Are Ergonomic Chairs Comfortable?

Nothing is worse than sitting in a chair for prolonged periods to complete office tasks. Sitting can be extremely comfortable if the right ergonomic chair is chosen. 

Are ergonomic chairs comfortable? Generally, Ergonomic chairs are very comfortable. They offer different adjustments which can be configured to fit each individual properly. Ergonomic chairs also offer dynamic sitting, optimal posture, increased blood circulation.

In this article, I will explain different types of ergonomic chairs and why they are comfortable. Although an ergonomic chair offers the best sitting experience, there are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure you are extremely comfortable.

Also, I will recommend you the best comfortable ergonomic chair, that you can get for yourself. So, keep reading the post. 

Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Comfortable?

Ergonomic chairs are comfortable as they have thick, firm seats with a nice contour, offering good support for long hours of sitting. The ergonomic chair’s seat and backrest are flexible that offer dynamic movement while sitting.

Ergonomic chairs come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal to offer comfort and productivity to their users.

The modern sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind all the health-related issues. To minimize this issue, many ergonomic chairs have been evolved through the years.

Ergonomic chairs emphasize chair adjustability so that you can adjust each component depending on your preference because we all have different heights and comfort preferences.

For example, office chairs now use a mesh-back seat design instead of the leather seat because it has more breathability to keep you nice and cool for long hours. 

Also, mesh-back is flexible to follow the natural curve of our body. Overall, it offers more comfort.

Here are the following reasons why ergonomic chairs are more comfortable.

Seat Height Adjustments: 

Chair seat height adjustment is a fundamental feature that helps you sit properly and work at your desk without hurting your back. 

If your chair seat height is too tall or too short, it can put pressure on your kneecaps, causing knee pain. Also, proper seat height keeps you comfortable for a long time.

Seat Design: 

Thick padded plush seat pad that everyone wants and believes to be comfortable but high-end ergonomic office chairs opted to go with firm seat designs because it gets comfortable over time and offers better blood flow than a thick padded seat.


Ergonomic chair such as an office chair offers an “S-shape” backrest that follows our back curvature, offering better support on our lower, mid and upper back.

Sitting for prolonged hours on any chair makes our back muscles fatigue, leading to back injury or back pain. An ergonomic backrest does an excellent job at relaxing those back muscles and minimizes possible injures.


Armrests in an ergonomic chair also contribute to additional comfort; if you put your arms on your thighs while sitting in a chair for long hours can put pressure on your shoulder and upper back.

Having adjustable ergonomic armrests offer more comfort in an ergonomic chair.

Dynamic Sitting: 

Dynamic siting was introduced to increase blood circulation while sitting. Modern ergonomic office chairs offer flexible backrests to stretch your back to relax your back muscle.

A chair with dynamic sitting offers you to recline or rock and roll around the desk while sitting. It promotes movements than just static sitting.

Comfort Level of Different Types of Ergonomic Chairs

An ergonomic office chair, Kneeling chair, Saddle chair, Standing seat all of these chairs are different types of ergonomic chairs, but their comfort varies as you sit on them.

Are Ergonomic Chairs Good for Your Back

Office Chair: 

You are maybe already familiar with ergonomic office chairs and their adjustability as they are more popular than any other ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic office chair offers comfortable and firm seat design, ergonomic backrest, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, adequate seat height adjustments, adjustable headrest, and reclining function.

Overall, the ergonomic office chair offers a ton of features to configure to make you sit in the most comfortable position.

Kneeling Chair:

Kneeling chairs come with a sloped seat design, and you need to sit in a very different kneeling position than an office chair.

One great advantage of a kneeling chair is that it maintains the lumbar lordosis, putting less pressure on our spine.

Kneeling chairs are comfortable for a short period; you won’t be able to sit on them for prolonged hours as they require core muscle activation to sit in that position.

Kneeling chair promotes more upright posture and active sitting. If your work requires a forward sitting position, then a kneeling chair would be a good fit for you.

Kneeling chairs are comfortable but not as comfortable as ergonomic office chairs for prolonged sitting tasks.

You will find less ergonomic adjustments on kneeling chair as some of them has a rocking feature.

