Best desk chair for kids: A Helpful Guide for Parents

As a parent, are you looking to buy a desk chair for your kid? I can imagine that you could be feeling a mix of concerns. I’m sure that you are also highly concerned for your child to get a good chair with ergonomic features. Still, at the same time, you may be feeling a little bit anxious about the whole idea of sitting for hours in a shitty chair can compromise your kid’s posture and develop neck and back pain.

In this article, I will help you find the best desk chair that fits your kid to sit at the desk and study comfortably. So, before going to my top 8 list of best desk chairs for your kids, let’s start with how you would choose a good desk chair for your kids!

How to Choose the best desk chair for kids?

Things to look for in a Desk Chair for Kids: 

  • Proper Padding: Proper and soft padding improves the sitting experience for kids. If the padding is not of good quality or the chair is not well padded, sitting for long hours becomes harder.
  • Adjustable Seat Height: Adjustable seat height promotes proper sitting posture and improves the overall sitting experience. I will discuss this topic more thoroughly later in this post.  
  • Max Weight Capacity: Always check the maximum weight capacity before buying a desk chair for your kid. Higher weight capacity indicates better build quality in general. The capacity is fixed, keeping the average person’s weight in mind.
  • Proper Chair Materials: Chair material also has a tremendous effect on the sitting experience for kids. I prefer to mesh back fabric for desk chairs for any kid. Leather or other material with a solid backrest does not promote proper airflow. So during summer, sitting for long hours can become harder for kids.

If you find a desk chair that fits these basic specs, your kid will be good to go!

Guide for Parents of the Best Desk Chairs for Kids:

#Desk Chair NameAge RangePrice
1GreenForest Desk Chair6-12 yrs old$69.99
2Office Factor Kid’s Chair6-14 yrs old$79.90
3SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair6-13 yrs old$199.00
4SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair7-14 yrs old$189.95
5Mecor Low Back Small Office Chair6-14yrs old$54.99
6ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series6-10 yrs old$139.99
7DD-upstep Kids Desk Chairs3-16 yrs old$78.11
8Kids Study Chair3-12 yrs old$199.99
9ECR4Kids-ELR-15320 Hardwood Ladder-back Chair6-9 yrs old$108.71
10iPlay, iLearn 2 PCS Wooden Kids Chair2-5 yrs old$37.99

Details on the Best Desk Chair for Kids:

1. GreenForest Desk Chair:


Right now, this chair costs around $69.99. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information: 

GreenForest made a perfect chair for kids and teens. This chair has cool 360-degree swivel features and smooth and silent caster wheels. I am sure your kid is going to love that.

The design of this chair is incredible. The mesh back looks and feels premium and also allows proper ventilation from the back. Because of the breathable mesh back, your kid’s back will not sweat during summer as the air and heat flow through the back because of the mesh design.

The seat height of this chair is also widely adjustable from 29.5-34.2 inches. This adjustable height makes it suitable for kids, teens, and as well as for petite persons. Also, the maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.

Moreover, this greenforest desk chair is available in cool four different colors.

Available colors:

  • Barbie Pink
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Turquoise

My Review:

In my opinion, this is a great chair. I am sure that your kid will love this chair because of its looks and design. There are also four different options to choose from, which is fantastic. This chair is a good choice for kids of 1st to 5th grades.

The maximum supported height is 5 ft 4 inches. So, if you buy this chair for your kid, I guess he/she can use it for several years. 

Also, the chair is not too big or heavy, so that you can place it in a tight space.

I almost forgot to mention; the assembly process is simple, you will set the chair up for your kid within 10 minutes. So, I think this chair is a great option to consider.

2. Office Factor Kid’s Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $79.90. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

It has some cool features like a 360-degree swivel, seat height adjustment, and mesh style back. These features make it a great chair from per ergonomic point of view.

The weight capacity of this chair is up to 175 pounds or 79 kg. This is enough for most kids.

The seat height is adjustable from 15 inches up to 19 inches. The height adjustment makes it perfect for kids age 6-14 years.

The chair feels very sturdy and stable. This chair’s build quality is good, and the PU castors of this chair make it a good choice for laminated, hardwood and carpeted floors.

Available colors:

You will find four different color variants for this chair. They are:

  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • White

My little niece likes the pink one. All the colors look very vibrant; you can buy the color that your kid prefers.

My Review:

I like the design of this chair very much. It is stylish, and the available colors are very vibrant—the build quality of this chair and the materials used to make this chair feel very premium.

There are some ergonomic features like the seat height adjustments and the mesh back, which I think is very important for any kid who will sit for hours to study. So, as I have said before, the chair is very sturdy, comfortable, and it promotes good posture; this chair is worth consideration for your kid.

3. SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $199. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

6 to 13 Years Old Kids can use this chair. This chair has many cool features, and it has a footrest that takes the sitting experience to the next level.

Its caster wheels have brakes on them. They are helpful if your kid likes to play with wheels by moving the chair and not concentrate properly on studies. I think most parents will find the brakes on the wheels useful for their kids.

