Are Wooden Dining Chairs Comfortable?

Using Wooden Dining Chairs has always been in the trend. Although there are few alternatives available in the market, Wooden Dining Chairs are chosen by the majority of the people.

Few people complain that Wooden Dining Chairs are not comfortable enough. Whereas, the demand for wooden dining chairs has always been popular. So, Is the claim true?

Are Wooden Dining Chairs Comfortable? Wooden dining chairs are uncomfortable as they have hard surfaces and do not offer any lumbar support, promoting slumped posture. However, a wooden dining chair with an adequate seat cushion and lumbar support makes it comfortable.

 If you are buying Wooden Dining Chairs or facing troubles with the current Wooden Dining Chairs you have in your home, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find detailed guidelines on Wooden Dining Chairs to find or transform the current Wooden Dining Chairs into the comfortable Wooden Dining Chairs.

Why Are Dining Chairs So Uncomfortable?

Wooden Dining Chairs are uncomfortable as they mostly contain hard surface; which is bad for our body if seated for a long time. 

Then again, Wooden Dining Chairs don’t offer lumbar support and other ergonomic features can be missing. While sitting in a Wooden Dining Chair, your body is most likely to get a slump that will compress your spinal cord

From sitting on a hard surface for a long time, you will feel the pressure in your disc is increasing, the coccyx will also experience much pressure which, in turn, will cause discomfort to your seating arrangement. 

This seating arrangement also initiates back pain, tailbone pain and many more. 

If you are sitting in a wooden chair for a long time, which was the case for many people during the coronavirus outbreak, it will leave a long-term impact. 

If required precautions are not taken, health issues will arise. Most of the wooden chairs don’t have armrests which also creates discomfort.

Ergonomically Correct Dining Room Chairs

Finding the ideal Wooden Dining Chair can be tough. However, you have nothing to worry about. I am here to guide you.

You should always find ergonomic dining room chairs. This will not only provide you the desired comfort but will also care for your health. 

You might have to avoid using Wooden Dining Chairs as using it becomes uncomfortable or the table causes postural problems and backache. That is why you need to understand the Wooden Dining Chairs’ ergonomics and the whole dining set’s ergonomic features. 

Just a small flashback, whenever you want to buy a Dining Set, I can bet you looked for its size, shape, material and the seating arrangement but never thought about the comfort, didn’t you? 

You always need to consider its height and other ergonomic features. While purchasing a dining set you should consider a few things.

1.  Distance Between The Tabletop And The Chair Seat – For starters, you should buy a dining set in which the dining chair seat to the tabletop is 26cms so that your lower half of the body fits between the gap without discomfort.

2.  Space For Legs Under The Table – Nowadays, tables have side rails, four legs, and tabletop vary in thickness which decreases the space underneath the table. The ideal distance should be more than 12cms so that you get enough space to fit your legs under the table.

3.  Think of It As Long-Time Investment – Dining table and chairs is a long-term investment for any family, so you have to find the perfect table that will comfortably serve for a longer time.

4.  With or Without Armrest – Chairs without armrest, sloping back ones, tables that have too many decorative elements are all great to look at but won’t be appropriate.

5.  Don’t Always Go For Modern Designs – Constant innovations replace traditional designs with modern designs that aren’t always comfortable.

6.  Yes To Upholstery – Never avoid the upholstered dining chairs. These will bring softness, comfort as well as style to the dining room.

7.  Upholstery With Slipcovers – If you are worried that the upholstery of your chair might catch dirt and lose its beautiful appearance, then you can always go for slipcovered upholstery. It will help you clean the slipcover and will give you the privilege to try out different slipcovers at different times of the year.

Upholstered Vs Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs

Should I Buy An Upholstered Dining Chair Or A Non-Upholstered Ones? People’s preferences can differ according to their taste. However, both types of chairs, whether with or without upholstery, hold both advantages and disadvantages.

