Are Desk Mats Machine Washable? (Explained)

If you are a gamer or an office worker, is it pretty common to use a desk mat on your desk. Using the desk mat for such a long time makes it dirty; moreover, you cannot neglect the sudden spills of coffee, and the food crumbs that make the situation worse. But, how to wash them? 

Are Desk Mats Machine Washable? Yes, Desk mats are machine washable, only using mild soaps and air drier. Nonetheless, all materials are machine washable, such as rubber, leather, glass, etc. Remember, the RGB Desk Mat should not come close to water. 

In this article, I will be providing clear instructions relating to the cleaning procedure of Desk Mats of various materials. Along the way, I will also be giving different tips on this matter.

Putting A Desk Mat In The Washing Machine

Depending on the material of the desk mat, you can put a desk mat on a washing machine. Especially the desk mats made of fabrics can be put into a washing machine. Other than that, vinyl, rubber, leather, and RGB desk mats should not be machine cleaned.

Let me tell you there are a few Fabric Desk Mats that have a rubber layer; such Desk Mats should not be washed in a machine nor dry in a drier. Rather you should use a microfiber cloth dipped and perfectly wringed in mild soap.

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How Do You Clean A Desk Mat Using A Washing Machine? 

Cleaning a Desk Mat in a washing machine is pretty straightforward and convenient. However, you need to be extremely careful so that you do not destroy the desk mat. 

Step By Step Process of cleaning A Desk Mat in a Washing Machine;

Step 1 – Identify The Material 

In order to clean a Desk Mat in a Washing Machine, first, you need to identify the material of the Desk Mat. As you know, the Desk Mats made of rubber, vinyl, glass, and leather should not be washed in a washing machine. 

Check out the materials list that is suitable for Washing Machine;

  1. Fabric
  2. Foam
  3. Nylon
  4. Polyurethane
  5. Polyester
  6. Acetate
  7. Acrylic
  8. Microfiber

Then again, since the RGB Desk Mat has electronic cables attached to it and the presence of a USB port, it will be risky to put it in a washing machine.

Only if your Desk Mats are made of fabrics or fabric-like materials, then you can use the machine to clean them.

Step 2 – Gather Necessary Items

Since your Desk Mat is machine washable, now what you need to do is gather all the essentials. 

Things you need for the process;

  1. Mild soap / regular detergent
  2. Water
  3. Washing Machine (obviously, who am I kidding)

Step 3 – Set The Washing Machine

Now, set the washing machine in a delicate setting, and open the water source. Remember not to use hot water. Please set it to medium spin and let the desk mat wash, and add the soap or detergent.

Step 4 – Air Dry The Desk Mat

Now, bring out the desk mat and let it air dry. Sometimes the desk mats might require a longer time to dry. Just to be safe, let it dry for 24 hours. 

How Do You Clean Leather Desk Mats?

Leather products are extremely sensitive, and you need to be very gentle with them. You cannot put them in a washing machine; rather, use a fresh microfiber cloth and some freshwater.

Here is a step by step process to clean leather desk mats:

Step 1 – Dust off the Surface: To clean a Leather Desk Mat, first, you need to dust off the surface using a fresh microfiber cloth. Then dip the cloth in fresh water and clean it properly. 

Step 2 – Use Leather Cleaner: Now, mix some mild soap with an adequate amount of water, or you can simply use a leather cleaner. Now dip the cloth on the soap mixture and squeeze well so that no amount of liquid stays.

Step 3 – Get all the dirt out: Gently rub the damp cloth all over the desk mat and get all the dirt out of it. Let the desk mat dry for 8 to 10 hours. 

I highly recommend you to apply some leather conditioner after it completely dries out, especially when you have a desk mat made of genuine leather. 

How Do You Clean RGB Desk Mats?

RGB Desk Mats cannot come close to water because you know there are electric cables and the flow of electricity. As a result, no matter what cleaning agents you use, do not let it come closer to the electric ports.

First thing first, unplug the RGB Desk Mat from the port and unify the cables before starting the procedure. 

Soak a clean microfiber cloth in mild soap diluted warm water. Then squeeze the cloth and wring all the liquid substance from the cloth. Then use the damp cloth to wipe the desk mat thoroughly.

Remember to be gentle and careful of the electronics. You can use mini vacuum cleaner or brush with soft bristles for the electric ports and cables. 

After completing the cleaning with a damp cloth, take a dry microfiber cloth and take off all the wetness with an adequate number of wipes. 

How Do You Clean Vinyl Desk Mats?

Vinyl Desk Mats should also be cleaned with a mild cleaner. Put a mild cleaner (mild liquid soap or kitchen spray) into a spray can. Then adequately spray the cleaner all over the desk mat.

Now use a soft, damp cloth to wipe all over the desk mat; you can also use a sponge in this stage.  

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12 Tips To Keep Your Desk Mat Uptight

As promised, in this section, I will be giving many tips that will help you keep your desk mats clean for a long time.

  1. Keep your monitor, keyboard, and mouse cleaned so that the dust stays away from the Desk Mat. 
  2. Keep the desk clean and everything on top of it well organized.
  3. Try to avoid eating food or drinking coffee at the desk. Even if you do, you need to be extra careful. 
  4. Keep your pens in the drawer or in a pen holder, remember ink stains are the worst. 
  5. Keep a bin near you so that whenever you have something to throw away, do not keep it on the desk, rather put it directly on the trash. 
  6. If you have plants on your desk, try to keep them clean and do not keep big plants on the desk. 
  7. When you have a pet or kid, try to keep them away from the desk mat.
  8. Manage the cables properly. Keep the Laptop charger, phone charger, desk cables, or the desk mat’s cables properly organized; do not let them tangle. 
  9. Never use hot water to clean your desk mat; however, some materials can be cleaned in lukewarm water. 
  10. Do not hesitate to clean under the desk mat more frequently. 
  11. Do not use a dryer; instead, air dry the Desk Mat. 
  12. Always use mild soap and avoid any bleach to clean your desk mat.  

Related Questions:

Are Neoprene Mats Washable?

Yes, the Neoprene Mat is washable. But you cannot put it in a machine washer or dryer. All you need to do is mix a little bit of mild soap with some lukewarm water.

Now, you need to dip a soft cloth in the mixture and then use the cloth to wipe off all the dirt and stain from the mat.

Give the Neoprene mat to dry out and use it after it completely dries out. 

Are Game Mats Washable?

Well, you cannot toss out the Game Mats on the washing machine, rather dust off the dust with a soft cloth. 

If it has some tough stains, use a microfiber cloth and some soap mixture to wipe off those stains. But make sure the cloth is white. 

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