Bean Bag Chair Vs. Gaming Chair: Which One is Best for Gaming?

If you’re looking for a chair that can take your gaming experience to the next level, then a traditional gaming chair or a comfy bean bag chair may seem like a great choice. 

However, which one is better for gaming: bean bag chair or gaming chair? The main difference between gaming chairs and bean bag chairs is in their designs. Gaming chairs are specifically geared towards gamers. Bean bag chairs are for more recreational stuff.

Comfort and ergonomics are the biggest concerns for gaming chairs. In contrast, bean bag chairs are made for aesthetics and casual usage. Gaming chairs are ideal for PC gamers while bean bag chairs are perfect for console gamers. 

Anyhow, there are many more differences between gaming chairs and bean bag chairs. If you want to know about them, stick with us to the very end. 

What is a Bean Bag Chair?

Before we can put bean bag chairs against gaming chairs to determine which type of chairs can achieve gaming supremacy, you need to understand what these two types of chairs really are. As the name suggests a bean bag chair is basically a sack that’s filled with special sorts of beans.

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Just some sack and filling that’s all it takes to make a bean bag chair. The outer covering of the chair (i.e. the sack) is made out of synthetic fabric. The sack can also be made out of blended fabric, leather, or even cotton. 

On the other hand, the loose fillings/beans of the bean bag chairs are made out of shredded foam and beads made of styrofoam. 

The best part about it is that the fillings inside the chair adapt their shape according to the user’s body weight and sitting position. 

And that’s the reason why bean bag chairs are so damn comfortable! At the end of the day, a bean bag chair is a pretty simple piece of furniture that’s exceptionally comfortable and its design enhances the look and feel of your living room. It’s even ideal for gaming. 

What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs refer to the type of chairs that are specifically geared towards gamers who are interested in chairs that have fancy designs and can provide comfort for long hours. 

These types of chairs are quite different from office chairs as they have higher backrests for supporting the user’s upper back and shoulders. They also provide outstanding adjustability to the users.  

You can adjust the lumbar support pillow, armrests, back, and headrest of a gaming chair. The primary task of a gaming chair is to optimize the user’s posture and boost his vitality. 

Its design ensures you don’t feel back pain and soreness/fatigue after sitting down on the chair for multiple hours. 

Key Difference on Gaming Chair Vs. Bean Bag Chair

  • Design: The design of a gaming chair and bean bag chair is totally different. A gaming chair looks more like a chair, and a bean bag chair reminds of relieving stress and comfort.
  • Ergonomics: Gaming chairs offer a lot of features that ensure proper sitting ergonomics, such as high-backrest, armrest, lumbar support, headrest, seat height adjustment, recline. 

On the other hand, a bean bag chair is a sack where you just lay down or sit without thinking of ergonomics.

  • Price: The price of a gaming chair is much higher than a bean bag chair. A gaming chair offers a fancy look to your gaming setup, whereas a bean bag chair is more of a casual sitting.

Price Difference (Gaming Chair Vs. Bean Bag Chair)

Typically, gaming chairs cost somewhere between $150 up to $500. The price varies widely based on the design, size, features, and brand. If you’re on a budget, then you can buy a budget gaming chair in a range of $150 to $300. 

Here are a few examples of prices of popular Gaming Chairs vs Bean Bag Chairs.

Gaming ChairPrice Bean Bag ChairPrice
GTRACING Gaming Chair$159.99Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair$65.00
FANTASYLAB Gaming Chair$279.99Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair$149.80
Razer Iskur Gaming Chair$399.99Amazon Basics Bean Bag$156.99
noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair$429.99ULTIMATE SACK$274.00
Anda Seat T PRO 2$499.99Jaxx Bean Bag Chair$250.40

Gaming chairs from popular brands can cost from $500 to $2000. However, some high-end ergonomic gaming chairs in the market can cost you up to $9000. 

However, there is no need to shell out an exorbitant amount of cash to buy the fanciest, most aggressively designed gaming chair in the market. A regular $500-$600 gaming chair will take care of all your gaming needs just fine. 

On the other hand, bean bag chairs are slightly less expensive than gaming chairs, but they are not cheap either. A typical bean bag chair will cost you from $60 all the way up to $400. You’ll surely find a bean bag chair to your liking in this price range. 

Just like gaming chairs, bean bag chairs also have some premium options that can cost you up to $2400. The high-end bean bag chairs are quite sleek and stylish and they enhance the beauty of the decor. 

In short, from the examples, you can see that both gaming chairs and bean bag chairs come in various prices, but gaming chairs are generally slightly more expensive. 

