Are Cheap Gaming Chairs Worth It? Here’s The Truth!

There are hundreds of gaming chairs in the market. Some are quite cheap while others are expensive. Not everyone wants to break a bank just to buy a gaming chair. So, you might be wondering if cheap gaming chairs are worth it or not. A few years back, I had the same question, and now I have an answer for you.

Cheap gaming chairs are never worth it as they look and feel cheap, and their lifespan is limited. Also, cheap gaming chairs don’t have many ergonomic features. They can lead to discomfort, which will hamper your sitting and gaming experience and cause several physical issues like back pain in the long run.

In this article, I will discuss the reasons why I think cheap gaming chairs are not worth it. I had some bad experiences with cheap gaming chairs in the past. That made me realize cheap gaming chairs are not worth buying at all.

So, to learn more about why I think cheap gaming chairs are not worth it, keep reading!!

Defining Cheap Gaming Chairs:

The definition of a cheap gaming chair can vary from person to person.

In my opinion, gaming chairs under $100 are cheap office chairs. Most gaming chairs under 100 bucks won’t have a warranty, great build quality.

Besides, most gamers buy gaming chairs for that special vibe. But I don’t think cheap gaming chairs have that.

This is the vibe I am talking about:

But if you look at gaming chairs above that budget, especially between 200-400 bucks. You can find awesome gaming chairs, and they have some sort of grace in their aesthetics.

Are Cheap Gaming Chairs Worth It? Absolutely Not, For These 5 Reasons!

They Look & Feel Cheap

Isn’t it obvious that cheap gaming chairs will look cheap! One of my friends bought a cheap gaming chair. I don’t want to mention the model of that chair.

That chair looked like crap to me. When you touch a cheap gaming chair, you will feel that the materials that are used to build that chair are cheap and probably won’t last for long.

Don’t believe me! Go to Amazon, search for gaming chairs under 100 USD and compare the looks of those budget gaming chairs with this one:

You will definitely see the difference in looks and aesthetics. I always suggest gaming chairs that are around and above 200 bucks. At this price range, you will find awesome-looking gaming chairs.

Although I am not a professional esports player, even as a casual gamer, I understand the importance of the design and the premium feel of a good gaming chair.

If your chair is premium and gives you a good vibe, then it will definitely lighten up your mood and will allow you to play better without any doubt.

In simple words, I would say if you prefer excellent-looking gaming chairs, cheap ones will disappoint you a lot, and that’s why they are not worth it.

Not Durable Enough

Certainly, cheap gaming chairs won’t last longer than a year or two. Ultimately they will cost you more than buying an expensive gaming chair in the long run.

Suppose you bought a gaming chair for 100 bucks, and it lasts for only one year. On the other hand, I bought another gaming chair for 200-300 bucks, and it lasted for five years.

So, in the long run, who is the gainer?

Just like that buying a cheap gaming chair is going to cost you more. Also, you will notice that most cheap gaming chairs don’t have any warranty.

If you have been following my blogs lately, you must already know that, if I always say that, if you see that any gaming chair or office chair doesn’t have any warranty it is most likely that the manufacturer doesn’t have any confidence in their product.

As the durability of cheap gaming chairs is low, you will often experience damage.

This will cost you extra money as you will have to buy replacement parts more often.

Can Make Your Back Hurt

Cheap gaming chairs have poor ergonomics. Their backrest is not ergonomically designed, and the lumbar support isn’t that robust.

All the cheap gaming chairs I have ever seen have disappointed me. One of the main reasons for such disappointment is the bad lumbar support.

Even if you are a casual gamer, you probably spend hours after hours gaming while sitting on your chair as I do.

This means you are vulnerable to back pain if you use a cheap gaming chair.

I hope now you can see why I think cheap gaming chairs are such disappointments. If not, don’t worry. I have more reasons to share that you might love to read.

Hamper Your Gaming Experience

The hard truth is, if you can’t sit comfortably, you can’t play games comfortably. Cheap gaming chairs don’t have proper ergonomic back support.

Not only that, the headrest and armrests of most cheap gaming chairs, if not all, are not that good.

Thus your neck and elbow muscles will be stained when sitting for long hours. This will cause serious discomfort.

Trust me; I know how it feels to sit for long hours on a cheap chair. You don’t have any issues to distract you while you are gaming.

But sitting on such a chair will cause discomfort and will take your attention to this again and again. This will eventually hamper your gaming experience.

Costs More in the Long Term:

I hope you still remember the example of you and me buying a gaming chair. Let me remind you again.

In the long run, a cheap gaming chair will cost you more.

Suppose you bought a decent gaming chair for 300 bucks, and it has five years of warranty.

It is most likely to last five or more years. So, the cost per year is 60 bucks or less.

On the other hand, if you buy a 100 dollar gaming chair and it lasts for one year. That’s a hundred dollars gone per year. In 5 years, 500 bucks will be gone.

I am not great at explaining maths. But I think you got me.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is cheap gaming chairs are always more expensive in the long run, and that makes them not worth our money.

I am never ever going to invest in any cheap gaming chairs, and neither should you. My advice is never to buy gaming chairs that are below 100 bucks.

Go for gaming chairs that are within the 200-400 price range. That’s the safe range, I would say. I would never tell you to buy a thousand-dollar gaming chair either. I think 200-400 bucks is the sweet budget that you should shoot for.

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