Are Electric Standing Desks Worth it? (Yes, & Here’s Why)

Standing Desks are replacing the traditional sitting desks and making their own place in the workplaces. Moreover, the Electric Standing Desk can make your life easier by adding various advanced features. But are the Electric Standing Desks good enough?

Are the Electric Standing Desks Worth Buying? Electric Standing Desks are worth the investment because of all the advanced features it has to provide. Such as Motorized Height adjustments, quick presets, and better ergonomics. They also increase productivity while working in both standing and sitting positions.

In this article, I will focus on all the benefits and drawbacks an Electric Standing Desk carries to identify if it is really worth the investment. 

The benefits they provide outweigh the cost which makes them worth it. Also, electric standing desks have some issues as well, which I will explain in the latter part of this article. So, keep reading!

What is an Electric Standing Desk?

An Electric Standing Desk is a standing desk that relies on electricity for its height adjustments and additional functionality. They are convenient to operate and work efficiently. 

In order to adjust the height of Electric Standing Desks, you do not require physical force; instead, you need to press a few buttons. What is more impressive is that you can preset 3 to 4 different heights that the Standing Desk will store in its memory. You just need to adjust the height once, and next time the Standing Desk will automatically rise to your preferred height. 

Many Electric Standing Desks come with USB charging portals, which help to charge your phone while working. The only downside of using Electric Standing Desks is that they are more expensive and consume a vast amount of electricity. 

Why are Standing Desks So Popular?

The working desks that can be used while standing are called Standing Desk. These are also known as Sit-to-Stand Desk because some of the adjustable Standing Desks can be used as both sitting and standing desks. 

You will find two types of Standing Desks; one is adjusted using manual functions, and the other one is controlled by electricity. Both come with advantages and a few disadvantages. You will also find a Standing Desk Converter that you can use as standing desks by placing them on top of an existing sitting desk. 

Features of Electric Standing Desks

Undoubtedly, Electric Standing Desks are effective and offer various functionalities which make your life easier. Let me mention all the features that you will find in the Electric Standing Desks.

Automated Functionality

While using an Electric Standing Desk, you don’t have to push or twist any valve or crank. Actual force is also not required; rather, you can control everything just by pressing buttons. 

By pressing the required buttons, while connecting the electricity, you can easily adjust the Standing Desk. As a result, it is more convenient for physically challenged and weak people.  

Quick Preset Options

Electric Standing Desks are favored more than Manual Standing Desks because of their preset functionality. You can save at least two height adjustments by using the memory button of the Electric Standing Desk.

In some expensive and good-quality Electric Standing Desks, you will find up to four preset options. 

This function is proper when you need to work on multiple heights or more than one person works on the same desk. Trust me; it makes life so much easier. 

Greater Weight Capacity

Compared to Manual Standing Desks and Standing Desk Converters, the Electric Standing Desks have a height weight capacity. 

Starting from 200 lbs., some of the Electric Standing Desks can hold up to 350 lbs. You can keep your books, files, and electronic devices comfortably on the Electric Standing Desk. 

Broader Working Surface

Just like Manual Standing Desks, Electric Standing Desks also have a broader working surface. Some of them even come in layers, where you can put your necessary things on different layers of the Electric Standing Desk. 

If you are a person, like me, who needs to put everything near herself, then you will definitely find Electric Standing Desks more useful. You can place your required items on the Electric Standing Desk so that they stay nearby. 

Additional Device Charging Portals

Well, yes, you got it right. The Electric Standing Desks come with one to two USB charging portals. Some of the expensive Electric Standing Desks even come with a laptop charging port.

Carry Ergonomic Features

Just like any other Standing Desk, the Electric Standing Desks also carry ergonomic features and improve your overall posture. Standing Desks are better than sitting desks. There is no doubt that the Electric Standing Desks also increase productivity.

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Prices of Top Five Electric Standing Desks

Check out this list of electric standing desks that offers great functionality and design. Most of the electric standing desk are very affordable.

#.Electric Standing DesksPrice
1.Uplift Commercial V2$669.00
2.Seville Classics Airlift$399.99
3. Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk$240
4. Vari Electric Standing Desk$650.00
5.SHW Electric Standing Desk $198.87 – $274.96

All these Electric Standing Desks come with an automated height adjusting facility, where you can also preset your preferred heights. They all have excellent ratings when it comes to service. Although the price range varies, the quality and service of these products are up to the mark.

My personal favorite is Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk, it’s not too expensive, but the overall facilities and build quality is quite impressive. It is as stable as the flagship models in the market, which costs way more. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Standing Desk?

Electric Standing Desks come with various benefits, which surely outweigh any other office desks.

Here is a list of 10 benefits of Electric Standing Desks:

  1. Electric Standing Desks are more advanced than any other office desk available in the market.
  2. With the automatic features of the Electric Standing Desk, your life gets simpler.
  3. Electric Standing Desks are ergonomic, although it is suggested to use Anti-Fatigue Mat or a Balance Board when you use a standing desk. You can check our article on Anti-Fatigue mat Vs. Balance Board.
  4. The Memory Setting or the Preset Height Level helps you to adjust the height with one click.
  5. The Electric Standing Desks have a broader surface and can hold up to 350 lbs. 
  6. The attached UBS portals help you to charge your phone at any convenient time. 
  7. Although Electric Standing Desks are expensive, they can be helpful for physically weak or disabled people. 
  8. In order to adjust the Electric Standing Desks, you don’t require any physical force. 
  9. Electric Standing Desks are ergonomic and look after your posture. 
  10. Electric Standing desks are productive when it comes to saving time and fuel productivity. 

Some Drawbacks of Electric Standing Desks:

  1. Makes noises up to 60 DB which can be irritating to some people.
  2. Contain mechanical parts which are more prone to damage. So, a warranty is very important. So, make sure the model you are buying has a long warranty.
  3. Can increase the cost as they run on electricity, and can draw up to 200 watts of power during height adjustments. (During standby, power consumption is around 0.2 watts)
  4. You can not adjust the height is electricity is unavailable.
  5. Adding more weight than the capacity can easily damage the electric motor.

Related Questions

Are Motorized Standing Desks Worth It?

An Electric Standing Desk comes with two types of motors. Firstly, the Brushed Motor, which is cheaper and makes sound with slow movement. On the other hand, there is a Brushless Motor, which is more expensive but durable. They work faster than Brushed Motors. 

However, you will find some Standing Desks that rely on batteries or require physical force to adjust the height.  

Fortunately, the motorized Electric Standing Desk is a more reliable one. They require instant electric connections but work far better than the ones with batteries.

Although they rely on two batteries, this type of Electric Standing Desks is less durable and comes with a shorter warranty. 

Motorized standing desks offer a lot of advantages to increase daily productivity and come at an affordable price. So, motorized standing desks are worth it.

If you are wondering, Is an electric or manual standing desk better? Then let me tell you, there is no doubt that the Electric Standing Desks are way more convenient and reliable than the Manual Standing Desks. For more information, check out this article on Electric Vs. Manual Standing Desk: Which One Is Better?

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