5 Best Office Chairs for Gaming: These are the Best Out There!

Gaming is fun, especially when you play with your friends. On average, gamers spend 5-7 hours sitting while playing games. But most gaming chairs are not comfortable for long hours of sitting for various reasons. Also, sitting for this long causes back pain in the long run. That’s why most professional gamers concerned about their comfort and health are looking to buy good office chairs for gaming. 

The best office chairs are most durable and comfortable for prolonged gaming sessions. Here are the best five office chairs for gaming out there:

  1. All33 Backstrong C1
  2. Herman Miller Aeron
  3. Steelcase Series 1
  4. SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office
  5. Nouhaus Ergo3D

1. All33 Backstrong C1:

All33 Backstrong C1 is the most innovative office chair that I have seen out there. This will take your sitting experience to the next level while you are gaming. Also, this office chair is designed by a chiropractor to correct your sitting posture so that you can avoid back pain-related issues.

If you’re interested, you can find the All33 Backstrong C1 for a good price on their official website here.


Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity of this chair is 275 pounds or 124.7 kg. I think this much weight capacity is enough for most people out there. But if you are a big guy and weigh more than 275 pounds, you should look into other options in our list.

Seat Height:

The seat height of this chair can be adjusted from 18.75″ to 21.75″. This can easily fit any person of height from 5’8″ to 6’9″. 

Materials Used:

This chair is made of good quality vegan leather. Vegan leather is actually faux leather that is not made from animal hide. So, if this might concern you, no animals were hurt for building this chair.

Available Colors:

The all33 backstrong chair is available in three different colors in the market right now, they are:

  • Black upholstery with black frame
  • Red upholstery with black frame
  • Tan upholstery with black frame

Warranty Period:

The manufacturer of this chair provides 60 days of guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. If you think within 60 days of buying this chair that this chair is not right for you, you will be able to return it and get a full refund.

Other Features to Consider:

The All33 Backstrong C1 has some great features that add to the promotion of more upright posture and extra comfort for sitting long hours while gaming.

Also, this chair has good quality caster wheels and a 360-degree swivel feature that makes rolling very much comfortable.

The backrest of this chair is also unique. It moves independently and provides great support. This design is quite unique, and it minimizes the chances of having lower back pain that develops from long sitting sessions.

The armrests are foldable. You can fold the arms and take the chair closer to your desk. This is a very cool feature to have, especially if your gaming space or workspace is smaller.

Although it is one of the expensive office chairs on this list, the durable and ergonomic design makes it perfectly worth it, and this chair is very durable. So, you can consider buying this office chair as a long-term investment for yourself. That’s why I highly recommend this chair.

2. Herman Miller Aeron:

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is probably the most popular office chair on the entire planet because of its durability, design, and comfort. Herman Miller has put almost 20 years of research into developing this chair and made it ergonomically right for its users.

If price is not an issue, and if you only want the best sitting experience while you are gaming, this chair will be a great choice.

If you’re interested, you can find the Aeron chair for a good price on Amazon here.


Weight Capacity:

The maximum weight limit of the Herman Miller Aeron chair is 300 pounds or 136 kg. The 300 pounds weight limit is enough for more than 95% of people out there.

Seat Height:

The Seat height of this chair is adjustable. Also, there are actually three different sizes with different seat height ranges for people of different heights. They are as follows:

  • Size A: 14.75”-19” (Supported User height: 4 ft 10 inches to 5 ft 10 inches)
  • Size B: 16”-20.5” (Supported User height: 5 ft to 6 ft 4 inches)
  • Size C: 17”-23” (Supported User height: 6 ft 4 inches to 7 ft 2 inches)

Materials Used:

The Aeron chair is made of mesh fabric. The quality of this fabric is outstanding. That’s why this chair lasts for generations.

Available Colors:

  • Carbon
  • Graphite
  • Mineral

Warranty Period:

The Aeron chair has 12 years of warranty from Herman Miller, which is really cool.

Other Features to Consider:

The Herman Miller Aeron is an awesome choice for gamers people because of its cool ergonomic adjustable features and the most durable design out there.

This chair allows you to adjust the tilt tension and recline at three different levels. This takes comfortability to another level.

