Are There Fake Aeron Chairs? Here’s The Truth!

Herman Miller is a top-notch chair brand that has been in the top position for a long period now. The users love the Herman Miller Aeron chair for its great adjustability and provided comfort level. However, many claimed that sometimes they get deceived with fake Herman Miller chairs. Is it truly possible?

There are no fake Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. However, people might sometimes offer cheap quality chairs claiming it is a Herman Miller chair that is no less than fake Herman Miller chairs. Also, some people doubt the basic aeron as fake for lack of back support.

In this article, I will explain if there is any existence of fake Herman Miller Chairs. Furthermore, I will be explaining the step-by-step process of identifying the authentic Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

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Are There Fake Herman Miller Chairs?

To be honest, there are no fake Herman Miller Chairs. However, you might find people claiming a chair to be Herman Miller Aeron Chair, but in reality, it is nothing but an old used chair from other brands or just a base version with missing features.

Most people think base versions of Herman Miller chairs as fake. That’s because we always see the highly adjustable versions everywhere, especially in the ads. Most people are not aware of the basic versions of Herman Miller chairs look and think of them as fake.

Notice the difference between the Basic Herman miller chair and highly adjustable versions of Aeron:

Undoubtedly, Herman Miller Chairs are a top-notch brand that will never disappoint you. Even the used Herman Miller chair has great resale value. The chairs even come with a 12-year warranty period. 

Although my research did not show any trace of a fake Herman Miller Aeron chair, being one of the top chair brands, small companies might replicate the chair, claiming it to be the authentic one. 

My suggestion would be to buy the chair from an authentic retailer so that you do not have to worry about the chair’s authenticity. Then again, I will recommend you to check the chair perfectly before buying a second-hand Herman Miller chair. 

Does Fake Herman Miller Aeron Exist?

No, there is no trace of fake Herman Miller Aeron. However, people have sometimes claimed that they received the Herman Miller Aeron Chair replica. 

Thinking of Aeron chairs gives me a vibe that it contains a lot of features like adjustable lumbar support, arms, and whatnot.

Also, I have seen some people think the basic version of the Aeron chair is fake because of the lack of lumbar support and other features.

I don’t blame you if you think the basic version of Aeron is fake. It looks fake due to the lack of several features.

Take a look at the basic version of the Aeron chair and tell me if it looks real to you:

Herman Miller Basic Aeron

You know, even the resale value of Herman Miller is much higher compared to other chair brands; as a result, people claimed the used chairs to be Herman Miller just to increase the price rate. 

So, be careful before investing your money; do proper research first and make sure to check the authenticity. 

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How To Tell If A Herman Miller Aeron Chair Is Authentic? (Step By Step Process)

Herman Miller Aeron is the best chair that was produced by the company and had a huge demand because of all the advanced features it carries. 

However, there are people who take advantage of the situation by claiming a fake chair to be Herman Miller Aeron chair. 

But you have got nothing to worry about because I will be telling you the process of identifying the real Aeron chair so that no one can deceive you. 

The process of identifying the real Herman Miller Aeron Chair;

Source: Herman Miller

These are the Herman Miller logos that you will find in the authentic Herman Miller products. These logo marks also certify the chair to be from the Herman Miller family. 

In the case of the Herman Miller Aeron chair, you will find the logo engraved in the backrest’s upper portion. Do not forget to check that first. 

Step 2 – Search For The Label Attached To It. 

Every Herman Miller product comes with a label attached to it. All authentic Herman Miller products have the label as a sign of authenticity. 

In the case of Herman Miller Chairs, you will find the label on the underside of the seat. This is the manufacturing label that will help you identify the real Herman Miller Chairs.  

Step 3 – Look For The Certificate Of Authenticity

The chair’s packaging will come with its own certificate of authenticity. In some cases, they have a medallion attached, which also certifies authenticity. 

Step 4 – Match The Specifications

Every chair has its own specifications, like specific chair height, chair weight, caster’s radius, backseat height, armrests maximum & minimum height, and so more. 

Let me give you the data of Herman Miller Aeron chair’s features so that you can instantly;

Features Herman Miller Aeron 
 Sizes (HxWxD)Size ASize BSize C
Chair’s Dimensions38.5″x26″x16″41″x27″x16.75″43″x28.25″x18.5″
Chair Height 38.5 inches41 inches43 inches
Chair Width26 inches27 inches28.25 inches
Chair Depth16 inches16.75 inches18.5 inches
Seat Height19 inches20.5 inches20.5 inches
Base Diameter 26.5 inches26.5 inches26.5 inches
Chair’s Weight40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.

Now check the doubtful chair with these specifications to identify if the chair is real or fake. Make sure to measure them appropriately. 

When you see all these four things are to the point, then the chair will definitely be authentic. 

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Are There Herman Miller Knock-Offs?

To be honest, there is no trace of Herman Miller knock-offs. However, some people might claim a chair from other cheap brands as a Herman Miller chair. 

So, keep your eyes open and check the authenticity before buying the product. 

Are Herman Miller Chairs Made In China?

Herman Miller is an America-originated company, and all its activities were operated from Zeeland, Michigan, U.S. However, the company established a factory in China in 2007. After that, the company started to acquire Asia’s chair market.

Currently, the manufacturing plant in China is also producing and delivering chairs to many countries. 

Final Thoughts

Herman Miller is a well-known brand that has gained popularity with its Aeron Chair. The adjustability and ergonomic features make the chair stand out among all other ergonomic office chairs. 

However, it would be best to be careful of the people who sell cheap quality chairs by claiming them to be Herman Miller Chairs.

My request to you will be to check the authenticity first. After the authenticity is checked, you can invent the money peacefully.

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