Are Sihoo Chairs Good? Here’s The Truth

When searching for the best chair for your office or home, you will notice that the name Sihoo always pops up in front of you. Everyone out there is recommending Sihoo chairs. So, you might be wondering if Sihoo chairs are really good or not. Today’s article is all about it, and I will tell you the truth.

Are Sihoo Chairs Good? Sihoo chairs are ideal for sitting for long hours while maintaining good posture. Sihoo chairs have superb ergonomics. Sihoo chairs are also well built and have great pricing.

In this article, I will run you through the reasons why I think Sihoo chairs are good. If you are thinking about purchasing Sihoo chairs either for your office or home, then this article will be very helpful for you. So, keep reading!

Is Sihoo a Good Brand?

From my personal experience, I think Sihoo is an outstanding brand. They make decent ergonomic office chairs.

These chairs have lots of adjustable features that allow a comfortable sitting experience for prolonged hours.

If you look at the reviews of Sihoo chairs, most customers are satisfied with  Sihoo office chairs.

Sihoo first proved in the market that you don’t need to break a bank to buy a decent ergonomic office chair.

While the competitors were charging 1000 dollars for ergonomic chairs, Sihoo brought ergonomic office chairs that cost around 150-250 dollars.

For this reason, The brand has become very popular in both the US and UK markets.

Why Do I Think Sihoo Chairs Are Good?

I think Sihoo chairs are awesome for the following reasons:

Sihoo Chairs Are Comfortable:

I love Sihoo office chairs. The sitting experience of the Sihoo chairs is very good.

Sihoo chairs are always well padded.

You know, it is really important to sit with comfort if you have a desk job and you have to work at your desk for the entire day, just like me.

What I have seen, people love the way sihoo chair feels. Sihoo chairs have armrests, headrests well-designed backrests, which adds to the better sitting experience.

The headrests of sihoo chairs are big and well-positioned. In fact, in most models, you can adjust the headrest, which will help you to relax your head and neck.

Also, the armrests of Sihoo chairs are awesome. They allow the arms and elbow muscles to rest properly.

Besides, the 360 swivel feature and the good quality casters will definitely give you better mobility than many other chairs.

From my experience, most office chairs that are in the similar price range of sihoo chairs are not that much comfortable.

The bottom line is, for the price you are paying you will get the most comfortable sitting experience.

The Pricing Is Very Competitive:

Pricing is a very important thing without any doubt. Not all of us have the budget to buy a thousand-dollar chair. Isn’t it?

As I have said, most Sihoo office chairs are priced at 150-250 US dollars.

Now, if we look at the other office chairs with similar price ranges, we will see that the sihoo office chairs are far better, durable, and have much more features.

That being said, if you want to buy office chairs of similar caliber to sihoo chairs from other reputable brands, they will cost you over 400-500 bucks.

That’s why I have always been saying the Sihoo chairs are very well priced. You must already know that if you have been following my blogs.

They Last for Many Years:

Sihoo office chairs are very well built and durable. You can easily use any model of Sihoo office chair for five or more years pretty easily.

If you don’t believe me, go check out the online reviews from different stores. One of the main reasons why people love Sihoo chairs is because of their durability.

Also, you will get up to 3 years of warranty from the brand with Sihoo chairs. This shows the confidence of the brand in its products.

Yes, there are office chairs that have 12 years of warranty. So, how is sihoo chair better?

Those chairs cost 1000-1500 bucks. We can’t compare a 1 thousand dollar chair with a 200 dollar chair. Can we?

If we compare Sihoo chairs with its direct competitors, Sihoo chairs are twice as good.

Contains All the Ergonomic Features of a 1000 Dollar Chair:

If you look at the top-tier professional ergonomic office chairs today, you will find a lot of ergonomic features. Such as Adjustable Headrest, Adjustable Armrests, Seat Height Adjustments, 360 Swivel feature, Adjustable Lumbar support, etc.

Guess what? Sihoo Office chairs have all these ergonomic features. Yeah, a thousand-dollar chair will last for 10-15 years.

But a 150-200 dollar office chair having all those good ergonomic features that last for five years. I say that’s a better deal.

Which Sihoo Chair is Best?

The Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair- M80C is the best Sihoo chair so far. It costs $239.99 right now. You can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Among all the models of the Sihoo chair, it has the best design and features. You can check the full review of this office chair on our site here.

According to our research, this is one of the best ergonomic office chairs for back pain. [Source] 

How About a Budget Option? Sihoo – M76 ($145)

If your budget is around 150 bucks and you want the best possible office chair for this budget then The Sihoo M76 Ergonomic Office Chair is a superb choice.

Right now, it costs around $144.99. But the price changes frequently. So, check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

The only thing you will be missing in this model is the headrest and the height adjustment of armrests.

Other than that, it is a cool office chair, and it has some cool features. You should definitely check it out.

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On the other hand, if you are on a budget of 150-250 bucks, then Sihoo is definitely the better choice for you.

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