This office chair also provides good lumbar support, which will keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions and also prevent the long-term effects of sitting for long hours.

The design aesthetics are really amazing. Also, all three colors of this chair look dope. But I prefer the carbon black color.

3. Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase is well known for manufacturing great quality office chairs. Steelcase Series 1 is a popular chair from this brand. This chair also has great resale value as well in the second-hand market because of its durability and comfort. For this reason, this office chair can be a great choice for gaming as well.

This chair also has 12 years of warranty which proves that this chair is going to be very much durable. If you want a durable office chair for gaming, this chair will not disappoint you.

If you’re interested, you can find the Steelcase Series 1 chair for a good price on Amazon here.


Weight Capacity:

Like the Aeron chair, the weight capacity of this chair is also 300 pounds or 136 kg.

Seat Height:

The seat height of this chair can be adjusted from 16.5″ to 21.5″, which supports people of height from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 8 inches. If your height is within this range, the chair will perfectly fit you.

Materials Used:

The upholstery of this chair is made of high-quality mesh fabric. The mesh-back will ensure proper ventilation of heat and air from your back.

Available Colors:

  • Graphite
  • Scarlet red
  • Canary
  • Licorice black
  • Graphite
  • Tangerine

Warranty Period:

Steelcase provides 12 years of warranty for this chair. If this chair is taken properly, it will last for generations.

Other Features to Consider:

This office chair has huge adjustable features that will ensure your comfort while gaming for long hours. Everything on this chair is adjustable; you just name it. 

The seat depth is adjustable. This chair also contains pneumatic height adjustments, recline tension adjustment. 

Also, the Lumbar support and the arms are adjustable. All these adjustable features will improve your sitting experience.

The build quality of Steelcase series 1 is outstanding. The quality of the mesh fabric and the quality of the frame is outstanding.

Premium quality materials are used to build this chair. Also, this chair feels very sturdy, and the design aesthetic is minimalistic. For this reason, this office chair will be a great option for both your office and for gaming.

4. SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office

SIDIZ T80 ergonomic office chair is another great office chair for gaming built by the brand SIDIZ. They are well known to manufacture top-quality ergonomic chairs within great price points in the market right now.

The awesome design aesthetic and great ergonomic features make it very much appealing for gamers who spend long hours sitting.


Weight Capacity:

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 250 lbs or 113.4 kg. This weight limit might be a cut-off point for some people. 

If you are a big dude over 250 pounds, this chair is not going to be comfortable for you. In that case, look for other options with higher weight limits. We have an article on, Best office chair for Heavy People on our site. You can check that out by clicking here.

Seat Height:

The seat height of sidiz T80 can be adjusted from 18” to 22”. This suggests that the seat height is optimal for people with a height from 5’7″ to 6’10”. 

Materials Used:

The Sidiz T80 is also made of high-quality fabric, and the back is Mesh. The mesh is very strong, and this mesh design promotes airflow from your back. This means your back will not sweat when you are sitting for long hours while gaming.

Available Colors:

This office chair is available in two different colors. They are:

  • Dark Gray
  • Light Gray

Warranty Period:

The Sidiz T80 comes with a three years warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty is lower than the other options out there in his list. But this office chair will last longer than most gaming chairs out there for sure.

Other Features to Consider:

This chair is loaded with cool features. The coolest one among them is the feature called “Ultimate Sync”. This allows the chair to sync its movements as per the movement of your body.

The tilting feature of this chair is very advanced, and I am sure you will like it. Also, the design aesthetics of this chair is good. I personally like the design very much.

The rolling capacity and swivel feature enable you to roll around very comfortably.

Also, the back support is great, and the lumbar support is good enough to keep you comfortable while keeping your posture right during long gaming sessions.

5. Nouhaus Ergo 3D

Nouhaus Ergo 3D is a great ergonomic office chair for sitting for long hours. If you are a gamer, this chair is going to add huge value for you. This chair is an inexpensive one with all the necessary ergonomic features and 5 years of warranty.

If you want a decent office chair for gaming that will keep you comfortable for long hours and within a fair price point, this is the one to go.

