Are Saddle Chairs Good for You?

I have been using an office chair for the past few years but sitting for prolonged hours sometimes sore my back muscle and thighs. I was browsing the internet and came across the saddle chairs. So, I did a bit of research about saddle chairs, and here is what I found!

Are Saddle Chairs Good for You? Saddle chairs are good for you as it offers comfort, productivity, and optimal sitting position. A saddle seat also allows your spine to maintain its natural curvature while sitting due to a greater trunk-to-thigh angle.

In this article, I will explain saddle chair seat design, its posture, relation with back pain, benefits of saddle chairs, and its disadvantages.

I will also recommend you the best saddle chair you can get for yourself. So, keep reading the post!

Why Are Saddle Chairs Good For You?

We are all familiar with saddle seats as they are the most common seats for bicycles. Mainly this saddle seat design comes from sitting in the back of a horse.

When you sit on a saddle chair, your legs stay apart, knees are lower than your hips and your pelvis tilted forward, offering a greater trunk-to-thigh angle.

This greater trunk-to-thigh angle also maintains our back’s natural curve, which is considered an optimal sitting position.

Saddle chairs often offer ergonomic adjustments such as seat height adjustment, backrest adjustment, and seat incline adjustment. 

So, you can adjust the whole chair depending on your comfort. 

Many saddle chairs might not offer all the ergonomic features, but I would encourage you to choose the one with a backrest as it supports your back and relaxes your back muscle.

As saddle seats are uniquely designed and differ from other chairs, it might take some time to get used to, but the chair’s comfort will increase as you become more used to it.

You might come across the topic about optimal sitting posture, which helps minimize any back-related issues and allow you to sit more comfortably.

Well, saddle seats are comfortable, and its design offers optimal sitting positions which can reduce back issues.

Are Saddle Chairs Good for Posture?

Saddle chairs are unique, and their seat design keeps your legs apart, which is significantly different than other ergonomic chairs. 

As ergonomic office chair needs to be configured properly to achieve good sitting posture, the question rises: Are saddle chairs good for posture?

Saddle chairs are good for posture as they promote greater trunk-to-thigh angles, maintaining the lumbar lordosis similar to standing position, which is considered optimal sitting posture.

Although trunk-to-thigh angles might vary according to your height, you can still achieve good sitting posture on a saddle seat.

To understand better, when we sit in an office chair, our trunk-to-thigh angle is about 90 degrees and our thighs are parallel to the floor. But saddle seat keeps our thighs apart and knees are below our hips which makes greater trunk-to-thigh angles.

Sitting posture is said to be optimal when lumbar lordosis is similar to the natural standing position. Lumbar lordosis creates less pressure on our discs while sitting, minimizing the risk of back injuries.

Are Saddle Chairs Good for Back Pain?

Many ergonomic chairs have been developed throughout the years to minimize the risk of back pain. 

According to studies, sitting in a static and constrained posture can cause discomfort and back muscle fatigue, leading to back pain.

To reduce discomfort while you are sitting, research suggests taking breaks or rotating work activities.

Another reason of developing back pain is slumped sitting position, which we tend to follow after sitting for a while but saddle chair seat does not promote slumped sitting posture.

Saddle chairs are good for relieving back pain as they offer optimal sitting posture, maintain the natural back curve, and reduce discomfort in our lower back.

According to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, seat designs that offer correct biomechanical and muscular support can reduce back pain and injuries.

But seat design won’t offer you comfort or good support if you don’t properly adjust your chair or are unaware of optimal sitting.

According to a study conducted on the Bambach Saddle seat, a saddle seat reduces lower back discomfort, thus using a saddle seat might help you relieve back pain. 

What Are the Benefits of a Saddle Chair?

As sitting on a saddle seats are more like riding a horse which comes with the following benefits.

  • The saddle chair has greater trunk-to-thigh angles, maintains lumbar lordosis while sitting.
  • The saddle seat reduces pressure and discomfort on the lower back, making your sitting 

experience more comfortable.

  • The saddle chair lets your sit 20-30cm higher than a standard office chair.
  • The saddle seat often comes with a seat tilting feature that reduces the posterior rotation of the pelvis, promoting lumbar lordosis.
  • As saddle seat open the hip joint, letting you lean forward while working on a task like writing, drawing, etc.
  • An ergonomic saddle chair lets you adjust the seat height, angle, and backrest. 
  • Due to a greater range of motion, the saddle seat helps to prevent issues with knees and hips.
  • The saddle seat lets you easily stand up from a sitting position.
  • With the saddle chair, you can go in a sitting position or more of a semi-standing position.
  • The saddle seat contours very well, and you will fit right into it.
  • A split seat saddle chair will allow you to change the amount of space on the split area, promoting airflow, heat regulation, and circulation. Also, it puts no pressure on the pelvis.

Does Saddle Chair have Disadvantage?

Saddle chair offers many benefits and a viable alternative of an office chair but it has some disadvantages as well.

  • The saddle seat sometimes create discomfort on the lower limb, hip and buttock.
  • The saddle seat design has the possibility to decrease blood circulation on the lower limb, which creates discomfort.
  • The saddle chair does not come with an armrest or upper back support, can put pressure on the shoulder and upper back.
  • Due to the unique design of the saddle seat, it takes time to get used to the chair to get the most comfort while sitting.

So, Are Saddle Chairs Worth It?

Saddle chairs are worth it because it offers comfort, productivity, reduces back injury, back pain and lets you sit more easily. 

Sitting in an optimal posture is more essential when you need to sit for all day long for every single day. However, you can achieve optimal sitting posture on an office chair by sitting upright or by configuring your ergonomic office chair.

Saddle chairs offer natural spinal curvature to achieve a comfortable sitting position. But sitting in any chair for too long will cause you discomfort.

So, if you want more active sitting while protecting your lower back, saddle chairs would be a worthwhile investment.

Best Saddle Chair

An ergonomic adjustable saddle chair from 2xhome would be the best saddle chair as it offers adequate ergonomic adjustments to make yourself comfortable. This chair comes with a tiltable seat, seat height adjustments and backrest adjustments options. It currently costs around $218.50. If you are interested, you can check this saddle chair on Amazon.

Related Questions

Are saddle chairs bad for you?

The saddle chairs are not bad for you as it promotes healthy sitting by maintaining the natural spine. Saddle chair also comes with a lot of benefit such as it opens our hip joint, reduces pressure on our lower back, and contours very well. 

Does Saddle Chair Promote Healthy Sitting?

The saddle chair promotes healthy sitting as it maintains the natural curve of our back spine, reducing discomfort to our lower back.

Maintaining lumbar lordosis while sitting is considered as optimal sitting posture. As saddle seat has a unique design that has a greater trunk-to-thigh angle, creating lumbar lordosis while sitting.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think there is a perfect chair that fits everybody’s needs because everyone has different preferences, and saddle chairs are not for everyone.

But if you are experiencing lower back discomfort and want to try a saddle chair, I will say go ahead; saddle chair reduce the discomfort of lower back.

Thanks for reading this post, if you have a minute you can check our article “Are Stools Better Than Chairs for Posture? What Study Suggests?

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