Are Papasan Chairs Worth it?

If you are interested in Papasan chairs, you might have some questions or concerns regarding Papasan chairs. One of the most common questions people ask is, are Papasan chairs worth it? So I did some research, and this is what I found out.

Are Papasan Chairs Worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! Papasan chairs are obviously worth it. They are extremely comfortable, versatile. Many people prefer to sit on Papasan chairs over traditional chairs and sofas while watching TV, talking to friends and even while reading. Besides, Papasan chairs are believed to relieve lumbar problems and other back issues as well.

If you have already used a Papasan chair, then you must know that they are usually very comfortable and a beauty enhancer of your room as well. If you want to know more about the topic, keep reading!

A Little History:

I did some digging and found that papasan chairs were introduced into the United States and Europe soon after World War Two.

These chairs originated in countries like Japan and the Philippines. There was only one chair found in each home, and the chair was for the elder of only. 

According to some people, the traditional papasan chairs are as old as the cultures of these Asian countries. History suggests they are even older than that as these chairs are found in very ancient paintings and writings. [Source]

Papasan chairs became popular after World War Two; when soldiers returned to their home, they brought these chairs with them. Soldiers enjoyed the comfort and large seating space that the chair provided. So that’s why they brought it with them.

Very soon, these chairs became popular in western world. But after some years, their popularity started falling till the Vietnamese war. 

However, after that war, the chair became popular again & till today, they are very popular in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom.

Why is it called a Papasan chair?

Papasan is a Japanese word, and it means father/elder. You might already know that Japanese culture is patriarchal. In their society, a father or an elderly man is respected, and they are the decision-maker of the family. 

So, in every home, they had these chairs where only the elder or papasan of the home used to sit. This is why it was called a papasan chair.

Nowadays, this is not the chair for the papasan/ elders only, but the name still remains.

Are Papasan Chairs Good for Your Back?

According to recent studies, the design of a papasan chair is actually helpful in the reduction of lumbar problems. So, Papasan chairs are definitely good for your back.

The Papasan/saucer type of chair puts less pressure on the back than any traditional wooden chair. Even papasan chairs can be more comfortable than sitting on a comfortable sofa.

I read some articles where it is said that papasan chairs can be beneficial for students and people who watch TV for long hours. 

Some people sit for long hours on their chair, which causes problems related to the back. Using a papasan chair while reading or watching TV papasan chairs instead of traditional chairs or sofas can help reduce back-related issues. [Source] 

If you spend a lot of time sitting, I think if you replace your traditional chair with a papasan chair, you will instantly see positive results.

Should I get a Papasan chair?

If you love lounging with your buddies or curling up with a book, trust me, a papasan chair can be the best piece of furniture for you, and you should get one.

Let’s look into the advantages and disadvantages that a papasan chair provides that will help you understand better if you should get a papasan chair or not.

Advantages of Papasan Chairs:

Papasan chairs are Relaxing and Comfortable

After looking at a papasan chair, you might think that papasan chairs are not comfortable at all. But if you use it for even a single day, you will realize that a chair couldn’t get more comfortable and relaxing. 

The circular cushion of the chair is large enough to fit a curled-up position. It is also thick, which makes sure that the hard frame does not cause any discomfort.

Taller and bigger people sometimes face problems with sitting on regular chairs. But the papasan chairs are wide enough to accommodate people of any size without causing any discomfort.

The Cushion Can be Used as an Extra Bed / Floor Cushion

Papasan chairs are really great for the versatility of use. The frame and the cushion of the chair are separate. So you can easily use the cushion of the chair as an extra bed or as a floor cushion.

Besides, the base of the chair has one large circle on one side and one smaller circle on the other. The circles are usually open and adjustable. It allows you to change the position of the cushion and the frame.

To sit up, you have to push the frame back so that it sits off the center of the base. And to curl up, you have to position the frame at the center of the base. This will give you better support from all sides.

Papasan Chairs can be Used both Indoors and Outdoors

You can use your papasan chair both indoors and outdoors. Most people place their papasan chairs outside during the summer and soak up the sun. But when it is winter, people place it inside their home.

You can place it in a cozy corner of your house during winter and enjoy sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee and watching Netflix.

You can also buy hanging papasan chairs as well. They are also equally attractive and comfortable as a traditional papasan chair.

Disadvantages of Papasan Chairs:

Standing up can be troublesome for Some people

Most of the time, when you sit on a papasan chair you might just find your legs hanging over the edge. It is like you are sitting on a nest. Many people might not even touch the ground while sitting on a papasan chair.

So you have to rely on your hands to stand up by pushing the frame. If you push too much on one side, then the balance will be hampered, and you might find it difficult to stand up. But if you push on both sides with both hands while standing up, it will be easier, and the chair will not be off-balance.

Stability can get compromised

A Papasan chair provides good stability and support as long as you sit properly and do not move much. Leaning on the sides of the chair can disrupt the balance.

If you can position the frame of the chair such that it is at the center of the base and you seat properly without leaning on the sides, it will be stable. 

So, don’t move a lot or lean towards the sides while sitting on a papasan chair.

Where can I get a Papasan chair?

If you are looking for a Papasan chair online, then you can find a lot of options on Amazon or Wayfair. However, be careful while buying online. Check out all the reviews and user opinions.

I have seen some people buying only cushions instead of buying the full chair mistakenly. So be careful about that also.

You can also check out my recommended Papasan Chair on Amazon here.

Other Important Things to know:

  • A double papasan chair is called a Mamasan chair; it is twice as wide.
  • A Papasan chair is also known as a bowl chair with a stand/ saucer chair.
  • Most papasan chairs have a maximum weight capacity of 250-300 pounds.
  • These chairs weigh around 30 pounds.


There you go, papasan chairs are definitely worth buying. You will love how comfortable papasan chairs feel while reading or lounging with friends or relaxing and just watching TV.

Besides if you need more space nd you want to share the sitting experience with your partner or your pets then you can go for a double papasan chair which is also known as a mamas chair.

Did you enjoy this blog post? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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