Are Hbada Chairs Actually Good?

Talk about getting yourself a gaming chair or an ergonomic office chair on a budget, you’ll get several Hbada chair recommendations if you ask around. But a question always pops up in our mind if hbada chairs are actually good. Let’s find out!

Are Hbada Chairs actually good? Hbada chairs are arguably one of the best budget options you can get for under $200. The materials might not scream quality like a Herman Miller, but it does compensate for that in the other department.

 If you want to furnish home offices or your own room with a Hbada chair, you can’t go wrong with the affordability options it has. Keep on reading to know why!

About The Brand:

Hbada’s pretty well-known in Europe, having a minimal footprint in the US. Which is why some US residents have the idea that they are a tiny little brand with little weight.

Evidently, this company actually wields a very good reputation for post-sales services & support. But keep in mind that a transaction with an overseas company does pose some challenges.

The majority of people who have dealt with the company’s Customer Service Department expressed a positive experience, which we’ll be reflecting upon by some key points in terms of overall brand reliability.

Is Hbada a Good Brand?

In short, it’s a legit company and sells great office chairs, gaming chairs, and desks in a budget-friendly price range which makes them very affordable.

Their gaming chairs especially receive excellent ratings, and I would easily recommend purchasing one. I was pretty confident about their office chairs for at least being fairly built. However, after reading the reviews, I’m not sure if the critical reviews were from people who overestimated the size of the chair and others who might face assembly issues.

We have an article on the Best Office Chair Brands Hbada made it on the list. You can check it out here.

Why Do I Think Hbada Chairs Are Good?

As I have noted earlier, hbada chairs are awesome, and they have really, really good office chairs around a 200 buck budget.

Let’s check out the reasons for which I think Hbada chairs are good. 

Hbada Chairs Have Great Ergonomic Features:

Comfortable experience, ergonomic, easy installation, high in quality all these features make them quite a good option to look out for.

Hbada ergonomic office chairs have a lot of ergonomic features and I am sure you are gonna love them. Most Hbada chairs have great lumbar support which supports your lower back properly and this has a great influence on your posture.

Hbada Chairs Are Usually Durable & Comfortable:

They are well made and well built, and you cannot go wrong with a Hbada chair. Most Hbada chairs will last for many years. The build quality of Hbada chairs are usually great.

They feel very stable and sturdy to sit. It’s very important for any chair to be stable. Otherwise, the sitting experience gets compromised.

Easy to get your hands on:

It is a company that works through online retailers, and they sell furniture, non-metal containers for storage, decorations, bedding & similar products. You can order them online and have them in as fast as 3-4 working days.

Most importantly, Hbada chairs are widely available in the US and UK market. You can find them anytime you need.

Affordable and Reliable:

They ensure build quality and do better work on products than other similar brands who are selling chairs in the same price range. Affordability is a major part of the decision-making.

Hbada chairs are affordable and extremely well priced. You can compare the pricing with other brands. In my observation, I have seen that, Hbada chairs are 5-10% cheaper than its competitors. This means if you go to buy similar quality office chair from other brands you have to pay more.

Consistent in quality:

They offer Office Chairs, Gaming Chairs, Gaming Desks online with strong and solid customer service, which received good customer feedback. With multiple warehouses, they deliver quickly, and they’re consistent in quality. 

Good Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback is a big deal because it’s all about comfort and durability, and what better way do we have than testing it out, right?

People so far are happy with the Hbada chairs they bought, which makes it a solid recommendation from me. 

A Lot of Options To Choose From:

You can go to their website and get lost in the vast catalog they have over there, or you can also find them on other reputable e-commerce websites.

They have so many options it’s safe to say you’ll definitely find something that matches your liking. I will list some of the best office and gaming chairs from Hbada and I will also recommend the chairs that I think will be great options for you.

What Type of Chairs Does Hbada make?

