Are Adirondack Chairs Foldable?

Adirondack chairs are widely considered to be the perfect summer seats and they come in different shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the option to fold your Adirondack chair up for movement and storage? 

Are Adirondack chairs foldable? There are various Adirondack chair models out there which are foldable. This excellent feature has the benefit of making the chair a perfect storage material. You can fold them up and take them with you on a family picnic/vacation. This way you can have your Adirondack chair with you in all of your outdoor exploits. 

Adirondack chairs have so many, excellent features such as being able to withstand varying weather conditions like dry summers and wet winters. Moreover, they are able to stand the test of time and that makes them a worthy investment. 

These chairs get their name from the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and they are made out of highly durable and weather-resistant wood. 

And that’s not all, there are a lot of things to consider while buying a foldable Adirondack chair. That’s why in this article, I am going to go through every single aspect of foldable Adirondack chairs in great detail.  Let’s dive right in! 

Are Foldable Adirondack Chairs Good? 

An Adirondack chair is literally one of the most classic pieces of outdoor furniture that you can have around you. They are remarkably sturdy and are capable of providing the comfort of a recliner. 

Foldable Adirondack chairs are good because the foldability feature of an Adirondack chair enhances its usability and convenience exponentially. 

Wouldn’t you love to have the ability to fold up some Adirondack chairs and take it to your travel destination? That way you can put your Adirondack chairs in a circular formation around a bonfire. 

Are Adirondack Chairs Stackable? 

Adirondack chairs have several ergonomic features such as a curved seat, wide armrests, and excellent high back support. These features make it possible for you to lean back and relax on the chair. 

That’s why they are so widely used for lounging. Some Adirondack chairs are made of a lightweight resin-type material (HDPE). These models are easy to carry and relocate. 

And the best part of the Adirondack chair is that they are stackable. You can fold them up and stack them one atop another. This will save you a lot of valuable free space. 

Do Chair Manufacturers Make Folding Adirondack Chairs?

When you want to flee your office and go on a special retreat with your friends or family, you take a myriad of stuff with you. But, what if we told you that you can take a comfy Adirondack chair with you as well for lounging?

Yes, it’s true. There are lots of foldable Adirondack chairs available in the market that are designed for maximum comfort and convenience. They have rounded edges, curbed  seats, spacious arms and most importantly they are foldable. 

And that’s not all. If you’re proud of your woodworking skills and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a foldable Adirondack chair, we have good news for you.

You can easily build a DIY folding Adirondack chair by yourself. 

How to Fold and Unfold Your Adirondack Chairs? 

Here are the steps you need to unfold your Adirondack chair:

  1. Slightly, lift the back and turn your locking block into an open position.
  2. Then, lift the bottom of the back into position and pull the seat and back apart.
  3. Now, close the locking blocks into a closed position. 
  4. And viola! You now have your beautiful custom Adirondack chair unfolded. 
  5. If you want to permanently lock the chair in place, just take the screw that comes with the chair and put it in place.

When you’re done using your Adirondack chair you should follow these steps to fold your chair:

  1. At first, you need to turn your locking blocks into an open position. 
  2. Once in front of your beautiful Adirondack chair, lift and pull the arms towards you. 
  3. Make sure your locking blocks are in a closed position so that it does not scratch the back of the chair once it’s fully closed. 
  4. Now, you can put your chair away for storage. 

How Much Foldable Adirondack chairs Cost?

Here are some examples of foldable Adirondack Chairs with pricing:

Adirondack ChairsPrice
SERWALL Adirondack Chair$198.99
WestinTrends Folding Adirondack Chair$168.92
PolyTEAK Element Poly Lumber Wood Adirondack Chair$189.00
POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding Adirondack Chair$219.00
Plant Theatre Adirondack Chair$149.95
Outer Banks Deluxe Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair$259.99

As you can see from the above list that average Adirondack chair costs around $200. However,  there are a few Adirondack chairs that costs under $100.

Adirondack chairs with a good quality wood that is durable and all-weather resistant will last for years.

If you are interested in a foldable Adirondack chairs, I will highly recommend you to check out the Polywood Adirondack chair as they are made of Poly Lumber material which is durable and all-weather lumber that will look brand new with a little maintenance for a long time. 

You can check the Polywood Foldable Adirondack chair on Amazon, here

Related Questions 

Are Adirondack Chairs Easy to Get Out of?

Getting out of an Adirondack chair is not as simple as the process of getting out of a regular chair. As Adirondack chairs have a deeply reclined shape, they are ideal for laying down and relaxing. 

This shape also makes your lap an ideal place to keep your kids or pets. Moreover, since they have wider arms, they are ideal for keeping drinks or plates on. 

However, this design also makes it hard for a user to get out of the chair. You need to place your hands on the armrests and put a little pressure on your arms and back in order to get off an Adirondack chair. 

What Is the Point of an Adirondack Chair?

Adirondack chairs are primarily used for lounging and napping. Their design epitomizes comfort. They have even become a cultural phenomenon because of large-scale use in vacation homes, beaches, and outdoor lawns. 

Adirondack chairs are accepted as a symbol of “simplicityâ€, “vacation†and “peacefulnessâ€.

What Are Adirondack Chairs Made of? 

Traditionally, Adirondack chairs were made out of redwood, teak, cedar, and shorea (a type of hardwood). These types of woods were used because they are naturally resistant to weather damage, extreme sunlight, and insects. 

Nowadays, Adirondack chairs are also being made of resins (HDPE) and aluminum. The durability and usability of an Adirondack chair depends on the materials that used to build it and so you need to be wary of that while purchasing. 

Are Adirondack Chairs Adjustable?

Adirondack chairs come with little to no adjustability. A few Adirondack chairs have backrest adjustable features which will allow you to adjust the recline position of the back. However, Most of the Adirondack chairs have no adjustability. 

Final Thoughts  

Everything about the Adirondack chair, screams of relaxation and convenience. Despite their simplistic and laid-back design, these chairs are quite stable and easy to use. 

Furthermore, most of the Adirondack chairs in the market nowadays come with the foldability feature. You can fold them easily, take them to the lakeside, to the yard, or to a sandy beach and use them to relax. 

Hopefully, we were able to answer your query regarding foldable Adirondack chairs. Now it’s time for you to choose the foldable Adirondack chair that best matches your needs. 

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