Saddle Chair:

As the same suggests, the saddle chair offers a saddle seat design that requires your hips to open and maintain your back curvature while sitting without any backrest.

However, the saddle chairs also come with a backrest that will offer better support at your back during prolonged sitting.

You might find the saddle seat uncomfortable at first, but it gets more comfortable over time. It takes some time to get used to the saddle seat design as they are not like the traditional seat that we are used to.

The saddle seat design offers a greater trunk-to-thigh angle, maintains lumbar lordosis while sitting. Maintaining lumbar lordosis is considered a preferable sitting posture.

If you want to learn more about saddle seat and their effect on our back, you can check our article, Are Saddle Chairs Good for You?

Standing Seat:

Standing seats sometimes look the same as saddle seats because they both offer a kind of stand-to-sit feature. 

I am not a big fan of standing seats as they don’t have any backrest or other support to relax our back muscles.

However, the standing seat has a greater trunk-to-thigh angles, leading to lumbar curvature, comfort, and reduced lower back discomfort. In this sense, standing seats are comfortable.

Standing seats are more popular with a standing desk that allows you to stand while working.

Overall, ergonomic office chairs are more comfortable than any other ergonomic chair due to their lack of better back support or armrest.

Do Ergonomic Chairs Promote Optimal Sitting Posture?

According to studies, if your sitting position maintains the natural curve of your back, then this posture is called optimal sitting posture.

Ergonomic chairs promote optimal sitting posture by offering ergonomic adjustments to fit every individual. Such as ergonomic office chair with 110-degree backrest angle and lumbar support offers optimal sitting posture.

Kneeling and Saddle chairs offer greater trunk-to-thigh angles leading to lumbar lordosis, which puts less pressure on your discs while sitting.

All the ergonomic chairs promote optimal sitting posture; just make sure you adjust your chair seat height appropriately to make yourself comfortable. 

In the case of an ergonomic office chair, you can adjust the seat height, lumbar support, and armrests.

So, Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth It?

Ergonomic chairs cost more than traditional chairs and offer ultimate comfort for long hours of sitting. You might find some ergonomic chairs uncomfortable due to the design of the seat or lack of adjustments.

If you sit for 6-8 hours a day, then having an ergonomic chair will minimize the risk of your back injury or back pain. You won’t get the comfort in a traditional chair.

From my experience, I can not sit in a wooden chair as it’s too hard, and I always go back to my office chair.

Ergonomic chairs are most certainly worth it; make sure you adjust the chair properly to get the most comfort.

Most Comfortable Office Chair For Long Hours

Steelcase Leap V2 from the brand Steelcase is the most comfortable chair I have ever seen. Many people use this chair, and this chair probably has the most comfortable seat that contours your body. Even after 12 years of use, this chair holds its resale value. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Steelcase builds some of the best office chairs in the industry; if you have a minute, you can check our article “Are Steelcase Chairs Worth It?

If you want more suggestions for comfortable office chairs, we have a dedicated article “Best Office Chair for Long Hours (6-12 Hours)“.

Related Questions

Are ergonomic chairs supposed to be comfortable?

Ergonomic chairs are supposed to be comfortable because comfort implies more productivity. Ergonomic chairs have certain adjustments that you can configure to sit in the most comfortable position.

What type of chair is most comfortable?

Ergonomic chairs are the most comfortable type of chairs. They offer ergonomic adjustments such as adjustable seat height, seat depth, armrests, lumbar support, headrest, reclining, or rocking. 

Overall, using those adjustments, you can be in the most comfortable sitting position.

Why ergonomic chairs are important?

Ergonomic chairs are important when you sit for 6-12 hours every single day without essential support in your back, causing back pain, nack or shoulder pain. Ergonomic chairs also make your sitting experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ergonomic chairs are essential for prolonged sitting, comfort, and productivity. To learn more about the necessity of ergonomic chairs, you can check our article “What are Ergonomic Office Chairs and When Are They Necessary?“.

Final Thoughts

Ergonomic chairs are comfortable, good for your back, good for gaming, good for long hours of use. However, it can be uncomfortable for prolonged hours such as 6-12 hours.

Because no chairs are designed to be comfortable for prolonged 12 hours of sitting. You would need to take breaks, move around, get your blood flow moving so you can be more comfortable throughout the day.

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