Adirondack Vs. Muskoka Chair: What is The Difference?

During a hot summer, sitting on a piece of patio furniture while reading a book and sipping fresh fruit juice, you can imagine how beautiful the day will be.

If you are wondering about buying a piece of new patio furniture, you might be confused if there is any difference between Adirondack chairs and Muskoka chairs as both look almost identical.

Muskoka chair is a company that manufactures a specific and modified version of Adirondack chairs.

The main difference between an Adirondack chair and a Muskoka chair is in the materials, size, and backrest of the chairs. Moreover, Muskoka chairs are usually made of plastic whereas Adirondack chairs are made of mainly wood. On average, the height of a Muskoka Chair is usually 2.5 to 4 inches higher than regular Adirondack chairs.

In this article, I will tell you about all the differences between Adirondack and Muskoka chairs in detail and discuss the features that are only present in Muskoka chairs but are missing in regular Adirondack chairs. So, keep reading!

What Is An Adirondack Chair? 

Adirondack Chair is a type of patio furniture which is usually kept outside. Adirondack Chairs were originally made with wood; however, currently, they are manufactured in various materials.

The name Adirondack Chair was inspired by Adirondack Mountain, situated in upstate New York. It was Thomas Lee who first invented Adirondack Chairs. He was from Westport, New York. 

They are extremely comfortable to sit in; consequently, many people enjoy their leisure sitting in an Adirondack Chair. The Adirondack Chairs have a downward slanting seat with a sloping backrest.

The Adirondack Chairs have just two front legs. Instead of having separate back legs, the sloping seat itself balances the chair’s backside. The armrests are wide and perfectly perpendicular to the front legs. 

You can spend your lazy evening just by napping and lounging in the Adirondack Chair. Since Adirondack Chairs are present in various colors, you can brighten up the backyard or the poolside by adding colorful Adirondack Chairs.

What Is A Muskoka Chair?

Unlike Adirondack Chairs, Muskoka Chairs originated from Ontario, Canada. Although many people will claim, both Muskoka Chair and Adirondack Chairs are the same, and it is not completely true. 

Most of the Muskoka Chairs are handcrafted and made with proper care. Muskoka Chairs are manufactured by a particular company named Muskoka Chair Company.

It was Michael Wroe who held the hand of this grandfather (wood craftsman) and transformed his legacy into a new business enterprise, The Muskoka Chair Company. 

Since then, they have been stepping forward with the family-run business by producing handcrafted Chairs worldwide. Although they started by producing Cedar Chairs, their product line also includes the highest quality recycled-plastic Muskoka Chairs.

When you look at the Muskoka Chairs, you will notice they resemble Adirondack Chairs a lot, but with clear observation, you will notice they are not the same. 

For example, the backrest of the Muskoka Chair is curvy, and the sitting space of a Muskoka Chair is much spacier than an Adirondack Chair’s sitting space.

Now that you are familiar with Adirondack Chairs and Muskoka Chairs let us move forward and compare them. I will cover major parts that are crucial to identifying the differences between these two outdoor chairs.

The Origin Story

Even though Adirondack Chairs and Muskoka Chairs almost look the same, they claim to be different, which I also agree with. But claiming that Adirondack Chairs did not inspire Muskoka Chairs does not match up.

Nonetheless, if you ask, which came first, the Adirondack Chairs or the Muskoka Chairs? To be honest, neither of them came first. It was Westport Chairs that came first. Well, Adirondack Chairs are formerly known as Westport Chairs. 

However, the Adirondack Chair was introduced by Thomas Lee from Westport, New York, in 1905. Initially, Adirondack Chairs were only found in wood materials; however, now Adirondack Chairs of various materials are manufactured.

Then again, when it comes to the Muskoka Chair, it originated from Ontario, Canada, by Micheal Wroe in 1995. Micheal took over his grandfather’s legacy and started the business. He started producing completely handcrafted Chairs, initially made of Cedar, then recycled plastic materials.

Now his business has touched almost all over the world. People are loving the Muskoka Chairs, and the business is growing exponentially.  


As stated earlier, Adirondack Chairs were initially manufactured by wood. Starting from teak, mahogany, oak, and many more wood materials were used. However, eventually, Adirondack Chairs made of different materials were introduced. 

Now, you will find Adirondack Chairs made of Plastic, Aluminum, Metal, and Fabric. However, it will always be teak, when it comes to the best materials for Adirondack Chairs.

Moving on to Muskoka Chairs, not so long ago in 1995, Muskoka Chair Company started to produce Red Cedar Chairs. Now, after 25 years, they are introducing recycled plastic Chairs in their product line.

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Size And Dimensions

To be brutally honest, there is a very negligible size difference between Adirondack Chair and Muskoka Chairs. That is why many people claim they are no different from each other.

Check the Sizes of Different Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs:

Adirondack ChairsDimensions(L x W x H)Muskoka ChairsDimensions(L x W x H)
Serwall Traditional Chair31.9 x 30.6 x 37.9 inchesRecycled Plastic 1 Inch Muskoka Chair35 x 33.5 x 38 inches
YEFU Adirondack Chair34.6 x 20.3 x 36.6 inchesRed Cedar 1 Inch Muskoka Chair37 x 33.5 x 40.5 inches
Polywood Adirondack Chair32.13 x 29.25 x 34.68 inchesPremium Embossed Contemporary 1 Inch Muskoka Chair35 x 32 x 35 inches
YEFU Oversized Adirondack Chair38.5 x 22 x 38 inchesPremium Embossed Plastic 1 Inch Muskoka Chair36 x 33.5 x 40.5 inches

As you can see from the above table, the Muskoka Chair has overall higher dimensions than the adirondack chair. Overall Height of a Muskoka Chair is usually 2.5 to 4 inches higher than regular Adirondack chairs.

