Are Desk Mats Worth It? (Reasons Explained)

Desk Mats or Desk Pads were all the rage back in the day, weren’t they? Although the hype has died down a bit and desk mats are not as common a sight in the office space, some people still understand their value and use them for their convenience. 

With that said, it’s understandable that some might be skeptical about the value provided by desk mats and ask, are desk mats really worth it? 

Desk mats are worth it for the following reasons:

  • Desk mats protect your tabletop
  • Desk mats provide a non-slip surface
  • It can improve productivity by decluttering your workspace
  • Makes your desk aesthetically pleasing
  • Makes it easy to deal with computer hardware

A desk mat might seem like an unnecessary expense at first. Your regular desk can easily hold all of your stuff. However, a well-designed mat is not only be an aesthetic upgrade but also a functional one as well. That’s why a desk mat is worth it and a worthwhile investment. 

Join us as we do a deep dive into the functionality and effectiveness of desk mats/pads to figure out whether they are worth your hard-earned cash or not. 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Defining Desk Mats 

A desk mat/pad, also known as a blotter, is a type of desk protector that’s used while working on a delicate task such as writing or painting. Desk mats have been in use since time immemorial. 

They have been primarily used for tasks that use tools that would otherwise damage the desk. Throughout history, desk mats have been used for Chinese calligraphy, writing, scribbling, and note-taking.

In recent times, desk mats have been quite popular as promotional material. Typically, different companies and brands make desk mats with logos and contact information and distribute them to their contacts as a means of advertisement.  

Top 5 Reasons Why Desk Mats Are Worth It 

Desk mats are ideal tools to have if you want to protect your desk from all sorts of damage. Here is a rundown of all the reasons why desk mats are well worth your money: 

1. Desk Mats Protects Your Table Top 

First of all, if you’re using a desk mat on top of your desk, then you can throw all of your concerns related to damaging your desk right out the window. Typically, as we work on top of our desk, we get the desk scratched up whenever we use different kinds of tools on top of it. 

We could easily get imprints or ink marks on the desk if we’re not careful while writing. A desk mat can put a barrier between your stuff and your desk’s surface. 

If you are worried about spilling coffee all over the work desk, you should be seriously considering a desk mat. Desk mats not only protect your desk from constant abrasion but also spilled beverages. 

2. Desk Mat Provides a Non-slip Surface

The first and foremost requirement for a desk that’s used for writing or for placing a computer on is that it has to be perfectly flat. And as you know, not all desks are flat by default, and some wooden desks get crooked over time

A desk mat provides the user with a flat surface to work with no matter what type of surface may lie underneath the mat. 

Aside from providing a safe and protective surface over your desk, a desk mat also provides a non-slip surface on top of which you can do your delicate tasks.

It stops your paper and folders from slipping away and getting scattered all over the place. 

3. It can Improve Productivity by Decluttering your Workspace 

If you’re a busy office worker, then your desk is bound to get cluttered with computer parts, documents, pens, and a whole lot of other stuff. This can slow down your workflow and greatly hamper your efficiency. 

If such an issue persists, you’ll face a lot of trouble finding the things you need when you really need them. A desk pad can work wonders on your desk area by decluttering it. 

You can enhance your workflow and productivity by adding a desk pad to your workspace. You can easily organize your things if you have a desk mat by your side. 

All you have to do is keep the absolutely essential things, like your laptop and your writing pad and pens, on top of the desk mat and keep the less frequently used stuff on the sides. 

4. It Makes Your Desk Aesthetically Pleasing

We all spend a long time in the office due to our modern workaholic office culture. 

Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate. But, there is one thing we can agree on.

If we’re in the office for a large chunk of our lives, shouldn’t we at the very least make it aesthetically pleasing

You can add a touch of flair and class to your office workspace by purchasing a desk mat. Our recommendation would be to go for a leather desk mat as it will look gorgeous on your desk and bring sophistication to your office space. 

5. Makes It Easy to Deal With Computer Hardware

Unless you’re just using a slim MacBook and no other peripherals, you won’t face any issue with organization.

But, if you’re using a desktop (which most offices still do), you’ll have a hard time keeping the peripherals organized and also protecting your desk from the computer hardware. 

Luckily, a desk pad will go a long way in resolving this issue for you. You can easily keep your keyboard and mouse on top of the desk mat and still have an ample amount of workspace on the mat’s surface. 

It will basically work as a buffer between your computer parts and your desk and protect them both from sustaining any form of damage. 

Related Questions 

What Is the Point of Desk Mats?

A desk mat or a blotter has many practical purposes, such as protecting your desk’s surface and creating a smooth surface for your work area.

Not only that, desk mats can make your workspace aesthetically pleasing as well. 

What Should I Look For in a Desk Mat?

Before purchasing a desk pad, the first thing you should consider is its surface material.

It has to be able to withstand accidental spills, and it has to be impenetrable to liquids like ink or beverages. 

Buying a desk mat made of synthetic leather, linoleum or vinyl should do the trick. 

How Big Should My Desk Mat be?

Typically, desk mats come at an average size of 12 by 16 inches. That size is widely considered to be the standard size of a desk mat.

In general, people use desk mats/pads of this size under their laptops on their desks or while at meetings. 

On the other hand, if you have two monitors, then you should use a larger desk mat.

A 63-inch wide desk mat should be adequate in size for accommodating two 27 inch monitors. 

How Do I Protect My Desktop From Scratches?

If you want to protect your desk from getting scratches and keep it as good as new for years to come, then we recommend you invest in a desk mat.

It will not only protect your desktop from scratches but also work as a mouse pad. 

Final Thoughts 

And that marks the end of our discussion about whether desk mats are really worth it.

By now, it should be clear to you that desk mats can do wonders for your workspace by adding a touch of style and functionality to your office space. 

Given the fact that most of the desk mats in the market, even the popular ones come at budget-friendly prices, there is no reason to not invest in one. 

With all that said, the final decision is up to you, and we are confident that you’ll choose wisely. 

That’s all for now. Till next time, Ciao! 

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