The build quality of this chair is excellent. The frame of this chair is strong, and the chair is stable enough.

The design is very stylish, and I am sure your kid will like this design a lot. This chair promotes good posture. It is essential as kids do spend hours sitting while studying.

Available Colors:

  • Lavender Blue
  • Rosy Pink
  • Mint Green

My Review:

This chair has focused primarily on sitting ergonomics. This chair has a footrest. I think this is a must-have feature. Although the footrest is fixed, it is handy and comfortable.

I really appreciate the design and the quality of this chair.

It is properly sized for kids. I also like the caster locking system of this chair. I recommend choosing the variant with locks in the wheels if your floor is carpeted or made of hardwood. The locking feature of wheels will help to protect carpeted and hardwood floors.

4. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $189.95. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

The incredible thing about this chair is that the weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds. This is insane for any chair for kids. The build quality of this chair is top-notch.

The back support of this chair is very ergonomically designed to provide extra support. You can adjust the seat depth up to 1.7 inches. The seat height is also adjustable from 17.25 inches to 19.75 inches. 

It contains a full 360° swivel feature and good quality casters. This chair is made of durable and high-quality material.

Available colors:

  • Cyber Grey
  • Piano Black
  • Glowing Orange
  • Green
  • Ocean Blue
  • Rosie Pink
  • Ruby Red

My Review:

It is an adorable chair for kids. There are seven different color variants. It is awesome to have lots of color choices. I like the rosy pink and ocean blue color variant of this chair. These two colors are the most vibrant ones.

The build quality of this chair is good. The chair is very stable and sturdy. It feels very premium by touch.

You will realize that premium materials are used to build this chair. The armrests are great as well. Kids do enjoy using armrests a lot, and it has ergonomic values as well.

I think The chair is also priced well. The product quality of this chair is greater than the cost. If you buy this chair for your kid, he/ she will be able to use it for many years as the build quality of this chair is top class.

5. Mecor Low Back Small Office Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $54.99. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

The cushion of this chair is very comfortable. It has a nylon base. The 360-degree swivel feature is present, and nylon-made casters are also present.

Having 360 swivel and caster wheels helps your kid pick up nearby things around the desk without actually standing up.

The chair has excellent mobility and stability. It also has a breathable mesh back, good lumbar support, and seat height adjustment.

The armrests are fixed; you can not adjust the arms of the chair. This chair is straightforward to assemble. You will be able to assemble all by yourself within 10-15 minutes.

The quality of the fabric of the mesh is decent. The padding of the chair is also good. 

Now, let’s look at the color options. Shall we?

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

My Review:

This chair is an excellent choice on a low budget. At the 50 dollar price point, i don’t think there is any other better option than this one. The build quality is not as good as the other chairs that I have mentioned earlier. But you will not get a chance as well. At a 50 dollar price point, I am satisfied with the features and quality of this chair.

The chair can be expected to last smoothly 1-2 years. Even if the chair is cheaper, your kid will not feel any less comfortable as the chair is well padded.

I don’t recommend buying chairs under 100 dollars. But if you are tight on budget, this is the one to go.

6. ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series


Right now, this chair costs around $139.99. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

The ApexDesk Little Soleil is a cute-looking chair. Kids will love it. This chair is designed keeping in mind all the needs of kids. The height adjustment is an essential feature of any chair. Even for a kid’s chair, height adjustment is a must. This chair’s height is adjustable from 12″ to 21″ inches.

The seat and backrest are perfect and very comfortable for little kids. They are very well padded.

This chair contains five casters which makes mobility very smooth. There is a lock at the casters to stop the wheels from moving.

Another fantastic feature of this little chair is the backrest’s height is also adjustable from 21″ to 32″. This feature makes this chair a unique one.

Finally, The assembly process is straightforward; you can assemble it all by yourself in 10 minutes.

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

My Review:

The chair is undoubted of good quality. It is a good chair for kids age 6-10 years old. If your kids are homeschooling right now during the pandemic, this can be a good option. The seat height and the height of the backrest are also adjustable, which I find fascinating in this chair.

Most of the chairs in the market do not have an adjustable height option for the backrest. This makes it very unique.

However, this chair does not have an armrest. This can be a turnoff point for some people. Otherwise, if you are looking for a good chair with appropriate height for your kid, this can be a perfect option to consider.

7. DD-upstep Kids Desk Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $78.11. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

At the price point of below 100 bucks, this is a very cool chair. It has armrests, footrests, adjustable seat height, 360-degree swivel, and caster wheels as well.

It also comes with a one-year worry-free warranty from the manufacturer. The wheels of this chair have self-locking and anti-skid features.

This chair’s height adjustment makes it suitable for kids from 3-16 years old to sit comfortably.

The armrests and the footrest allow kids to study sitting on this chair more comfortably, and due to its ergonomic design, it also promotes good posture.