Undoubtedly, they seem identical at first, but when you give a close look, you will see the Seat Height of the Adirondack Chair is usually 2-2.5 inches higher than the one of Muskoka Chairs. This distinguishing factor plays a great role for some users to make different decisions.

Adirondack Chairs with the lower level seat can be helpful for short people or the ones with short legs. On the other hand, tall people might feel comfortable sitting in Muskoka Chairs.

If you have bad knees or the age is making you weak, then again, the Muskoka Chairs will not be the perfect fit for you.

There are also slight size differences in the armrests of the Adirondack Chair and Muskoka Chair. Muskoka Chair’s armrests’ width is usually a few inches extra compared to Adirondack Chairs. 

However, arm size can differ in different types of adirondack chairs. It can be even higher than muskoka chair.

Check the Armrests Width of Usual Adirondack Chairs Vs. Muskoka Chairs:

Adirondack ChairArmrest Width (inch)Muskoka ChairArmrest Width (inch)
Serwall Folding Adirondack Chair22’’Recycled Plastic 1 Inch Muskoka Chair30’’
YEFU Adirondack Chair18’’Premium Embossed Contemporary 1 Inch Muskoka Chair26’’

Since these patio chairs are meant to provide you comfort, you should consider these factors before purchasing.


The Adirondack Chairs and Muskoka Chair both come with a slide-down backrest which is called a yoke. If you observe them, you will notice the Adirondack Chair has a flat yoke.

On the other hand, the Muskoka Chairs have a curved yoke on their back. This might seem a slight difference but plays a great role in providing you the maximum comfort. 


Adirondack Chairs and Muskoka Chairs provide maximum comfort in their own certain ways. Whereas the regular-sized Muskoka Chair provides more comfort to both tall and short people, regular-sized Adirondack Chairs can be difficult to sit in for very tall people. 

Then again, the Muskoka Chairs are more spacious than the Adirondack Chairs. Having said that, Adirondack Chairs does not provide less space compared to Muskoka Chair, and it is a bit less.

The wider armrests make the Muskoka Chair more preferable. Also, the flat back of the Adirondack Chairs can be uncomfortable compared to Muskoka Chairs.

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The average price of an Adirondack Chair falls between $100 – $300. However, depending on the material, it can go up to $600. 

Then again, on average, Muskoka Chairs can cost from $150 – $600. It can also vary depending on the shape and design. 

Check the price of different Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs:

Adirondack ChairsPriceMuskoka ChairsPrice
Serwall Traditional Chair$169.99Recycled Plastic 1 Inch Muskoka Chair$352.67
YEFU Adirondack Chair$159.99Red Cedar 1 Inch Muskoka Chair$470.00
Polywood Adirondack Chair$289.00Premium Embossed Contemporary 1 Inch Muskoka Chair$588.31
YEFU Oversized Adirondack Chair$229.19Premium Embossed Plastic 1 Inch Muskoka Chair$313.40

Which One To Buy Between Adirondack Chair And A Muskoka Chair?

Actually, both the Adirondack Chair and Muskoka Chairs are comfortable and are suitable for outdoor use. Although my favorite one would be the Adirondack Chair, depending on your preferences and region, your choice can vary.

If you want a spacious Chair with a wider armrest, then you can buy Muskoka Chairs and you will have a variety of materials to buy from. However, Muskoka chairs are not available everywhere and they can be quite expensive.

I personally prefer Adirondack chairs and they are available everywhere.

It’s difficult to find Muskoka chairs inside the United States. So, unless you are from Canada, Adirondack chairs can be your only option.

Related Questions

What Is Another Name For Muskoka Chair?

Muskoka Chairs originated from a country cottage named Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. However, the French-Canadians call these chairs by Laurentian Chair ( in French – chaise des Laurentides), named after a region in Quebec.

Another name of Muskoka chair can be Adirondack Chair, which was initially known as Westport Chairs.

Are Muskoka Chairs Canadian?

Yes, Muskoka Chairs originated from Ontario, Canada. It was produced by a Canadian man named Micheal Wroe. Because of all these reasons, you can say Muskoka Chairs are Canadian. 

What Defines An Adirondack Chair?

Adirondack Chairs are a type of outdoor or patio furniture which are kept to decorate the outside view of the house. Typically Adirondack Chairs are made of wood, but you can also find plastic, metal, or fabric Adirondack Chairs.

They can be found in different colors, and some of them also can be found having different mechanisms, like swiveling or rocking. You can find these iconic garden armchairs more comforting than most other chairs.

Moreover, you can ever paint them in your favorite color so that it matches with the overall atmosphere of your home. To know about which color Adirondack will be appropriate, check out this article on What Color Adirondack Chair Should I Get?

Who Invented Muskoka Chairs?

It was Micheal Wroe who introduced Muskoka Chairs to the Canadian people. He took over his grandfather’s business in 1995 and started his own business of producing hand-made Muskoka Chairs. He named his business Muskoka Chair Company after the great Muskoka Cottage. 

What Are Muskoka Chairs Made Out Of?

Muskoka Chairs are made of Cedar and recycled plastic.  

When the Muskoka Company began its journey in 1995, it was solely focused on producing red Cedar Muskoka Chairs. 

As the company grew and earned popularity, they upgraded their product line by introducing Muskoka Chairs made of recycled plastic.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! Adirondack chair and muskoka serves the same purpose, but there are a few differences in material, size and the style of backrest to some extent.

I hope by now you have understood all the differences between this two varieties of furniture. I also have written several articles on Adirondack chairs, which You might find helpful as well.

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