All33 Backstrong C1: A Ultimate Solution for Back and Neck Pain

I saw the All33 Backstrong c1 chair on the internet. It was so impressive that it caught my attention, and I felt like I must try this chair. I was always looking for the ultimate office chair, and I think I finally found one. If you are interested in this chair you can read our full review on this chair.

To be honest with you, I mean, it costs a lot of money, but it’s got tremendous adjustability that I was looking for. The chair is unlike any chair I have ever seen. Its design seemed kinda strange than the rest of the chairs. It has a pivoting piece that you sit in, and your butt is in this pivoting piece, which is part of the chair, but it moves front to back independently and hardly touches the upper part of the chair unless you recline.

More interestingly, this chair was designed by a chiropractor, and I think you should read the whole article to know about the All33 Chair. This chair currently sells on for $799, discounted from $1,199. You can find it here.

Weight CapacityHeight RangesCastersAssembly
275 pounds18.75″~21.75″360-degree swivel10 minutes easy assembly

Behind Story of The Name All33:

Vertebral Column Contains 33 Vertebrae - office chair trends

If you have some idea of human biology, you might already know that our vertebral column contains 33 vertebrae (7 cervical, 12 thoracics, and five lumbar, five sacrum bones & 4 bones in the coccyx). 

The number 33 in the company was inspired by the total number of bones in our back. They focus so much on the Back issue related to seating that they named their company after the number of bones in our backbone. 

I think the fact is really amazing. They also incorporated chiropractor’s knowledge of Back and neck issues while designing their chair.

Features of the chair:

The All33 Backstrong C1 Office Chair has really cool features. Some of these features are very unique. These unique features make it a very different office chair. The features are as follows:

1. Tremendous Adjustability:

This office chair has lots of adjustable features in the arms and staff.

  • Adjustable Armrests: It has armrests. They are pretty adjustable as well. You can get them up or down also, foldaway arms allow you to get them out of the way if you want. 
  • Adjustable Seat Height: The seat height is adjustable too. You can increase or decrease the height of the seat very easily as per your requirement.
  • Adjustable Backrest: The reason I used the term tremendous is that the adjustable backrest moves independently from the seat portion. This felt weird when I first saw this, but I think this really goes with your body. This mechanism surprisingly gives great support to your lower back. 
  • Adjustable Tilting: There is also a tilt mechanism in this chair. The lock of the tilt is situated at the bottom of the chair.

2. Tremendous Lumber Support

It kinda opens you up a little bit by pushing on the lumber section. It feels like having a lot of lumber support in the lower back. Also feel like the load of your weight is much different for this lumbar support because it’s evenly distributed to the lower back.

It reduces the pressure from your back, and feels like the maximum load from your back is taken up and into the front part of your leg, and I think it encourages you to sit more upright.

3. Designed by a chiropractor:

A chiropractor named Dr. Dennis Colonello helped in the design of this chair. He is a renowned chiropractor in Beverly Hills, and this guy knows a lot about spine health. He took lots of feedback from people suffering from back pain and neck pain, and his client then designed this chair to fix all kinds of problems related to your back.

When you sit on the chair, you will feel that they put a lot of thought while designing this dynamic chair. The design is actually very unique. 

The seat actually hangs from the chair. There is movement, and it’s almost like a swing. I think it helps in keeping good posture while sitting for long hours. They call this Sit in motion technology. I am not that much familiar with the name of the technology, but I can assure you that the design goes with the name Backstrong.

4. Promote healthy Posture:

The office chair is designed to induce perfect posture for all 33 of your vertebrae. So, it supports the back in such a way that helps to sit in a good posture, and while you are sitting, the weight is spread in a way that it becomes very easy to maintain that posture while sitting for long hours. 

People who have long term back pain issues for prolonged hour sitting jobs, and they have tried every possible solution to get relief from back pain. I think it’s time to try this chair out.

This chair is all about lumbar support. The moment you sit on this chair, you will feel that lumbar support and reduce lumbar muscle pain. I also reduce neck and shoulder strain while you sit.

5. Encourages to sit more up straight:

You will be held up by the jutting part around the lumber. It will feel like a lot of the weight from your back is taken to the front part of your legs but not as much straight down. 

It feels like coming forward in such a way that it is encouraging to sit absolutely upright, and it’s really hard to slouch in this because the piece in the pivot point reminds me to be in contact, and this encourages me all the way back in the seat.

You will  notice yourself sitting and standing up straighter than you ever have, which is a long-term goal of mine (one that I let myself put off for “later”). I am honestly a bit shocked that sitting in the right chair was the thing to fix it. And as if that isn’t enough, your lower back won’t ache after sitting for 8-hours at a time.

6. Endorsed by Celebrity:

I looked it up in the youtube and found a youtube channel for the All33 Backstrong Chair. I found that there are several videos on the channel and found out that somehow all these videos are celebrity endorsements. Even I found that Justin Bieber was there. The video says Justin Bieber loves backstrong.

