Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth It? Reasons Why You Need Them

Office chairs come at different price tags like any other product. All the office chairs serve the same purpose of sitting. Then, what differentiates the expensive office chairs from the rest of them? The question that comes to your mind is, “are expensive office chairs worth it?”

Expensive Office Chairs are definitely worth it for these great reasons:

  • Extended Warranties
  • They are durable
  • More comfortable than a regular chair
  • Offers modern design
  • Offers great features
  • Better posture support
  • More ergonomic than other chairs
  • Spends a lot of money on R&D

In this article, I will explain why an expensive office chair is worth your money and why you should use them. There are many mid-range good chairs in the market then Why should you go for the expensive ones. Whether you are reluctant to go for the costly chair or not, I think this article ought to convince you.

Are expensive office chairs worth it? Most definitely, for these Eight incredible reasons.

Extended Warranties

Manufacturers offer extended warranties for their expensive chairs as these chairs have excellent components that last a long time. These components are also modular. If any of the components get damaged, you can often pick up a replacement part from the manufacturers or off the internet.

For example, Herman Miller and Steelcase have some good expensive office chairs, and they both offer 12 years of warranty. This warranty includes electrical components, caster wheels, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. So, within 12 years you can pick up any parts if it gets damaged.

All these components warranty has a price, and that’s what makes a chair expensive. Not all chair manufacturers offer 12 years of warranty to the component. I think it’s great to invest in an expensive chair.

They are durable

Expensive office chairs are built using durable material that often lasts for a long time. The average office chair lasts about five years, more or less. However, expensive office chairs last on an average of ten years, depending on your daily use. 

Some important components of the office chairs are pneumatic cylinders, caster wheels, and tilting mechanisms. These components are the first to get damaged. Over time the chair starts to wobble, caster wheels get jammed, and a lot of issues start to occur. However, your warranty will cover the important part of your office chair.

More comfortable than a regular chair

Comfortability varies from person to person. There are comfortable regular chairs as well, but they use cheap material. It gets uncomfortable in a short period of time. Because the seat padding they use starts to get squeezed and the lumbar support doesn’t provide optimal support to your back.

In the case of an expensive office chair, they use comfortable and long-lasting material with air pockets on the seating area to reduce pressure from long sitting. The edge of the seat is flexible to relieve pressure from your thigh. This feature offers excellent support while you are sitting for prolonged hours.

All these designs on the seating area make expensive office chairs more comfortable than cheap ones.

Offers modern design

The design of a chair is an essential factor if you already have a cool interior. Most expensive chairs offer a unique and modern design that makes your work environment much more enjoyable.

If you check some of the chairs from Herman Miller, for example, Aeron, Embody, Sayl, etc. A few chairs from Steelcase, such as Steelcase series 1, Gesture, Leap, etc.; then compare these chairs with regular chairs, you will see a big difference in design.

These modern designs not only enhance the look of your environment it also improves your healthy lifestyle due to their dynamic features.

Offers great features

Adjustment features are widespread among office chairs because they all are built for prolonged sitting. Some common features are height adjustment, lumbar support, reclining and 360 degrees swivel around the desk.

Many more important features are not available in regular chairs, like seat pan depth adjustment. Also, fully armrests adjustment, a dynamic lumbar support that will mimic your natural movement, offers breathable seat cushion for ultimate sitting comfort.

These mentioned features are essential to properly sit on your chair that is not available in all the office chairs.

Better posture support

Posture support is important if you are sitting for long hours. Modern regular chairs often offer good posture support since they are made for prolonged sitting.

However, while you are sitting on a chair, you change your posture several times to get more comfortable. People tend to change their posture when they feel discomfort. That’s where an expensive office chair offers adequate support; when you change your posture, the lumbar support of the chair changes as well, according to your posture.

Herman miller embody chair has an enormous amount of back support. It’s backrest changes its form according to your back. It offers great adjustments to fine-tune the chair to your spine.

More ergonomic than other chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are important for everyone who is living a sedentary life in front of a computer. Ergonomic office chairs are adjustable that will fit you properly according to your posture.

I have mentioned some of the amazing features that make expensive office chairs more ergonomic than regular chairs. These ergonomic features are dynamic, it changes according to your posture and offers optimal support to your posture. 

Bad posture leads to many issues in the long run, and you can get injured, so it’s important to sit in a good posture. Sitting for prolonged hours leads to less blood circulation occurring to many issues in the future.

Spend a lot of money on R&D

Research and Develop are an essential part of every product. If you spend a lot of amount on R&D, you will increase the price of your product according to your expenditure. That’s the same thing the manufacturer does on an expensive chair.

Manufacturer spends a lot of money on R&D while they are building their chair and create a well-engineered design for an office chair.

Popular Expensive Office Chairs

There are a lot of expensive office chairs in the market. I am listing down a few that I recommend. 

  1. Herman Miller Aeron
  2. Herman Miller Embody
  3. Steelcase Gesture
  4. Steelcase Leap
  5. All33 Backstrong office chair – Check our article to learn more about All33 Chair.

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How much should you pay for an office chair?

You should pay around $300 for an overall good office chair. As an office chair comes at a different price, so it gets overwhelming how much you should spend on an office chair.

Nothing can beat an expensive office chair because they offer ultimate features for a better sitting experience. But from my personal experience, I have seen the office chair that costs around $300 has a good value for money.

Why are good office chairs so expensive?

Good office chairs are expensive due to their durability, comfort, modern design, extensive ergonomic features.

Suppose you will use a chair for a long time. Let’s say you bought an expensive chair that may last for ten years now; if you sit on this chair every day to get your work done. Daily It costs you a penny to offer you the ultimate sitting experience at the end of the ten years, which you won’t get from a regular chair.

Does a good office chair make a difference?

A good office chair definitely makes a difference in your daily life. It will improve your sitting experience that will lead to more productivity. A good office chair promotes sitting more upright, improving your sitting posture, and avoiding slouching while you are sitting.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are a computer or desk person like me. In that case, you are likely to sit on a chair for a “third of your life” meaning you are basically sitting on a chair for a significant period. So, I will encourage you to go for an expensive chair if you have the budget. It more likely serves you better than a regular chair and worth every penny in the end.

Most of the expensive office chairs cost around $800 – $1200. However, You will find them refurbished for a lot less money. As Herman Miller Aeron is an excellent expensive chair, you may find it refurbished for around $600. If you find it refurbished, then I would say it’s a great deal, go for it.

To learn more about the difference between an expensive and cheap chair read this article.

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