Let first discuss the advantages of chairs with and without upholstery;

Upholstered ChairsNon-upholstered Chairs
The colorful printed upholstery can brighten up the room.Usually built of a solid foundation.
They have a sound-absorbing quality which is perfect for a room that feels empty.Wooden dining chairs can be in your home for generation after generation.
It provides you with a soft surface to sit on.More durable and excellent longevity.
Reduce back pain and provide support to your back.Wooden dining chairs give an aesthetically beautiful makeover to your dining room.
You can color coordinate the upholstery with the room’s wall, carpets, or other decorations.These come in versatile styles and designs.
You have the option to take off the slipcover of the upholstery for washing purposes.If proper maintenance is possible, the shape of the chair doesn’t get damaged.
You can use different slipcovers on different occasions to give the dining room a fresh look.Cleaning the chair is easy.

Now let me give the list of disadvantages of upholstered chairs and non-upholstered chairs;

Upholstered ChairsNon-upholstered Chairs
Cleaning an upholstery chair can be troublesome.Not comfortable for long-time sitting
The likelihood of getting the chair dirty is very high.Don’t hold the sitting position properly.
Due to extensive use the surface of the seat can get damaged and lose its original shape.Regular maintenance might be required for some non-upholstered chairs.

How To Make A Wooden Dining Chair More Comfortable?

If you have old Wooden Dining Chairs which are uncomfortable to sit in, let me assure you by saying that there are few ways to make your Wooden Dining Chairs comfortable. So, How can I make my wooden dining chairs more comfortable?

You can make your wooden dining chairs comfortable by using the following tips. 

1.  Using a Cushion – You can use a cushion as an upholstery just by placing it on top of the seat. For better coziness, you can put another one to support your back. 

Check out this Chair Cushion for your Wooden Dining Chair by Qutool on Amazon. This will provide you the ultimate comfort by supporting your sciatica, lower back, and tailbone. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap 3D washable cover.

2.  Add Chair Pad – Instead of a Cushion, you can also buy a ready-made chair pad. But remember to choose the perfect chair pad according to the chair size.

The Chair Pad by Arlee – Tyler is a build using memory foam, non-skid backing, and durable fabric. This perfectly reduces the pressure and contours the body accordingly.

It’s an inexpensive chair pad, costing only 32 bucks. Check the product just by clicking here.

3.  Wrap the chair with fabric and foam – You will find craft foam in the nearby craft store and use them to wrap all the way around one slat at a time. You can also give another layer for a thicker pad. Then hand stitch or staple the foam and cover it using a fabric.

4.  Seating in an ideal Seating Angle – Choose the perfect seating angle when you are working for a long time. It is recommended to sit at a 110-degree angle; as it reduces the overall pressure on spinal discs by almost 35%.

5.  Sitting posture – Try to keep a straight back rather than sloughing or arching back and forth to minimize the pressure in your lower discs.

Most Comfortable Dining Chairs 2021

Overall, the Best Comfortable Dining Chair that you should buy is Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus Dining Chairs.

This will give your dining room a classic look. These comfortable chairs come in pairs and have nicely rounded backrests that cradle your back from the base to neck. 

With its wide seats and thick cushions on the top with smooth polyester fabric give you the comfortable sitting arrangement and beautiful appearance. 

The traditional look is more enhanced by the decorative legs. This chair’s cushion comes in Beige colors. And the wood has Natural Finish.

You can check this chair on Amazon just by clicking here.

Budget-Friendly Comfortable Dining Chairs 2021

Sometimes the desire is not fulfilled because of a shortage in cash. But let me tell you, the Wooden CangLong Mid-Century Dining Chair is the most elegant looking chair and the best part is not expensive.

This ergonomic option has a scooped design and a polyurethane foam layer from the seat to the backrest.

I am really obsessed with this chair because of its sophisticated look, extending legs, and pretty to clean.

It comes in handy when you have kids around all the time. Waterproof Pu cushion seat and back keep the dirt matters away and keep it clean for a longer period.

Check this simple but elegant chair’s price on Amazon, just by clicking here.

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