This office chair is my personal favorite. It would be in the number 1 on this list as it is not as premium as the Herman miller or All33. Since the price of Nouhaus Ergo 3D costs five times less than that of the Aeron chair, this chair puts a great bang for your buck.

If your budget is around 300 bucks and you still want a decent, comfortable, and durable chair, this is probably the best choice for now.


Weight Capacity:

The maximum weight limit of this chair is 275 pounds or 124.7 kg. This should be fine for 90% of the population out there. But people who weigh more than 275 pounds should avoid this chair.

Seat Height:

The seat height of this chair can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 22.44 inches. So, this chair will be suitable for people of height ranging from 

Materials Used:

The back and seat of this chair are made of Mesh Fabric, known as ElastoMesh HD. Since both the seat and backrest are mesh built, it will ventilate air and heat better than other chairs out there.

Besides, the Arms are made of good quality PU material.

Available Colors:
This chair is available in 4 different colors, such as:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Grey

Warranty Period:

The Nouhaus Ergo 3d comes with 5 years of warranty. This is really cool as it is rare to see such a long warranty on any office chair at its price range.

Other Features to Consider:

This chair has all the adjustable ergonomic features of a thousand-dollar office chair, but it costs less than one-third of the price. 

The seat height, headrest, and arms are adjustable. Besides, it provides good support for your back, and it has dedicated lumbar support.

The 360-degree swivel and the casters of this chair ensure good mobility and make rolling enjoyable.

All these features will make your long sitting more comfortable, and you will enjoy gaming much more.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair:

A question might pop up on your mind why would you buy an office chair for gaming when you can buy a dedicated gaming chair which looks way cooler than an office chair!

Well, many gamers prefer office chairs over gaming chairs for the following reasons:

Office chairs are more Comfortable:

Office chairs are built around the idea that a person is going to spend a lot of time sitting on this chair while working. So, it is the first priority of office chairs to provide excellent comfort for more productivity at work.

On the other hand, Gaming chairs are built for style and give gaming vibes. Comfort is not the priority.

However, modern gamers spend as much time sitting as any person with a desk job. So, this has become a concern for many people as most gaming chairs are not comfortable for long sitting sessions.

Office Chairs usually last longer:

Office chairs usually last longer than gaming chairs. As you can see, even a 400-500 dollars Steelcase chair has 12 years of warranty. You might know, that a warranty is the confidence of the manufacturer of how long you will be able to use their product without having any issues.

Most gaming chairs in that price range will not last that long.

 Also, gaming chairs last one to two years on average. Instead, if you buy a good office chair you will get good service for a long time.

Gaming Chairs have poor Ergonomics:

To make gaming chairs more aesthetically pleasing, manufacturers dedicate their efforts totally to design, and most gaming chairs compromise on ergonomic features.

You might notice that most gaming chairs are bulky and made of leather material. But this material is not suitable for the flow of heat and air from your back. SO, sitting long hours while gaming will make your back sweat during the summer season.

On the other hand, if you look at the Nouhaus Ergo 3D office chair, both the seat and back have mesh fabric to incorporate better ventilation.

Also, the lumbar support of gaming chairs is bulky and, most often not as much supportive as office chairs. That’s why office chairs are preferable for gaming to many people these days.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for an office chair just for gaming, keep that in mind, you are sacrificing looks for comfort. A gaming chair will give you gaming vibes because of specific aesthetics. But an ergonomic office chair will provide more comfort and better support for your back and neck.

Did you know on average, a gamer spends more than 7 hours sitting on his/her chair? Sitting for this long can cause several physical issues like back pain unless you get a good comfortable chair with great adjustable ergonomic features.

According to gamers, gaming chairs values design more than comfort. On the other hand, professional office chairs are all about ergonomics and comfort. That’s why hardcore gamers will benefit more from buying a good office chair for gaming rather than buying a dedicated gaming chair just for good looks.

That’s why I always prefer office chairs over gaming chairs any day. Among all these office chairs on my list, the all33 has better design and ergonomics as a chiropractor designed this chair. This makes it the most comfortable chair on my list.

However, if you are tight on budget, go for the nouhaus ergo 3d. It will provide similar features at much lower costs.

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