You can see that video on youtube by just searching Justin Bieber loves Backstrong. 

7. Variety of color choices and premium design:

The All33 Backstrong chair comes with Fabric and Vegan leather options. In a fabric, you will get soft fabric upholstery material, and you can choose between Black Frame With Black Upholstery or Black Frame With Tan Upholstery color options. You can check out the varieties from here(product link from all33 website).

In the vegan leather, you will get Soft high-grade vegan leather upholstery. There are three different color options, which are Black Frame with (Black, Red, and Tan) Upholstery. You can check out the varieties from here(product link from all33 website).

Personally I like the fabric black color option. However, the other colors look good as well. It’s good to have a few colors and material options to choose from. 

As it’s an American owned company, they promised to deliver the finest material to their chairs and designed it to last for years to end.

8. Luxurious Comfort:

Finding a comfortable chair is paramount for me or anyone. And a very difficult task as well. You will feel the comfort when you sit on this chair. With its high adjustability, you can adjust the chair as you need and find the comfort level for you.

As the name suggests, this backstrong chair will deliver the ultimate comfort to your lumbar and back muscles. Also, It will increase blood circulation to reduce fatigue from long hours of sitting.

Foldaway arms allow you to move much closer to your desk and work comfortably.

9. Retraining your posture: 

This all33 chair will retrain your back muscle. After purchasing this chair, the first week might be a learning process for you, it will tense your upper back muscles, and from this, you might feel discomfort. 

But a few days later, in two weeks, you begin to notice that this chair retrained the core back muscles and corrected your bad sitting posture. You will be standing up straighter and no longer feel sore after two weeks.

You are sitting your whole life in a bad posture, which already damagesd your back muscles, and this chair distributes your body weight into the whole back part. You won’t feel that the load of your weight just into your butt.

11. Encourages more productivity:

If I stay more productive, I can get the most out of my work; we all know that. Sitting on a regular office chair starts to hurt my back after a few hours, and sometimes I feel like blood is clotting on my knee, and I feel tremendous pain, and it decreases my productivity while working. 

This chair is built in a way that you will stay productive throughout your work. After using two weeks of this chair, you will feel more energetic and motivated to tackle the day, knowing that you are not going to be in pain after a couple of hours of sitting. 

I highly recommend anyone spending more than 6 hours sitting should invest in one of these; your back will thank you!!!

12. Your back will crave this chair:

I know that this chair costs a lot and it’s a big investment. But working for long hours or just sitting in a normal chair can easily break your posture, or you will end up having a horrible slouching habit.

You will be shocked when you first sit on this chair. As the top part and the bottom part of this chair is distinguished. The bottom part of the chair locks your lower part of the body, so it stays with you even if you try to come forward, which delivers you a tremendous lumbar support.

After sitting on this chair for a few weeks, your back will be stronger; you will be relieved from back pain. Also, you will find relief from neck and shoulder pain as well, and in the end, your back will crave this chair.

13. Excellent Customer Support:

As this chair seems a lot different and interesting than the rest of the chair in the market. So, I was looking into the customer reviews to learn more about this chair. A lot of the customers reviewed that customer support is excellent. 

According to one customer, he said, he purchased the chair and noticed some creaking noises that didn’t seem quite right. He contacted customer service and got a replacement chair in just a couple of weeks.

The Flaws of the Chair:

Everything has some drawbacks; nothing is perfect. This chair delivers tremendous adjustability, lumbar support, reduces back pain, and much much more. It also has some drawbacks too.

  • The seating area is a bit warm due to the fabric, and the arms do not adjust for elbow/forearm support when using a mouse.
  • This chair encourages active sitting so you would be more productive during work, but you won’t get much reclining options as you get in a regular chair. However, you can recline to some point using the tilt tension.
  • You won’t get any headrest as it encourages you to sit more upright.

Warranty Information:

This chair company offers 60 days guarantee(you can try it for ten days – if you don’t’ love it, you can send it back)

You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty on some parts of the chair and one year warranty on cushions.


People might say the current price of this chair is $800 and it’s too much. If you also think it costs a lot of money and in this range of chairs they cost, it’s kind of incredible how much they cost, but you will find there are people who say that they are sitting in the chair all day. 

It’s their body, their back, and they work on a computer, and therefore they care and are willing to make such an investment on a chair.  

On the contrary, you may have seen people saying that’s way too much money and you could get a good chair for just only $150. Well, it actually depends on your perspective and how you see things. 

I think people are spending more than double the price of the All33 Backstrong C1 chair on buying chairs like Herman Miller Embody. If you take that into account, buying a Backstrong C1 is a good investment at the end of the day. That’s why I highly recommend this chair. You can check it out here.

Thanks for reading!! Before you go, please take a minute to check out my Recommended Ergonomic Office Chairs.

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