8 Reasons Why All Gaming Chairs Look the Same

We, game lovers, search for the most comfortable gaming chairs. The problem most gamers face is that they feel all the gaming chairs are identical, and choosing from them can be troublesome. You might face the dilemma of finding the right gaming chair for you since all the gaming chairs look alike.

All gaming chairs look the same for the following reasons:

  • They Serve the Same Purpose & Gives The Same Vibe
  • Similar Inspiration Behind The Invention Of Gaming Chair
  • Extra Back Support With The Usual Lumbar Pillows
  • Most Gaming Chairs Have Reclining Ability
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Head & Neck Support (Mostly With a Neck Pillow)
  • Logo Of The Brand
  • Colors Of The Gaming Chairs

Although there are some reasons that make the gaming chairs look alike, each type of gaming chair can possess different ergonomic features and internal functionality.

This article will help you understand what makes gaming chairs look the same and how to differentiate them in order to get the right one for you.

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8 Reasons That Makes All The Gaming Chairs Look-Alike:

1. They Serve the Same Purpose & Give The Same Vibe

The primary purpose of a gaming chair is to give a comfortable gaming experience so that you do not suffer from any physical pain.

Gamers tend to spend an extended period of time sitting on the chair, which is why the chairs need to be built in such a way that it supports your body posture for a long time. 

Also, gamers prefer all the gaming vibes and a chair that will blend in with their colorful gaming rig.

That is why manufacturers build the gaming chairs in a definite structure and follow a single pattern. This is one of the main reasons that gaming chairs look almost the same. 

2. Similar Inspiration Behind The Invention Of Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs were designed by taking inspiration from race cars. In the beginning, when there was a demand to play racing games on computers, gamers used to feel uncomfortable sitting in a random chair. 

You might have wondered, What is the history of Gaming Chairs? Or Who invented the first Gaming Chairs?

Well, the story of gaming chairs started in Korea. At the time of the economic crash in 1997, much jobless youths were driven to spend their time with StarCraft. Due to spending prolonged hours sitting and playing, the back problem arose. As a result, in 2001, luxury car seats were transformed into gaming chairs by adding wheels to them. 

The most common material for these Gaming Chairs was and still is leather or synthetic leather-type fabric, which is generally seen in the bucket seat of sports cars. 

3. Extra Back Support With The Usual Lumbar Pillows

Just like any other race car, gaming chairs need added support for the upper back and lumbar support to provide you the comfort while playing. All manufacturers try to add these features so that the gamers can sit comfortably while leaning their back at the backrest. 

Although almost every gaming chair comes with attached or unattached cushions, the expensive ones come with more customized and padded ones. 

To know more about gaming chairs’ cushions or pillows, check this article on Why do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows?

4. Most Gaming Chairs Have Reclining Ability

There is common thinking that gaming chairs are only used for gaming purposes. But let me tell you, gaming chairs are one of the popular comfortable chairs you will find in the market. Now don’t be surprised if I tell you you can even use the gaming chair for study purposes. 

Well, these are so comfortable and used for various purposes, and one of the main reasons for that is the reclining ability of the gaming chairs. 

Gamers tend to engage in games for several hours in one sitting. The reclining options ensure the gamers are seated in a naturally comfortable position. Many gaming chairs also come with features that make the chair recline complete flat so that you can take the best nap between the breaks. 

Well, to be honest, I can’t confirm the nap will be as perfect as the nap Joey & Ross had on the couch, but it will be worthwhile, I promise. 

5. Adjustable Armrests

A comfortable armrest is mandatory for any gaming chair, as gamers need to control the game controller while playing. Starting from 2D up to 4D, the armrest can be found in gaming chairs. 

Although you have the option to put the arms on the desk, which is also ergonomically, the gaming chairs without armrests will be uncomfortable and result in joint pain or damage. 

6. Head & Neck Support (Mostly With a Neck Pillow)

Not to mention, during the extended time, playing while just sitting in a chair without supported head & neck support is just unexpected. As a result, manufacturers usually add head and neck support to hold your posture for an extended period of time. 

Many gaming chairs come with detachable or even adjustable neck and headrests so that you can choose the level of comfort as per your need. You will hardly find a gaming chair with proper head and neck support.

7. Logo Of The Brand

It is typical that regardless of the brand, you will see the company’s logo on the headrest and on the middle back-side of the gaming chair. Most manufacturers have the tendency to follow this, whereas some companies will provide you the privilege to customize your own logo on the chair. 

Since the companies’ logos tend to be in the same place, it is common to think of all the gaming chairs as similar unless you are familiar with all the logos.

8. Colors Of The Gaming Chairs

Since gaming chairs are supposed to spread joy, it is common to see them in vibrant colors. Commonly, gaming chairs have a two or three-color theme. 

The most common gaming chairs come in black, with a slight touch of green or red.  

So, Are All The Gaming Chairs Actually Same?

All gaming chairs are not the same. They might seem similar to the naked eye, but when the ergonomic features, advanced functionalities are considered, you will instantly spot the differences. 

That is, most gaming chairs’ appearance is the same, but the internal functionality will definitely be different. 

So, my suggestion is, do not fall for the appearance of the gaming chair, go through its features, and choose the right one for you. 

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Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair?

If you are not a hardcore gamer and you really don’t care about the look and vibe of a gaming chair, then you might not actually need a gaming chair. But if you want the gaming feel and vibe with extra comfort, then you can get one.

There is no doubt that the popularity of gaming chairs is increasing at an incredible pace. But are the gaming chairs worth it? To be honest, that depends entirely on you.

Undoubtedly, gaming chairs are worth the investment for the people who need to spend prolonged hours sitting in front of the computers. While sitting for a more extended period can hamper your sitting posture, the gaming chairs help to hold your good posture. 

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On the contrary, if you are not an addict to computer gaming, I recommend saving money and buying a proper ergonomic chair as it will be the better and cheaper option. 

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