Are Steelcase Chairs Worth It?

Steelcase has been making ergonomic office chairs for decades. Some of their office chairs are best in class and offer great value for money. Steelcase is a well-known brand like Herman Miller and a US-based furniture manufacturer. Are Steelcase chairs worth it?

Steelcase Chairs are worth it for the following reasons:

  • Offers premium build quality for better longevity
  • Offers ergonomic adjustability and comfort
  • Comes with 12 years of warranty
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Offers competitative price
  • Lasts for a decade

This article allows me to discuss Steelcase chairs’ ergonomics, their premium components, price, build quality, and resale value. You can justify the quality of a product by resale value. I will also explain their return policy, warranty, and shipping method.

Keep reading this article till the end; it will answer many of your questions regarding Steelcase chairs.

Best Steelcase Chairs

Chair ModelTilt MechanismWeight LimitPrice
Steelcase Series1Weight Activated400lbs$431.62
Steelcase Series 2Weight Activated400lbs$583.95
Steelcase AmiaManual Adjustment300lbs – 400lbs$707.00
Steelcase Think V2Weight Activated300lbs – 400lbs$777.00
Steelcase Leap V2Manual Adjustment400lbs$930.69
Steelcase GestureManual Adjustment400lbs$996.65

According to the price, these six Steelcase chairs are popular and best in class and have good resale value after years of use. Although their lineup uses a similar footprint, each chair has a slight premium advantage over one another.

Steelcase Series 1 is their entry-level chair and the least expensive on this list. However, it is equipped with a ton of ergonomic adjustability that a cheap office chair lacks.

Steelcase Gesture is the most expensive and flagship chair from Steelcase. This chair comes with a 360-degree rotating arm set, the best arm set in any office chair. 

Everything from the caster wheels, base, pneumatic cylinder all the way up through back is built using premium components and worth every penny.

Steelcase Policies

Shipping and Return Policy

Steelcase chair ships fully assembled, so you don’t need to spend any time putting it together. You can try their chair for 30 days, and if you decide not to use them, you can have them return for a full refund.

Steelcase will pick the chair up for free; just roll it back in the original packing and ship it to them. Make sure you send it back in the original packing, and nothing gets damaged or torn up to avoid 20% restocking fees. 


Steelcase offers a lifetime warranty for chair frame, seat shell, base, arm frame structure and a 12-year warranty for chair mechanisms, arm caps, foam, gas lifts or pneumatic cylinders, casters, and glides.

If anything gets wrong with any part of your chair, just let Steelcase know they will send replacement parts for you. 

So, you are fully covered with their 12-year warranty policy even with the entry model Steelcase Series 1 chair, as all the Steelcase chairs fall under the same warranty policy.

Build Quality

Steelcase chairs are very well built due to their premium components. You might find the series-1 chair a little bit flimsy and plasticky as it’s their entry model chair and the least expensive model. However, their other models are much upgraded and have a premium feel.

For example, Steelcase leap v1 was manufactured in 1999, and then Steelcase Leap v2 came out. Even after years of use, these chairs remain fresh and intact. You will get good resale value; you will find many of them if you search.

High-end Steelcase chairs like leap v2 and Gesture use more premium components and remain in good condition after years of use; just wash them up properly, and they come out looking brand new.

These chairs have good longevity and hold a good resale value; you can sell them down the road if you want. Overall, Steelcase chairs are one of the most well-built chairs in the industry.

Steelcase Chairs are Comfortable

Steelcase chair offers fabric upholstery, Mesh, Leather, and 3D Knit option. Despite the material you choose according to your preference, I think the fabric and mesh are the most comfortable materials to use.

Chair seats are comfortable for well-padded foam is about 2 inches, not too thick or not too thin, and comfortable to sit for long hours.

All of their chair seats have flex edges that will move according to your thighs, offering good posture and blood circulation throughout your body.

They also use LiveBack technology to most of their chairs. This LiveBack technology allows you to flex your upper body, providing dynamic support and resting your back muscles. 

Steelcase chairs also offer comfortable arm caps that are soft to the touch and quite adjustable.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomic adjustments are the most important features for office chairs. All the Steelcase chairs have four-way arm adjustability, lumbar height adjustability, seat depth adjustability, pneumatic seat height adjustability, and recline lock and tension mechanism.

