Are Ikea Office Chairs Ergonomic? Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever used any ergonomic office chair, you might already know that they are built to provide extra comfort, improve productivity while minimizing health risks that are associated with sitting for long hours. I did a lot of digging on Ikea office chairs to find out if they are ergonomically designed or not. Let’s check out what I have found!

IKEA office chairs are built with good ergonomics. Office chairs from Ikea contain most of the essential ergonomic features that make the sitting experience better while improving productivity and supporting the users properly to minimize back issues. But they are not the best office chairs out there from an ergonomic point of view.

In this article, I will discuss what makes an office chair ergonomic and discuss thoroughly if Ikea office chairs are ergonomic or not. I will also compare the ergonomics of IKEA office chairs with ergonomic chairs of other major brands out there. So, keep reading if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

What Makes an Office Chair Ergonomic?

You might know that regular office chairs and ergonomic chairs are different. There are many features ergonomic chairs have that allow you to adjust seat height, armrests, headrests, tilt tension, and whatnot.

But regular office chairs don’t have those features. That’s why an office chair that is not ergonomic at all won’t have any of those features. On the other hand, ergonomic features will have most of those adjustable features.

We will call an office chair ergonomic if we can find most of the following features:

Ergonomic Features of Ikea Office Chairs:

Ikea makes different types of chairs. Here we will consider only those office chairs which Ikea claims to be ergonomically designed. Then we will compare the features of Ikea chairs with the features of an ideal ergonomic office chair.

This will let us know how ergonomic an Ikea office chair can be! I will also discuss all the ergonomic features that I can find on Ikea chairs.

Also, I will use Ikea Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET office chairs from Ikea to compare the ergonomic features as they are the best ergonomic office chairs from Ikea right now.

So, let’s check out the ergonomic features of Ikea chairs first. Then I will explain each of those features.

Adjustable Headrest:

Ergonomic office chairs from Ikea have solid and large headrests. Take, for example, Ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET. If you have seen this chair, you must have noticed the unique headrest of it. 

It is completely adjustable. However, the headrest of the Ikea Markus chair is not adjustable.


To be honest, I am not satisfied with the poor design of the arms with several Ikea ergonomic office chairs.

The Ikea Markus contains fixed armrests. The armrests might not support your elbow correctly as they are very low.

On the other hand, JÄRVFJÄLLET has no armrests. I know if you are a fan of adjustable armrests, Ikea is not a wise choice for you, but it has other cool features that make Ikea office chairs ergonomic.

Lumbar Support:

Ikea office chairs usually have exceptional lumbar support. Although the lumbar support of Ikea Markus is not Height adjustable, it is still very supportive. Unless you are a very tall or short person, it is going to be fine for you.

But the lumbar support of Ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET is height adjustable, and it will allow you to sit with better posture. As you can adjust it, it will provide awesome lumbar support for everyone.

Tilting & Reclining:

Most Ikea office chairs have a tilting feature. They also allow recline up to certain degrees. I must say, tilting and reclining features are great to have.

It is good for your health to sit in a slightly reclining position other than sitting upright at 90 degrees.

Research supports that, and it is recommended to sit at 100 – 110 degrees. With the high back design of Ikea Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET, reclining becomes really comfortable and fun, and it is a great ergonomic feature to have.

Adjustable Seat Height:

Although it is the most basic ergonomic feature to have, it is the most crucial one. Every ergonomic office chair from Ikea has these features.

The seat height adjustment allows the chair to be suitable for a wide range of people. Both Ikea Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET have this feature which makes them ergonomic.

Extra Comfort:

Ergonomic office chairs always provide extra comfort. Because of the extra comfort, the sitting experience reaches the next level.

The soft and extra padding that I have seen on Ikea office chairs makes them very comfortable.

If you ever sat on a Markus chair from Ikea, you must have noticed the extra padding makes Ikea office chairs extra comfortable.

That’s the thing about ergonomic office chairs, and it’s just that they are more comfortable than usual office chairs. As Ikea office chairs provide extra comfort, they are ergonomic.

So, Are IKEA Chairs Good For Your Back?

Yes, ergonomic office chairs from Ikea are good for your back. Ikea chairs like the JÄRVFJÄLLET have adjustable lumbar support, which fixes posture and reduces back complications that are caused by sitting for prolonged hours.

Final Thoughts:

Ikea office chairs provide great value for money. They are extremely durable. Most office chairs from Ikea come with an extended warranty period. Like the Markus, the chair comes with ten years of warranty.

This shows the confidence of Ikea in its products. You will find a lot of features on Ikea chairs that make them ergonomic.

However, I am not particularly a fan of the armrests of Ikea chairs. The Ikea Markus has fixed arms that seemed lower to me. Again, the JÄRVFJÄLLET office chair is armless. Other than that, Ikea chairs are really good.

Thanks for reading! If you have a minute, check out my article on 12 Best IKEA Chairs: A Detailed Guide with Pricing.

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