Here is Gaming Chair that I really like and will highly recommend:

Icon Gaming Chair from Noblechairs is the most aesthetically pleasing gaming chair that I really like and a comfortable gaming chair that I have ever seen.

A lot of professionals use this gaming chair. Due to its unique look, you can use this chair for gaming and for your office. This chair costs around $429, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Here is a Bean Bag Chair that I will highly recommend:

This bean bag chair is from Chill Sack, it’s made out of a giant 5’ memory foam and comes with a ton of color that will create an ambiance to your gaming setup.

This lovely bean bag chair is covered with microfiber that enhances the comfort level. It’s an inexpensive chair, costing $149, I would recommend you to check it out here.


Gaming chairs have the structure of the conventional office chairs and their designs are much better than them. No other type of chair can beat gaming chairs when it comes to style. 

Gaming chairs have higher backrests, eye-popping colors, revolving designs, prominent logos, head pillows, etc. They provide the ultimate adjustability. These chairs are quite cozy and they are ideal for long hours. 

Conversely, bean bag chairs are notably comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. People of all ages can use them for any purpose they want. Furthermore, they enhance the scene and that’s why they are ideal for anyone who’s looking for ways to redecorate their house. 

If you have a gaming console like XBOX or Playstation 4, then you can just crack up a new game, take your joystick in hand and start playing comfortably on your bean bag chair. 

They are quite comfy and ideal for casual seating. As mentioned before these chairs have fabric outer layers and soft fillings inside. You can also opt to buy one with a washable cover. 

Advantages of Using Bean Bag Chairs

Just like any other product, bean bag chairs have their strengths and weaknesses. At first, let’s have a look at the pros of using a bean bag chair:

  1. Bean bag chairs are extremely comfortable to use. They feature a special type of filling that’s squishy and soft and that’s why it can mold itself according to the user’s body shape. It feels like you’re sitting on top of a squishy ball. 
  2. These types of chairs are much more ergonomic and comfortable than racing gaming chairs and they’re also way cheaper than racing chairs. So, it would be ideal for you to go for a bean bag chair if you’re on a budget. 
  3. Bean bag chairs are quite lightweight and easy to carry around the house. 
  4. It’s perfect for console gamers. 

Disadvantages of Using Bean Bag Chairs

Unfortunately, bean bag chairs also have some disadvantages. And those are listed below:

  1. Bean bag chairs don’t provide ergonomic support and don’t keep the user upright. 
  2. You’ll have to refill it every other year. 
  3. If you live in a humid environment, then the sweat will accumulate on the chair over time. 
  4. They are too low for desks, so it’ll feel awkward to play games on your PC while sitting on your bean bag chair. 

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good for Gaming?

Bean bag chairs are good for gaming because they are extremely comfortable and filled with special types of filling that mold according to your body shape. However, bean bag chairs are not recommended for pc gamers as you have to constantly use a keyboard and mouse.

Bean bag chairs are perfect for console gamers and anyone who plays casual games. Gaming chairs are more appropriate for gaming as it has the required features to offer you the most comfort for prolonged hours of gaming.

Advantages of Using Gaming Chairs

Now, it’s time to take a look at the reasons why you should use a gaming chair:

  1. The biggest selling point of gaming chairs is probably their aesthetic appeal. These chairs come in a variety of outstanding designs and styles. You can easily get one that suits your tastes and complements your room. 
  2. A gaming chair increases your focus and comfort so that you can play your games in the best possible condition. 
  3. Gaming chairs provide sufficient back support as well as shoulder support and that’s why they are the healthier options compared to other chairs.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of gaming chairs and why they are worth buying, then check out this article.

Disadvantages of Using Bean Bag Chairs

Just like bean bag chairs, gaming chairs also have some demerits:

  1. Gaming chairs are remarkably pricey. Although gaming chairs are quite reliable and come with a ton of features, all that comes at a steep price. 
  2. Most of the gaming chairs are made of leather and that’s not breathable. They might start emitting a bad odor as sweat starts to accumulate on their surfaces. 

Final Thoughts  

In my humble opinion, I believe conventional gaming chairs are better for gaming than bean bag chairs. Gaming chairs provide better support, and you can game all you want without getting a bad case of back pain. 

On the contrary, I can’t think of a better type of chair for console gamers other than the bean bag chair. 

So, if you want to ask me, which one is the winner in the battle of bean bag chair vs. gaming chair, the best answer I can give you if you are pc gamer, go with gaming chair and if you are a console gamer, then you can go with a bean bag chair. 

The choice is entirely dependent on your preferences, needs, and the purpose of why you’re buying a chair in the first place.

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