Are IKEA High Chairs Safe? Here’s The Answer!

IKEA high chairs make it easier for the parents to spoon-feed their children without any doubt. But a few months back, I wondered if IKEA high chairs were safe. So, I did a lot of digging to find answers. If you have the same question, then you are in the right place.

IKEA High Chairs are safe for babies. They usually have a broad base for better stability, straight-forward straps, and a metal foot makes the chair very stable and sturdy. Besides, IKEA have a reputation for providing quality and safe products for decades.

The IKEA High Chairs are also very cheap, easy to clean, and easy to assemble. So for the robust build and good features with a very low price, parents select this chair for their babies. 

There are many High Chairs in the market. But most of the parents selected IKEA High Chairs due to their reliability and affordability. I will discuss the chair in detail, so keep reading.

So, Is IKEA Actually A Reliable Brand?

Ikea isn’t a household name when it comes to baby products. For years, the company has produced furniture that is very durable and reliable. If you have any IKEA furniture in your home, you may be using it for several years as they are durable.

There are many well-known High Chair brands. Nonetheless, the buyer’s review of IKEA high chairs seems better, which is something to consider.

About 90% of the buyers are more than happy to buy the IKEA brand High Chair for their babies. So, from this, we can assume that though IKEA is new in making baby High chairs, it is very reliable.

IKEA High Chair Safety:

IKEA put a lot of thought into the safety of the little users of their products. I have read many reviews and experiences shared by the parents regarding the safety of IKEA high chairs. Most people were satisfied with IKEA’s high chairs.

Also, I did my digging, and I also think IKEA high chairs are safe for babies for the following reasons:

  • The build quality is awesome
  • Have a broader base and feet made of good quality metal for extra stability. 
  • The Bucket seat is robust and significant.
  • 3 point safety belts are present.
  • Generally have high enough weight capacity.

The main concern of safety arises with the stability of the high chair whether the baby will be able to sit comfortably without falling from the chair. It seems like IKEA took care of all that to ensure the safety of your baby.

The bottom line is, IKEA High Chairs’ foots are made of metal. So the chairs are very sturdy. The Bucket seat is significant so that the baby won’t fall. The straps are very straightforward. The straps are solid and flexible. The straps don’t bother the baby. The chair is very safe.

IKEA High Chair Specifications In General:

Overall Dimensions: WxDxH(21-23) x (24-25) x (30-35) inches
Max Weight Capacity:30 – 40 pounds
Seat Width:9.5 – 11.5 Inches
Seat Depth:8.5 – 9 Inches
Seat Height:21 – 22 Inches

Most IKEA high chairs can hold a maximum of 30-40 pounds. So, most babies from 6 months to 3 years can easily use IKEA high chairs.

So, What Age Can a Baby Go In an Ikea High Chair? 

Babies of 5-6 months and above can go and sit in an IKEA High chair. Babies of that age can learn to sit correctly. So, if they use an IKEA High Chair, their sitting posture will improve a lot. Babies up to 3 years old can sit in a High Chair comfortably.

The Pros Of IKEA High Chair:

Cheaper Price Range:

The IKEA High Chairs are cheaper but well built. That’s why they have high demand in the market. The base model of Antilop IKEA high chair only cost $19.99. There is no other model in the market which is this cheap. You can purchase it from the IKEA website by clicking here.

Some Popular IKEA High Chairs and Their Prices:

IKEA High Chair ModelsPrice

Easier To Clean:

The IKEA High Chairs are very easy to clean. The hands are plastic, so you can wash them off quickly.

There are no hidden edges, so the food does not remain there. You can also remove the food tray and clean it. After cleaning, you just press the food tray, and it will be back in its place.

Flexible Straps:

The straps of IKEA high Chairs are very flexible. It is not around the shoulder. So, the baby feels quite comfortable. The straps are tied around the belly region of the babies.

Very Easy To Assemble:

IKEA furniture is usually tough to assemble. But the IKEA High Chairs are very simple to assemble. The parts are straightforward. You will just screw up the pieces together, and the chair will be assembled.


The IKEA High Chairs are usually very lightweight. But the feet are of steel, so the chairs are sturdy. There is no chance of wobble. Due to being lightweight, they can be moved from one place to another very quickly and easily.

The Cons Of IKEA High Chair:

Removing Food Tray Is Hard:

The food tray is tough to remove. It’s actually a drawback for most high chairs in the market.

You have to pull from the edges with good strength to remove the food tray. But if you put more pressure, there is a chance of breaking the tray.

So, you have to clean the tray keeping it on the chair as there are chances of breaking it.

Foot Rest Is Not Present in The Antilop High Chair:

There are no footrests in the Antilop High Chair. So, the baby’s foot will always hang. It is very uncomfortable. 

While sitting, the babies always like to keep their foot on something. It is bothersome for the babies to keep their feet hanging all the time.  But you can buy an additional footrest.

So, if you want to buy an IKEA high chair with a footrest, go for the IKEA Gravel of Langur.

Hard Cushion Cover:

The hard cushion cover is bad for the baby’s posture. The babies like soft cushions to lean on. So due to the hard cushion, they don’t lean on the chair, and it affects their sitting posture. You can buy an extra cushion insert to make it soft and comfortable. 

Recommended High Chair Accessories:

There are some cons to the IKEA High Chair. But these cons can be removed by purchasing some accessories. I will recommend those to you.

IKEA High Chair Footrest:

Sitting on a chair with feet hanging is very irritating. So you can buy an additional footrest for the IKEA antilop high chair. This will cost you around $24.99. You can find it on Amazon here.

Silicone High Chair Placemat:

The placemat is a handy accessory. The placemat is very sticky. When it becomes dirty, you can just remove it from the tray and rinse it. 

Again place it on the tray. In this way, cleaning becomes very easy. It costs $10.99 – $17.99 depending on the color you choose. You can get the placemat from here.

All these accessories will make your and your baby’s life easier for sure. If you want your baby to sit with everyone and have a meal with extra comfort, then these accessories can be helpful.

Including All the accessories, even the IKEA antilop high chair will cost you around $100. The customers complain about it. But if you buy the accessories, the cons will be removed, and you will have an excellent chair.

Related Questions:

Are IKEA High Chairs Stackable?

IKEA high chairs are stackable. The Ikea Antilop’s legs may be removed to be kept in a closet out of the way. The chairs that have been assembled can be stacked on top of one another.

Final Thoughts:

Despite having some cons, the pros of IKEA High Chairs are much more. Moreover, the cons can be removed by buying some additional accessories.

And the IKEA High Chair comes with a reasonable price range. And it is very well built. So, I think you should buy this chair.  

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