Hbada makes the following type of chairs:

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs
  • Executive Chair
  • Reclining Office Chairs
  • Gaming Chairs

Hbada Office Chairs:

#Hbada Office ChairsWeight CapacityPrice
1.Hbada Penguin Desk Chair250lbs$149.99
2.Hbada Whale Desk Chair250lbs$169.99
3.Hbada Black Mesh Chair250lbs$99.99
4.Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair250lbs$178.99
5.Hbada Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair250lbs$209.99
6.Hbada Fixed Arm Desk Chair250lbs$79.99
7.Hbada Leather Executive Office Chair275lbs$174.99
8.Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair300lbs$179.99
9.Hbada Ergonomic Executive Chair330lbs$199.99

Are Hbada Office Chairs Good?

I must say, Hbada office chairs are excellent. Most office chairs from Hbada costs below and around $200.

Hbada first proved that you don’t need to break a bank just to buy a good ergonomic office chair.

The ergonomic features of Hbada chairs are remarkable. These office chairs have great reviews online. You can check them out if you like.

The most amazing thing about these chairs is that they are so well priced. You can compare Hbada office chairs with other brands.

I am sure in the same price range Hbada offers way better deals than any other brands on the market.

All these office chairs from Hbada are BIFMA certified. They are really comfortable and have good build quality. 

My Recommended Hbada Office Chair:

I admire the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair. It costs around $180 in the US. The price changes on a regular basis. You can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here. 

It has 330 lbs of weight capacity. It has all the ergonomic features you can ever ask for. Adjustable Headrest, lumbar support, armrest, headrest, 360 swivel, seat height adjustment, you just name it!

I almost forgot to tell you about the tilting feature. You can recline this chair all the way up to 120 degrees and enjoy rocking motion as well.

The assembly process of this chair is also pretty simple. It will take you about 15 minutes.  So, if you are looking to buy a decent ergonomic office chair, you should definitely check it out.

Hbada Gaming Chairs:

#Hbada Gaming ChairsWeight CapacityPrice
1.Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair330 Ibs$179.99
2.Hbada Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest330 Ibs$219.99
3.Hbada High-Back Gaming Chair 300 lbs$129.99

Are Hbada Gaming Chairs Good?

Hbada gaming chairs can be a great addition to your computer/gaming room. They are easy to assemble, and they are usually quite well made and priced.

They are as comfortable to sit on as any other good gaming chair and have the additional pillow support combined with a footrest.

They’re also able to recline back, which isn’t something you see with other similar chairs at the same price range. These chairs can be used by everyone around you.

The bottom line is everyone enjoys using Hbada gaming chairs, seeing what they have to offer.

My Recommended Hbada Gaming Chair:

Among all these gaming chairs, I love the Hbada racing style gaming chair, and it costs around $179.99. The price changes regularly, so check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

It has a lot of unique and awesome features that you will definitely love. Let’s talk about the reclining feature of this gaming chair first.

This chair can recline up to 155 degrees. You can literally sleep on this chair by reclining it to its full potential.

The dimensions of this chair are 21.65” x 27.55” x (47.24”-50.39” 9) (LxWxH). The seat height of this chair is adjustable.

Also, this chair has a weight capacity of 330 pounds which is enough for most people unless you are a very big guy.

Overall this gaming chair is very comfortable. It will provide you with a great sitting experience, and most importantly, the pricing is very competitive. Finding any gaming chair as good as this one at its price range is close to impossible.

Related Questions:

Is Hbada a Chinese company?

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, registered their business in 2016 under the name Hbada (Beijing) Household Products Co. Ltd. Their sales are mainly focused on the European markets but also work with the US market through e-commerce sites like Amazon and similar retailers.

They have three wirehouses in the UK, and all their products are up for free shipping all day of the week other than weekends and the bank holidays. They do shipments in around 7-8 days max, and their customer care is quite supportive. 

Are Hbada Chairs worth it?

Hbada chairs are definitely worth it. They have amazing ergonomics, awesome build quality. Most importantly, Hbada chairs are very well priced.

If you want top-level comfort with great lumbar support & something which looks so so good – then hbada chairs are definitely worth it. 

The bottom line is I love Hbada gaming chairs; they look really cool & are very comfortable to sit in for hours after hours. They’re always a great add-on to your gaming setup for sure.

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