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Sifatul Shohan

The Growth of Office Chair Trends In 2020 the entire website had only 34 articles. By the end of 2021, we wrote more than 300 articles on this site, and now we are helping thousands of visitors across the globe with proper information on workspace ergonomics and office chairs. Generally speaking, the website gains about 10% growth each and every month. We hope to keep up this trend with your support and our dedication. We intend to do more and more original research, continue building our site by learning new things every day, and keep helping more people through this website. The Future of This Site We plan to continue to build up this site as a free resource to help people out there take office chair ergonomics seriously and show them how it can positively impact their health, life, and productivity at work. We will continue to learn new things and do original research to collect information and provide helpful insights to our audience. We hope to build this site as the largest helpful resource on the web through our proper research, hard work, and your support. If you need to reach out to us, you can do it through the contact page of our site. Please join us on this amazing journey here at! Thank you! Team OCT

Sifatul is a co-owner and author of He was a freelance web developer where he had to work all day long. That’s where he started to develop back pain. Before making the situation worse, he started researching ergonomic chairs. On this site, he shares everything he learns about office chairs. Get in Touch with him on LinkedIn.

Asif Iqbal

Asif is a co-owner and author of He is a business graduate from North South University. Doing a full-time desk job in the past, he understood the importance of workspace and office chair ergonomics. He shares his own experience on this site. He is also associated with several other businesses. Learn more about him on LinkedIn.

Meraj Jahan

Meraj Jahan - Author - Office Chair Trends

Meraj works as a co-author at She has written hundreds of articles on this site to help people across the globe. Her nature of work requires her to sit for prolonged hours at the desk. So, She understands the importance of office chair ergonomics. She loves to learn and share her knowledge with helpful articles on this blog. Get in touch with her on LinkedIn