Four-way Arm Adjustability:

You can adjust the arms in four directions, you can adjust the height, width, depth, and you can pivot. These armrests have a large range of adjustability; for example on Steelcase Gesture, you can adjust the width by about 10 inches.

A large range of arm adjustability is essential while you are sitting in different positions throughout the day.

Lumbar Height Adjustability:

Although lumbar height adjustments are common on office chairs, you can adjust the lumbar support height in a large range. If you decide not to use the lumbar support, you can shift them in a neutral position.

Lumbar tension adjustment is only available on Steelcase Leap V2 chairs, where you can adjust the firmness of your lumbar. This feature is pretty handy, but Steelcase doesn’t offer this feature to any other chairs.

Steelcase chair backrest is also ergonomically built that mimics the back posture and offers optimal support. On Steelcase Leap V2 and gesture, the lumbar support is more pronounced than other chairs as these two are their top models.

Steelcase Leap V2 is my favorite chair from Steelcase due to its comfortable seat and more pronounced lumbar support with lumbar tension adjustment. If you are interested, you can check it out on Amazon, currently costs $869.00.

Seat Depth Adjustability:

Seat depth adjustability is an important feature that helps you keep a gap between the seat edge and behind your knees, which helps relieve pressure from the thighs. 

You will get seat depth adjustability on all Steelcase chairs, from the entry model to the high-end chairs. On Steelcase Gesture seat depth is easier to adjust; you can just turn the knob while sitting and slide the seat in or out.

Recline Lock and Recline Tension:

All Steelcase chairs come with recline lock and recline tension adjustments. Steelcase Series 1, series 2, and Amia only offer upright lock positions, where other chairs offer multiple recline lock positions.

If you want more or less resistance while reclining, you can adjust the recline tension mechanism, which comes with all chairs.

Steelcase Chair Features

Chair Mechanism

Different office chairs have different types of mechanisms. Still, Steelcase chairs only offer two types of mechanisms, such as Weight Activated mechanism and manual adjustment.

Weight Activated Mechanism: The reclining mechanism will work according to your weight. If you recline back on a weight-activated chair, it will automatically adjust the recline based on your weight. 

This mechanism also comes with a boost system which will increase the recline tension by 20%. Based on which Steelcase chair you buy, you will get an upright lock or multiple position lock system.

Manual Adjustment: Steelcase offers this manual adjustment mechanism to these three models, such as Amia, Leap V2, and Gesture.

Manual adjustment mechanisms have free recline, multiple position locks, and tilt tension features to increase or decrease the reclining resistance.

Chair Price

The starting price of a Steelcase chair is about $400, and the expensive model, when fully loaded, costs about $1200. The price of these chairs is very high compared to other office chairs. 

You will get high-end components, a comfortable seat, a backrest, and much more ergonomic adjustability with these chairs. Also, all the chairs are backed by 12 years of coverage. 

If we put this into perspective, a Steelcase gesture chair only costs about $100 for each year when it is fully loaded, and you will get a good resale value if you want to sell it down the road.

I would say that the price is justified.

Steelcase Chair Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable Seat and Backrest
  • Flexible seat edge 
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Excellent ergonomic adjustability
  • High-end components
  • 12-year warranty period
  • Good resale value
  • Rated for a long hour sitting


  • Steelcase lacks back height adjustability
  • Forward-tilt mechanism
  • Headrest is costly

Related Questions

Are Steelcase chairs overpriced?

Steelcase chairs offer a well-built modern design with adequate ergonomic adjustability with 12 years of warranty coverage. The high-end chair Steelcase produces such as Leap V2, Gesture. I would say they are justified, not overpriced.

Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive?

 Steelcase chairs are expensive because of their build quality, high-end components, well-engineered ergonomic design and best in class warranty. Steelcase chairs last for years and remain as good as new.

Final Thoughts

Steelcase chairs are expensive, but most of us are not going to spend a thousand dollars on an office chair. These high-end chairs like Herman Miller, Humanscale, Knoll all put great value on their products just like Steelcase. 

If you would like to spend on a high-end Steelcase chair despite their price tag, I will suggest you to go with Leap V2. I’ve explained why Leap is the overall best Steelcase chair in this article “Which Steelcase Chair Is The Best?

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