Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe For Babies?

Who doesn’t like Bean Bag Chairs, right? Adults or even kids love to spend their leisure sitting in a bean bag chair while playing on their phones. But did you know bean bag chairs can cause serious damage? So, it’s a very common question to ask if bean bag chairs are safe for babies.

Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe For Babies? Bean bag chairs are reported to be safer for babies than most other chairs in the market. But if the manufacturing companies don’t follow certain safety standards while producing a bean bag chair, it can be harmful. Always remember to check the quality standards before buying a good bean bag chair.

If you are worried that bean bag chairs can harm your health or your innocent kid’s health and you want to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. In the later part of the article, I will let you know how bean bag chairs contain cancer-causing substances.

I will also mention how bean bag chairs can be dangerous and what are the possible ways to minimize the chances of being injured by a bean bag chair. So, keep reading the post!

Can Bean Bags Cause Deadly Accidents?

While kids love to play while sitting in a bean bag chair, history shows bean bags can cause deadly accidents.

A few years back, two children were reported dead after unzipping the bean bag chair, crawling inside, and then suffocating on the foam pellets inside. 

Then again, another boy also reportedly opened the bean bag and got some foam pellets in his nose and mouth; fortunately, he survived.

However, after those incidents, the manufacturing companies went under the lawsuit. 

As a result, the bean bag chair manufacturing companies were instructed to install two zippers in the bean bag chairs and a special repair kit to send to those who already own bean bag chairs. These free repair kits were used to disable the zippers permanently.

What Kinds Of Accidents Can A Bean Bag Chair Cause?

 Bean bag chairs are pretty harmless compared to other products in the market. Nonetheless, children can suffer or even die if not carefully handled.

These are the few accidents that bean bag chairs can cause,

1.  Children can open the zipper or the regional stitch of the bean bag chair and crawl inside the bag. This can cause suffocation as children can get trapped.

2.  Kids can put the bean bag chair’s stuffing in their mouth and choke on the polystyrene filling. In severe cases, children die.

3.  If not sit properly, kids can fall off the bean bag chair and fracture their bones.

4.  Children can sometimes tear off the fabric and let the beans of bean bag chairs fall on the ground and initiate serious injury.

5.  If the infants are left on the bean bag chair for sleep, they can fall off and get seriously injured.

 Aren’t you surprised? Well, keep on reading, and you will get to know more about bean bag chairs.

Are Bean Bag Chairs Dangerous For Children?

Parents might wonder, are bean bag chairs dangerous for babies? Bean bag chairs are not dangerous as there remain no sharp edges. However, bean bag chairs can cause severe damage if not adhere to strict quality controls and follow the rules set.

Bean bag chairs are comfortable when children watch TV or just chit-chatting with their friends.

Sometimes old bean bag chairs can get torn, or babies might tear it up and crawl inside or try to put the stuffing in their mouth, nose, or even in their ears. As a result, they can get seriously injured.

If the bean bag chairs are without proper neck and head support, young ones can suffocate. It can also have a harmful impact on your health.

How To Protect My Baby From Getting Injured From Bean Bag Chair?

 If you are concerned that bean bag chairs can injure your little kid, then you can implement these recommendations to protect him,

1.  Whenever you are buying a bean bag chair, make sure the edges are permanently blocked.

2.  If you are to buy a new bean bag chair, make sure the company is certified and follows the standard rules of manufacturing bean bag chairs.

3.  Make sure to keep the bean bag chair away from kids under the age of one year.

4.  Always buy a good quality bean bag, don’t compromise with the quality.

5.  Don’t let your child sleep on a bean bag chair.

6.  Make sure the bean bag is fitted with a government-approved child-resistant slider fastener or zip.

7.  Always check the bean bag chair to make sure the edges are perfectly sealed.

Anyhow, if you are in doubt, which bean bag to buy, you can always make your own bean bag chair, just by following the simple steps shown in this article.  

Is Bean Bag Filling Toxic?

Bean bag chairs are medically proven to have more ergonomic features than most other types of furniture. You can avoid several health problems by sitting or lying on a bean bag chair.

However, filling a bean bag chair contains Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which can cause severe suffocation, dizziness, nausea, and headache. It can also cause temporary irritation and coughing. 

Many people wonder, does the filling or stuffing of bean bag chairs can cause cancer? Well, this is not entirely true. Even so, a small amount of styrene might be present in the filling.

But such a small level of styrene won’t cause cancer. Although it might enter into the human body when inhaled and cause minor adverse effects.

Therefore, the filling of the bean bag chair can sometimes cause temporary health problems but will have no long-term effect on the human body.

You definitely should buy a good-quality bean bag chair and check if the standard rule sets are followed.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag chairs are my favorite among most other chairs; as it gives comfort and holds my posture perfectly. However, when I heard the news of children dying when they used unsafe bean bag chairs, I became more protected.

Therefore, I would suggest you buy a good quality bean bag chair and before buying the chair don’t forget to check if they have followed the safety standard.

Always keep kids (under 12 months) away from bean bag chairs, and never put your kid on the bean bag chair.


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