Are Desk Mats Good For Gaming? (Here’s The Truth)

Desk Mats are of great use when it comes to protecting the Desk. You can simply install the Desk and ensure the Desk is protected from any sudden spills. But, will using a desk mat benefit the gamers and their Desk?

So, Are Desk Mats good for gaming? Desk Mat can be a great help to protect the Desk while covering the most desk space as well as it will fasten the mouse movement, ensure silent movement of the mouse, and develop your gaming productivity. Thus, a desk mat is good for gaming.

In this article, I will provide you with information about Desk Mats and mention the facts about why they are suitable for gaming. In addition to that, I will be suggesting the best Desk Mat material for gaming and the most preferred Desk Mat for gaming.

So, without any further ado, enjoy your reading!

What Are Desk Mats Used For?

Desk Mats, also known as Blotter, is a desk protector which protects the Desk from any kind of damage while providing a smooth surface to keep your required things. It also allows the mouse to move effortlessly.

It also highlights the overall appearance of the Desk. The beautiful desk mats come in various colors and patterns; some of them have lighting facilities. So, if you have to impress your girlfriend or boss, you can install a gorgeous desk mat.

Desk Mats are also used to reduce the tendency of your desk mat to scratch. Keep the desk shield guarded against your kids.  

Should I Use A Desk Mat While Gaming?

You can definitely use a desk mat while gaming, as it will help you in various ways. For starters, it will provide the ultimate protection to your Desk from any kind of scratches or food stain.

Then again, it will reduce the noise created by the Desk and any other matters. Moreover, providing an adequate level of smoothness and resistance allows you to boost your gaming performance. 

Nonetheless, many people might claim a mouse pad will also work. But if you clearly observe it, you will notice the desk mat will protect the larger portion of your Desk while minimizing the noise, and it will also provide you hand a smooth surface to relax. 

What Is The Best Desk Mat Material For Gaming? 

Although there are various materials available for desk mats, Vinyl Desk Mats are budget-friendly and the best performance-wise. 

It is softer than the Linoleum Desk Mat and firmer than the leather ones. It has a glare-free matte finish and great resistance to stain.  

However, I also love the desk mat with a fabric covering, especially the one made with performance clothing. And if you ask me about my favorite desk mat, I would say SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface without any hesitation.

You will love the options of this desk mat, and it comes in various sizes. It has a non-slip rubber base that holds the mat in its place. It is the perfect desk mat for e-sporting. 

You can check out my recommended desk pad that will look great on your gaming setup. It currently costs only $13.99, check the most updated price by clicking here

Desk Mats Are Good For Gaming For The Following Seven Reasons

As you know by now, Desk Mats can be useful while gaming. In this section, I will mention seven reasons why Desk Mats are useful for gaming;

1. Protect The Desk

Just like the main purpose of the Desk Mat, it will provide the best protection to your Desk. Some desk mats are dirt-resistant, which will keep your Desk intact.

If there is any ink incident or you accidentally spill your coffee, the desk mat will be there for the ultimate protection. Then again, the game addicts tend to spend most of their time e-sporting and end up destroying the Desk.

The kids love to draw on the Desk or scratch the Desk. So, when the kids use your Desk to play games, the desk mat will do its job; protecting the Desk.

2. Smooth Movement Of The Mouse

The Desk Mat will provide you with the exact level of smoothness for the effortless movement of your mouse. Undoubtedly, you will need to move the mouse frequently while playing and stop at a certain level.

The low-friction surface will help you to glide your mouse faster and more precisely as you play the game. The surface’s texture of the desk mat is designed in such a way, and it ensures the exact level of mouse movement. 

3. Keep Your Gaming Zone Silent

While playing, you might require moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard very fast, creating unwanted noise. The desk mat helps you minimize that sound or any kind of noise that the Desk can create.

4. Cover Sufficient Amount Of The Desk Space

The Desk Mats come in bigger sizes, whereas the mousepads are much smaller. The huge surface space allows you to sweep the mouse in a bigger area and protects the bigger portion on the Desk. 

You can keep all your needed thing on top of the desk mat so that they do not scratch your Desk.

5. Various Advanced Features Available

Nowadays, you will find desk mats with numerous advanced features, which include;

  1. Stylish and the ability to glow in the dark
  2. Wireless charging facility
  3. RGB lighting options
  4. Customizable lighting options; suitable for the gaming experience

6. Accenture The Appearance For Your Desk

With the presence of various features and designs of the desk mats, you can use a desk mat to add some innovative appearance to your room. Colorful desk mats or customized lighting options will help change your Desk’s overall appearance.

7. Boost Your Gaming Performance

The smooth & effortless movement of the mouse and the appropriate resistance will allow you to move the mouse exactly how you want. It will further provide you with accuracy during the game and ensure a better outcome and less frustration. 

What Should I Look For In A Desk Mat?

Desk Mats are one of the essentials for a desk. Therefore, you need to buy a good-quality desk mat to provide you with the best service.

The things you need to look for before buying a desk mat are;

1. Material

The material of the desk mat should be up to the mark. Although various materials are available, I love the vinyl and synthetic leather ones. They are pretty easy to maintain and last for a longer time. 

However, the desk mats made of genuine leather or felt are the most luxurious ones and look very elegant. But for gamers, I would suggest using desk mats that require little maintenance and has amazing durability.  

2. Ability To Withstand Any Kind Of Dirt

E-sporting, make sure you spend most of your time on the Desk, playing games. So, it is pretty normal to spill coffee or spread ink on the desk mat. Consequently, you will need a desk mat with great dirt-resistant ability.

3. Heat Resistant

Keeping the hot coffee mug on top of the desk mat is pretty normal. Then again, when living in a cold region, we tend to keep the desk heaters on the Desk, which radiate heat.

When your desk mat is not heat-resistant, you will end up hampering your desk mat, which might hamper the Desk and cause unwanted accidents. 

4. Surface Smoothness And Resistance

It would help if you bought a desk mat with a smooth surface and offered your mouse the desired amount of resistance. That is, the desk mat should ensure an adequate amount of friction for the effortless movement of the mouse. 

Then again, since you need to keep your hand on the Desk, the desk mat’s surface should be rough, or you might experience irritation on your hand.

Related Questions:

Are Glass Desks Good For Gaming?

Most of the Glass Desks are made of Tempered Glass which is the toughest glass you will ever find. However, I strongly suggest not to use Glass Desks for gaming.

E-sports require heavy use of the Desk, constant movement of the mouse; as a result, many accidents can occur. Then again, when the game does not go well, you might get frustrated and hit hard to the glass desk. 

So, just be on the safe side, I think you should avoid gaming desks for gaming. 

Are Wool Desk Mats Good?

Wool Desk Mat is a good option because they can change the overall appearance of your Desk and add some warmth & softness to your Desk. 

Cleaning the woolen desk mat is also easy, just put it in the washing machine with a delicate setting and then let it air dry. 

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