6 Most-Common Problems With IKEA Furniture (Explained)

IKEA is one of the well-recognized furniture brands in the world. It has gained popularity while providing quality products at a reasonable price. Certainly, the IKEA furniture is uncompilable in terms of its appearance.

However, a devoted IKEA furniture fan has faced problems with IKEA furniture at least once in a lifetime. These problems can be annoying, especially when there is any urgency. 

The Six Most Common Problems with IKEA furniture are as follows:

1. Problem With The Assemble Of The Products

2. Products Can Be Low In Quality

3. Problems With The Delivery Of The Product (Missing Or Broken Parts)

4. Extra Parts Being Delivered

5. No Setup Option Available

6. No Free Shipping

This article is focused on IKEA furniture and the six most common problems you might face while purchasing IKEA furniture. Additionally, I will also be sharing the advantages the furniture Brand offers, along with the tips to buy the best IKEA furniture in the market. 

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About IKEA Furniture 

With the vision to make a better everyday life for its customer or other stakeholders, IKEA started its journey in 1943 in Sweden. They produce furniture that is functional and, at the same time, matches the modern interior. 

Starting from the root level and becoming one of the top international furniture brands, IKEA has stood in its position all over the years and gone beyond it.

Being an eco-friendly brand, they produce furniture and all other products in a sustainable manner. They believe in leaving a positive impact on society.

It is often said that if you want a durable and high-quality product, you need to switch from IKEA to other brands. Well, this is true to some extent. In order to provide affordable furniture, they sometimes focus on reducing the cost. 

As a result, they end up manufacturing low-quality products, and many important features are missing. Nevertheless, they produce some of the world’s modern, attractive, and valuable furniture. 

6 Most Common Problems With IKEA Furniture

As stated earlier, IKEA focuses on producing affordable and attractive modern furniture. On the other hand, this furniture can be defective and less durable than other brands. Let me share six most common problems IKEA furniture user’s face, 

1. Problem With The Assemble Of The Products

One most disliked fact about IKEA furniture is that the products’ assemble process can be challenging to grasp. To be honest, I myself find the instructions hard to get. 

The main reason for this is the instructions are not initially written in every language; instead, they are translated from the original version.

You must be wondering which one is the original version. Well, being a Swedish company, all the instructions are originally written in the Swedish language. 

Even though the instructions can be a bit confusing, you can always seek help from the step by step guide provided in the pictures. You can check those pictures and match each part accordingly.

Did you know, you can hire someone to assemble any IKEA furniture for you! I have discussed this topic in another article. Check it out by clicking here.

2. Products Can Be Low In Quality

Undoubtedly, the products manufactured by IKEA are affordable. They last for many years but compared to other brands, and they are not that durable. 

Sometimes the parts can be faulty, and sometimes the parts can be missing in the packaging. Although IKEA provides some extra materials along with the original packaging for the betterment of the customer, the missing parts can be bothersome.

Yes, you will find the IKEA parts of IKEA in the IKEA store free of cost, but when there is an urgency, the situation can get annoying. 

3. Problems With The Delivery Of The Product (Missing Or Broken Parts)

As you know, the delivered products can be bothersome with the parts being missing or some parts could be broken. Additionally, the delivery process of IKEA has been facing difficulties due to supply chain-related problems. 

During the covid-19 situation, the delivery process of the furniture was interrupted. The lockdown and the shortage of people have disturbed the process. 

Currently, they are shipping the products directly from the distribution center, and the heavy & oversized products are shipped from distribution centers. Nonetheless, even after all these efforts, they lagged behind the deliveries. 

During the covid-19 situation, the demand for the furniture was increasing as people needed to work from home and needed to stay at home. But not getting the products delivered on time was frustrating for many customers. 

4. Extra Parts Being Delivered 

IKEA always sends extra parts along with the original packaging so that you do not face any difficulties while assembling it. For instance, you are about to assemble a chair, but you do have the appropriate instruments with you. Can you imagine how frustrating the situation will be?

Therefore, IKEA thinks about its customers and provides extra parts. Some claim as they are shipped from different parts of the world, they want to make sure you have the privilege to assemble the product effectively.

However, some customers find it difficult to assemble as they get confused with the extra parts. Especially when you are new to the process, first, being unfamiliar with the process, the confusing instructions, and the spare parts make the whole assembly process puzzling. 

5. No Setup Option Available

Well, you said it right! IKEA does not provide any setup service to its customers. That is, you need to assemble the delivered product all by yourself. 

Undoubtedly, they contribute a lot just to make the assembly process smoother. But somehow, the process becomes confusing. The situation gets worse when you accidentally damage the furniture.

It is suggested that you should seek help from your friends or siblings so that the assembling process becomes less confusing. 

6. No Free Shipping

Unfortunately, IKEA does not offer free shipping to you. They provide two types of delivery options; small delivery and large delivery. 

For small deliveries, the charge starts from $5 and can upsurge as per the items. However, the delivery charge for large deliveries can cost you more than $49

Pros Of IKEA Furniture

Even after all the drawbacks, IKEA has still managed to be in the top position in the furniture world. They provide the most stylish furniture at a very reasonable price so that people from any class can enjoy using their products. 

The benefits an IKEA furniture offer are:

1. Less Expensive And Affordable To Many

IKEA furniture is getting popular among people from each and every class because of its affordability. Compared to other brands, IKEA furniture is less expensive. 

2. Availability Of Variety Designs 

IKEA produces furniture that goes with any interior. Moreover, no matter what color or design you are looking for, you will always find the appropriate one to match your preference.  

3. Availability Of Different Size

IKEA believes in manufacturing furniture that will suit any class of people, taste, and office or home arrangements. That is, the furniture of IKEA is suitable for any interior. The best part is that the furniture can be found in any size.

4. 365-Days Return And Availability Of Full Refund Policy 

You can definitely return the product if you are not completely satisfied with the product. Nonetheless, you need to exchange the product within 365 days of the purchase

You can also return opened products within 180 days; for a full refund, you will need your proof of purchase. A full refund will only be possible if proof of purchase remains new, unused, and re-saleable. That is, you need to make sure the product is uptight.

You can contact IKEA via their customer service number 1-888-888-4532. You need to fill up the refund form to refund the product.

5. Availability Of Showrooms Across Usa

Since the 1940s, IKEA has been growing exponentially; its popularity makes them more visible. As a result, they are establishing more and more showrooms all around the globe, mainly in the USA. 

What Things To Consider Before Buying IKEA Furniture

IKEA Furniture is trustworthy and affordable, but there are a few things you need to consider before buying IKEA furniture;

  1. Before buying the furniture, do appropriate research. Make proper use of the internet, catalog, and salespersons. 
  2. Buying online can help you save some money, but even if you buy online, make sure to check the product physically first, at the nearest IKEA store.
  3. Signing up for IKEA Family can help you with various features and discounts. 
  4. Measure your space and analyze the room’s interior to get the appropriate IKEA furniture without any regret. 
  5. By using New Moving Program, you can enjoy coupons and discounts on your purchase. 
  6. If you want to visit the store, it is recommended to visit during the midweek.

Final Thoughts

IKEA furniture is focused on manufacturing products that are affordable to all. Moreover, they have gained popularity for manufacturing products in different sizes, shapes, and designs. 

However, IKEA furniture carries some drawbacks as well. The most common drawback includes the difficulty with the assembly process. The instructions provided for the assembly process can be confusing and hard to grasp. 

Moreover, they don’t offer any setup option; that is, you need to assemble the products all by yourself. They also charge higher delivery fees. 

In spite of all these drawbacks, IKEA furniture can be trustworthy and can be used for many years.

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