Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming? Everything You Need to Know

Gaming chairs are available in the market for a while now. Gamers often prefer gaming chairs due to their comfort and they especially have a gaming aesthetic. However, playing games requires prolonged sitting. Due to the lack of additional adjustability on a gaming chair, gamers often suffer from back issues. 

As ergonomic office chairs are now becoming popular and offer a ton of adjustability to make you comfortable, which raises the question, are office chairs good for gaming?

Office chairs are good for gaming because of their ergonomic design and ergonomic adjustments, which ensure optimal sitting for prolonged hours while gaming. These ergonomic adjustments are adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and armrest, breathable mesh back, comfortable seat design, offers dynamic sitting, and so on.

A gaming chair is solid and made for gaming. Still, it lacks an ergonomic design and features that can help you sit comfortably for prolonged hours while gaming. However, office chair comes in a variety of designs. It offers a ton of ergonomic feature that makes it suitable for gaming.

The dynamic flexibility and reliability office chair offers are essential for gaming and other prolonged sitting tasks. This article will explain the importance of an office chair for gaming and everything you need to know about it.

Why Should You be Using Office Chairs for Gaming?

If you are playing games or doing any recreation task that requires sitting in a chair, then you might be sitting for almost an entire day. Sometimes doing office works need sitting nearly all day. These types of sedentary behavior increase the risk of CVD diseases, hypertension, and so on.

Due to our modern lifestyle, most of our jobs require less physical activity and more sitting in front of a computer. Both playing games and sitting nearly all day have a negative effect on our health.

Researchers are working on how to minimize the risk of sitting and came up with some interesting facts. Sitting posture is different from the standing posture, and when we are standing, it’s way more natural than when we are sitting.

Sitting on a chair is optimal when we achieve the same natural back curve as we have when we are standing. The office chair has ergonomic features that help you achieve that natural curve while sitting for long hours.

As gaming is an intensive task and sometimes we forget the time and play for hours. This sitting behavior is not healthy and can ruin our posture, developing back issues.

Most office chairs have a mesh backrest design for optimal airflow and an ergonomic waterfall seat design for better blood circulation on your thighs. These features enhance your sitting experience while you are gaming for hours.

Office Chair Offers Ergonomic Features

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Adjustments

The office chair comes with excellent ergonomic features that ensure optimal sitting for long hours. These ergonomic features include high backrest design, pneumatic seat height adjustment, armrests adjustments, additional headrest adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, advanced tilting mechanism, and so on.

Ergonomic features differ from one office chair to another due to the price. However, you will find the standard features in all the mid-range to high-end office chairs.

The high backrest design is essential while you are playing games for hours or sitting. This ensures better support to your back, shoulder, and neck. This high backrest is ergonomic which follows the same “S-shaped” curve as our back curve, and offers better lumbar support in the lumbar region.

On the gaming chair, you might see a flat backrest with a lumbar support pillow and headrest pillow, which is not optimal as adjustable lumbar support and headrest on an office chair.

You can Comfortably Sit for Prolonged Hours

Sitting for long hours is painful and increases the risk factor of our health. But our work life and recreational activities most of the time require us to sit for prolonged hours. An ergonomic office chair can help us minimize these issues by a lot.

The standard office chair offers a comfortable, well-padded seat, uses a high-density cushion to help us sit comfortably for long hours. The mesh backrest design ensures optimal airflow to keep us nice and cool.

You will find a decent tilt mechanism on a standard office chair so you can always rock or recline when you feel uncomfortable. Changing posture frequently is highly recommended because it relaxes our back muscles and ensures better blood circulation throughout our body.

On ergonomic office chairs, you often find offers “waterfall” and “W-shaped” seat designs. This waterfall seat design has a curved front edge that relieves pressure from thighs, and the “W-shaped” seat design has a “w” shape on the seat that relieves pressure from thighs.  

Overall, a decent office chair offers pretty amazing ergonomic features to sit for long hours comfortably.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Ensure Optimal Posture

As I have mentioned above, you can achieve optimal sitting posture on an ergonomic office chair by customizing it into a setting that fits you properly.

