

Secretlab’s Omega is the smallest size chair of their Secretlab series. Its recommended height is less than 180 cm. So, if your height is more than 180 cm then you have options for Secretlab titan and titan XL. Titan and Titan XL have the recommended height of less than 200 and 208 cm respectively. You can choose any one of them according to your height.

Why Should You Consider this Chair?

Secretlab chairs are trendy among gamers, and I am sure many developers also love this chair. This chair is a multi-award winner that offers a great sitting experience. You will love this chair when you sit for long hours.

You will also get five years of warranty and 49 days of return/refund policy. Make sure to check this chair out.

Everything You Need to Choose the Right Office Chair for Sitting Long Hours:

How do You Sit in a Chair for a Long Time?

Sitting in a chair for an extended period is not recommended, and it’s not healthy. Prolonged sitting significantly increases back issues. According to recent studies, working periods of longer than 7 hours per day significantly increase the risk of lower back pain.

However, many studies found little relation between sitting and back issues, but it is still a risk factor. As our modern lifestyle makes it our habit to sit all day long, we used to sit in our leisure time. I want to provide you with some tips that you can follow for a long hour sitting.

You can sit in a chair for a long time by following the below tips:

  • Sit naturally on your chair, make sure you have proper lumbar support on your chair, and your lumbar region is touching the lumbar support.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor; if you feel uncomfortable, use a footrest or rolled-up towel to elevate your legs slightly. There will be a 2-3 inches gap between the edge of your seat and behind your knees. 
  • If you are using an ergonomic chair, adjust your chair’s height correctly, keep your arms to the armrest without your shoulders being hunched.
  • Take a break within 30 minutes, try walking, maybe a little physical exercise would help you relieve your stress.
  • If your chair has a reclining option, then recline your chair within 110-130 degrees as you feel comfortable.

These tips will help you sit for many sessions a day. Try to take a break within 30 minutes of the session period. 

Is sitting for 8 hours a day bad?

According to recent studies sitting periods of longer than 7 hours per day significantly increase the risk of Lower Back pain. On the other hand, several systematic reviews have failed to prove a significant association with Lower Back pain and sitting. So, sitting 8 hours per day is considered bad.

Our modern sedentary lifestyle makes it easy for us to sit all day long instead of doing any physical work. It became our habit to sit in our leisure time as well. Prolonged static sitting posture may have a negative effect on the nutrition of our intervertebral disc, slowing down the fluid in our disc.

Constantly changing position may promote the flow of the nutrition (fluid) to our disc. So, dynamic sitting and changing posture frequently are encouraged. Although we tend to change our posture when we feel discomfort, we change our position to relax the muscle; so, sitting can be comfortable.

On the contrary, sitting for 8 hours is not recommended and not healthy at all, but our modern working life requires us to sit. So, it would be more beneficial for us to use a dynamic or ergonomic office chair that helps us change our posture dynamically and take a break within 30 minutes of a working session. 

That will make our sitting experience better and keep us more productive. To learn more about which chair is best suited for you, you can check our article “How to Choose the Right Office Chair for you?

What is the Proper Way to Sit on a Chair?

Everyone has their way of sitting. However, wrong sitting posture can lead to back issues. If you have a traditional chair, you should sit naturally and keep your feet flat on the floor; use a rolled-up towel for lumbar support. When you sit correctly, there will be a 2-3 inches gap between the edge of the seat and behind your knees. It would be best if you did not sit for prolonged hours.

Now, If you have a modern ergonomic office chair that is adjustable, you can adjust the seat height correctly to fit you properly. Make sure you have decent lumbar support on your chair. Let your elbows rest on your armrest without your shoulders being hunched. You can recline your chair between 110-130 degrees to get more comfortable. 

How Many Hours Should I Sit Per Day?

You should sit less than 4 hours per day to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a study of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, a combination of physical activity and less than 4 hours of sitting has the lowest risk of CVD and sitting higher than 8 hours a day has the highest risk of CVD.

Due to our modern sedentary behaviour, we sit for at least 7 hours a day increases the risk of CVD and other diseases. If you sit for more than 4 hours, which most of us do, we can replace sitting with standing (sometimes sitting and sometimes standing) and do physical activity to keep us active. 

How Long is too Long for Sitting?

More than 8 hours is considered too long for sitting. Sitting makes us inactive for most of our waking hours, increasing risk of high Blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, sitting more than 8 hours a day has the highest mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases.

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