4 Typical Problems With Massage Chairs (Explained)

Massage Chair, the name itself, gives me pleasure. Massage Chair not only relaxes muscles but also eliminates body aches. Nonetheless, it also has some side effects which can leave a long-term impact on your body.  

A List of possible problems related to Massage Chairs:

  • Harmful for people with physical problems.
  • Irregular use of the Massage Chair invites health problems.
  • Consumption of electricity is higher.
  • Wrongful use of Massage Chairs can cause injury.

In this article, I will be focusing on all the problems you might face while using a Massage Chair. But you have got nothing to worry about. I will be providing suggestions to minimize those problems as well.

Let’s get started!

Four Major Problems A Massage Chair Can Cause:

1. Harmful For People With Physical Problems 

There is a thinking that since Massage Chair helps to ease body aches, people with physical problems should sit on a massage chair more often. DO NOT DO THAT. 

People with physical problems should not just take massages on a Massage Chair.

If you have any physical issues like spine injury or broken bone, you should not massage on a Massage Chair. 

Moreover, women during pregnancy should avoid using Massage Chairs.

Although Massage Chairs help blood circulation and reduce anxiety & stress, it is not recommended to use a  Massage Chair during pregnancy. 

If the pressure points are stressed while you are massaging during pregnancy, you might experience premature labor. Furthermore, you might get injured. 


If you are suffering from any physical disorder or pain, I highly recommend letting your pain get cured first. Then take doctors’ consultations before taking massage on a Massage Chair. 

Then again, when it comes to pregnancy, never sit on a Massage Chair without a doctor’s consultation. As a woman, I am telling this from my own experience.

The doctor will provide you with a proper guideline and timetable so that you can get an adequate massage.

However, you can take the small massage session, which is provided to specific body parts, like a foot massage or head massage. This will help you to relax during pregnancy.

2. Irregular Use Of The Massage Chair Invites Health Problems

Sitting too much or for a longer period of time on a Massage Chair for massage is not recommended. It will bring nothing good but harm to your physic. 

Massage on a Massage Chair is appropriate up to a certain level. Overdoing massage can hurt your muscles and cause serious damage like muscle damage, inflammation & bruised tissues. 

Overdoing the massage on a Massage Chair will not only hamper your body but also the overall Massage Chair’s functionality. It can hamper the motor of the Massage Chair. 

Taking Tigger Point Massages on a daily basis can leave bruises and invite pain or stains. Inflammation can occur, which can further initiate back pain. 


No matter what, never overdo massage on a Massage Chair. On average, it is recommended to take a massage for 15 – 20 minutes on a Massage Chair. 

You will also find the preset massages mostly have a maximum of 20 minutes of massage. 

Moreover, a journal named Aggressive adolescents benefits from massage therapy proved that the aggressive nature of adolescents could be practical in reducing by 20-minutes massage therapy sessions. [Source]

But, don’t use a massage chair daily; only twice a week is more than enough.

Although many advanced Massage Chairs come with their own timer, many still miss the timer. In that case, use a phone or a watch to time the duration. 

In order to avoid bruises, inflammations, or any other kind of damage on your body tissue, use the Massage Chair for the specific timeline.

You can also take expert suggestions or ask your physician to know how long you should take massages on a Massage Chair if you have any confusion.

3. Consumption Of Electricity Is Higher

You might have figured out such a huge Massage Chair should have a huge motor and need a great amount of electricity. Well, you have guessed it right. Massage chairs indeed consume a lot of electricity.

The motor is the essential component of the Massage Chair, which helps activate the Massage Chair’s functionality, that is, the rollers and nodes.

When you own a Massage Chair, you will find it hard to maintain the Massage Chair. You might find it hard to properly main the Massage Chair. What is more difficult is paying a huge amount of electric bill for it. 

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity? On average, a Massage Chair consumes approximately $60-$75 priced electricity per hour.

This becomes up to $600 monthly and $7,500 annually. You can assume the maintenance cost for a Massage Chair is huge.


One easy solution for this is, do not to own a Massage Chair. Instead of buying your own Massage Chair, rent one.

You will see many supermarkets or shopping malls are displaying Massage Chairs where you can receive a message for a specific period of time for a predetermined rate. 

4. Wrongful Use Of Massage Chair Can Cause Injury

Massage can help you alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, and many more. But nothing will matter if you wrongfully use the Massage Chair. 

This will do nothing but lead to injuries, intensify existing injuries. It can also cause circulatory problems and leave bruises. Muscle injuries due to wrongful use of Massage Chairs are the worst. 

When you do not use the Massage Chair in an appropriate manner, it also hampers the Massage Chair as well.

After a few years of use, it will start making disturbing noises and will not function in a proper manner. 


The best solution for this issue is to read the manual appropriately. You need to be aware of the Massage Chair’s functionalities; for that, you have to read the manual first and understand the instructions. 

In order to minimize the health hazards, read the manual and follow the instruction as written. To be more assured, take the expert’s help. 

Some Negative Effects Of Massage Chairs

Undoubtedly, Massage Chairs are what you need after a long hectic day. Just 20 minutes of massage can relax your muscles and prompt blood circulation. Nonetheless, a massage on a massage chair also has a few side effects.

Let me provide a list of negative effects of a Massage Chair:

  1. Massage Chairs be the reason for extensive body pain to those who prefer traditional massages.
  2. Various health issues, like tissue damage, inflammation, or dark bruises.   
  3. Massage Chairs can be the reason for various infectious skin diseases or rashes. 
  4. Massage Chair consumes a considerable amount of electricity. 
  5. Excessive massage can invite body pain, and you might also get injured.
  6. Those suffering from injuries and still continuously taking massages on Massage Chairs will worsen the injury. 

Related Questions

Are Vibrating Massage Chairs Good?

Unless you are suffering from any kind of injury or you are pregnant, you can definitely take massages in a Massage Chair. It will not harm your body.

But it is better if you don’t use a massage chair daily. Using twice per week is more than enough for most people.

Such vibrating massage will help to relax your muscles, reduce hypertension, and improve blood circulation. Moreover, it keeps your heart healthy by improving blood and oxygen flow. 

It also helps to reduce anxiety & stress by releasing Endorphins and also helps to recover from insomnia. That is, it always keeps you cheerful by stabilizing your mood

Are Massage Chairs Good For Your Back?

Yes, Massage Chair is suitable for your back. Sometimes it works more perfectly than any other masseur. Even a short massage will help you relax and reduce the pain in your back. 

A perfect massage can help you ease pain, and the rollers or nodes of a Massage Chair do nothing but increase the blood flow. It further helps to bring more oxygen which takes away the lactic acid.

When the lactic acid is reduced helps to relax your muscles by eliminating the muscles pain from your back. Moreover, the heat of the Massage Chair reduces the muscles spasms by reducing their frequencies. 

If you are wondering how a Massage Chair actually works? Check out my other article on Do Massage Chairs Work?

Can I Use Massage Chair Every Day?

Massage Chairs are extremely helpful when it comes to easing the muscle pain or relaxing the muscles tissue. But that does not mean you can overdo it in order to get more relieved. 

No, Massage Chair does not work that way. I forbid you to take regular massage on a Massage Chair. Only 15 – 20 minutes of massages twice a week will be more than enough for an adult.  

Meraj Jahan

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