So, What is an optimal sitting posture? When a sitting posture matches the natural curve of the spine and has similar lumbar curvature as standing posture is known as optimal sitting posture.

Now the question comes how you would achieve this optimal sitting posture on an ergonomic office chair? 

According to Sitting Biomechanics, you can achieve optimal sitting posture on an office chair by configuring the following settings for your ergonomic office chair. 

  • You can sit against the seatback with knees at a 90-degree angle with arms resting on the armrests.
  • The backrest of your chair should be reclined between 110 – 130 degrees angle.
  • You can adjust your lumbar support to 1 to 2 cm.
  • If you have proper tilt-mechanism on your chair, your chair seat will incline a few degrees as you reline back between 110-130 degrees. It is considered a good posture. If you would like to learn more about the tilt mechanism, you can check our article.
  • Your computer monitor should be at eye level.

You will have these features on an ergonomic office chair to achieve optimal posture while gaming.

You will Find a Ton of Design Options

Nowadays, chair designs are an important factor because we all want to set up a minimalistic desk. As office chairs have a variety of designs and it offers a minimal look to our desk.

You will find a ton of design options on the market for office chairs. Even this minimalist chair comes with ergonomic features to offer ultimate comfort and reliability.

We all love gaming chairs due to their unique design, but all gaming chairs look more or less the same. On the other hand, you will find various types of design for the office chairs.

They Offer Dynamic Sitting

Sitting in a static position can cause muscle fatigue and injuries. So, dynamic sitting can ensure mobility and posture. Sitting all day long while gaming can increase the risk factor to our health, while dynamic sitting can reduce this immobility.

Midrange to high-end office chairs offers an advanced tilting mechanism that allows us to rock and recline easily while sitting, and smooth caster wheels let us roll around the desk.

Some of the office chairs offer different types of the dynamic backrest that follow our back’s natural curve and ensure better posture. This backrest moves as you move your back, such as the backrest of Herman Miller Embody and Dourest Gold Chair.

Duorest gold chair is my favorite one due to its dual back design that constantly follows your back, and it’s budget-friendly. You can check out the Dourest Gold on Amazon.

Durable For Years

Durability and reliability differ from brand to brand. However, considering six hours of daily use, an office lasts around four years, but a high-end office chair lasts way more than that.

Many manufacturers offer ten to twelve years of warranty on an office chair, such as Steelcase and Herman Miller. Even though you don’t want to use your office chair for ten years.

So, depending on the use case, an office chair might serve you for years.

Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair

Office chair and gaming chair shares some standard features despite their different designs. Let’s find out what differentiates an office chair from a gaming chair or vice versa.

Office ChairGaming Chair
ComfortWell padded seat cushion, Mesh seat design offer optimal airflowWell padded seat cushion, Mesh seat design is rare
DesignVeriety of design optionsMore or less the same
Ergonomic FeaturesAdjustable headrest, armrests, adjustable lumbar support, advance tilt mechanismAdjustable armrest, lumbar support pillow, tilt mechansim
DurabilityDepends on the brandDepends on the brand
Average Price$180 – $400$150 – $500

Related Questions

Which is a comfortable gaming chair or office chair?

Office chairs are more comfortable because of the waterfall seat design and fabric mesh back design. Also, an office chair offers more ergonomic features, which is optimal for posture and comfortable for prolonged sitting than a gaming chair.

Should you get a gaming chair or ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic office chair comes with a ton of features to fit you correctly, and it comes in a variety of design options. So, you should get an ergonomic office chair that is versatile for all use cases. 

Popular Ergonomic Office Chairs

  • Nouhaus Ergo3D (Check our article about this chair)
  • Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Steelcase Series 1
  • Herman Miller Aeron

Before you go

Office chairs are better for gaming in many aspects, and it always comes down to your preference of chair. However, the office chair has many use cases, and its design offers a different ambiance to your workstation. 

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