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink

Sadly the blue one costs 1.55 bucks more. IDK why…So, if you would like to save a buck, go for the pink one.

My Review:

I love the ergonomic design of this chair. It is a complete ergonomic chair for kids. It has most of the cool features of an ergonomic chair; I really appreciate that this chair has a footrest and armrests.

Although they are not adjustable, having them makes a whole lot of difference. Other than that, the build quality of this chair is above average. If you are looking for a decent chair around 70-80 buck, I think the DD-upstep Kids Desk Chair is a solid choice.

8. Kids Study Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $199.99. Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

This chair has lots of great ergonomic features like adjustable seat height, seat depth, and, most importantly, the lumbar support. 

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 180 lbs. The footrest and armrests take the comfortability of seating to another level. The padding of this chair is also great.

The assembly process is pretty simple. It takes only ten minutes to make this chair ready to go for your kid. It is also very stable and sturdy. The ergonomic design of this chair promotes good sitting posture.

You will not have to worry about your kid’s posture because of its great ergonomic design.

Available colors:

This chair is only available in two different color variants. They are:

  • Blue
  • Pink

My Review:

Looking at the ergonomic features of this chair, I must say that I am impressed. This chair is a good choice for kids of 3-12 years old. The build quality of the frame and the materials is outstanding. If you want to invest in a good chair for your kid, this is a great choice.

Although the price is slightly higher, this chair will be a good choice for your kid if you want an overall good sitting experience for your kid.

This chair is easy to assemble, has lots of features, the seat height and depth are adjustable. It also has excellent lumbar support.

I think if you have a budget of around 200 bucks, you should consider buying this chair. You will not find a better chair in the market than this one for your kid around the price point. 

9. ECR4Kids-ELR-15320 Hardwood Ladder-back Chair


Right now, a pack of 2  ECR4Kids-ELR-15320 Hardwood Ladder-back Chair costs only $108.71. That means each of the chairs costs $55.35  Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

The ECR4Kids-ELR-15320 is a classic wooden chair. It is made of good quality hardwood. This chair is compatible with kids of 6 to 9 years old.

Thi wooden chair has a good reputation. Unlike modern chairs, this chair can be used for generations if taken care of.

The build quality of this chair is excellent. It is very stable and sturdy. The weight of the chair is only 20 pounds.

My Review:

Unfortunately, there are not many features like seat height adjustments and lumbar support in the chair. Also not any color option. But many people prefer wooden chairs as they are durable and look classic.

When I was a kid, I used to sit on this type of ladder back wooden chair. I think this chair is very cool. The ladder back will provide better air and heat ventilation than any mesh back chair.

A drawback of this chair is that this chair sells in pairs. You have to buy two chairs. If you have two kids around age 6-9 years old, you can check out this chair.

10. iPlay, iLearn 2 PCS Wooden Kids Chair


Right now, this chair costs around $37.99 (2 pieces). Checkout the latest price on Amazon by clicking Here.

General Information:

This chair is the most unique-looking chair. Kids love animals. Keeping that in mind, this chair is built.

This chair is made from high-quality timber. The colors of this chair are very vibrant. As the wood’s quality is good, you can expect that this chair will last for years.

The chair’s surface is smooth, and you will be able to clean it very quickly. This chair is a perfect choice for toddlers going to kindergarten.

Available Variants:

  • Two cows
  • Two frogs
  • 2 Giraffes 
  • Frog and Cow
  • Giraffe and Cow
  • Giraffe and Frog

My Review:

This is an amazing set of chairs. These chairs are so beautiful that your kids are going to love them. They are straightforward to assemble. They are great for kids of 2-5 years old.

The chairs are very sturdy. Besides these cute-looking chairs are not that much expensive. If you have two toddlers, you can buy a pair of chairs. I can guarantee that they will love it.

Note: The instructions show putting the back of the chair (froggies face) on last. I found that to be the most difficult. I would recommend putting it on first.

Everything to Know About Desk Chair Size for a Kid:

What is “Seat Height,” and How Does it Affect My Kids Sitting Experience?

Seat Height:

The seat height of an office chair is the height of the seat from the floor. It is usually measured in inches. You will find most chairs have a particular seat height if the seat height is not adjustable. But if the chair has the seat height adjustable feature, then you will find a range of height. That’s what we see in most of the good chairs in the market.

How Does Seat Height Affect My Kids Sitting Experience?

Proper seat height is very much important for an optimal sitting experience. If the sitting height is not adjusted as per your kid’s height, it can cause an imbalance in sitting posture.

Research has shown improper seat height can cause neck and back pain due to an imbalance in the angle that your kid has to look at the screen or books and notes. 

This can promote neck and back pain in the long run. In this way, the seat height affects your kid’s sitting experience.

Wanna know more about proper seating height for your height? If YES, check out my article here.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! I have listed the best desk chairs out there in the market right now that are suitable for your kids. Each of these chairs has been chosen by me through hours of research.

I hope that you find this article helpful. If you have anything to say, leave a comment below.

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