4 Popular IKEA Chairs With Footstools

A Footstool or Ottoman is a piece of furniture that is mostly used along with an armchair or a recliner to rest your legs. However, sometimes the footstools can also be used as storage. IKEA produces footstools along with its armchairs which are receiving numerous positive feedbacks. 

Here’s a list of 4 popular IKEA chairs with footstools:

  1. IKEA POÄNG Chair
  2. IKEA Ektorp Armchair
  3. IKEA STRANDMON Armchair
  4. IKEA OMTÄNKSAM Armchair

In this article, I will provide detailed information on four different types of IKEA chairs with footstools. I will be providing information on Ikea Poang Chair, Ektorp Armchair, STRANDMON Armchair, and OMTÄNKSAM.

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IKEA Poang Chair is one of the most comfortable armchairs you will find in the market. You will get lots of benefits from using Poang Chairs during your leisure period. Having said that, they will also change the overall room’s atmosphere.

It will add a classy and sophisticated look to your dining area. Let me tell you, the soft and minimal padding not only makes the Poang chair comfortable to sit in but also maintains the required airflow to keep the seat breathable. 

The curved backrest and the spacious seat ensure that you are sitting in your optimum posture. The neck pillow works like a charm when it comes to supporting your upper body at the time you lean back.

I have written a whole article explaining how to make IKEA POANG chair more comfortable. You can check it out by clicking here.

Many recommend IKEA Poang chairs in office lounges, dorms, nurseries, or hospitals for the maximum comfort. Along with the soft, durable, and presence of various cushion collections, you will get removable covers that you can change as per your mood. 

Although you can buy a Poang armchair without the footstool, I highly recommend buying the ottoman. It will do nothing but increase the comfort level up to infinity. You will thank me later, trust me.

As a side note, I have compared IKEA POANG chair with IKEA PELLO in terms or comfort, ergonomics and pricing. To know which one is an overall better choice, read this article: IKEA PELLO Vs. POÄNG: What’s The Difference?

Footstool – IKEA Poang Armchair

The footstools that go with IKEA Poang chairs have the perfect cushioning that adequately supports and comforts your legs. You can watch TV or read a book for hours while sitting on a Poang chair and resting your legs on the footstool.

The footstool or the Ottoman also helps you to maintain your posture, as, without it, you might slouch forward, and resting your back on the backrest can be troublesome. 

But when the footstool is present, and you keep your legs rested on it, you will notice you are sitting more comfortably and experience less or no pain afterward. 

The Poang footstool can be found in various designs, shapes, and colors, which make the Poang ottomans more special. 

Features of IKEA Poang Chair with the footstool;

SpecificationsIKEA Poang chair with footstool
Chair Height100 cm
Chair Width68 cm
Chair Depth83 cm
Chair Seat Width55 cm
Chair Seat Depth53 cm
Chair Seat Height41 cm
Footstool Height39 cm
Footstool Width68 cm
Footstool Depth54 cm
Chair Price$169
Footstool Price$99 – $130

Luckily you have the option to buy the IKEA Poang with or without the stool. Even if you have an old Poang armchair, you can buy a new footstool separately. 

However, I would recommend you to buy an IKEA Poang with a Footstool, and you can check the overall price by clicking here. This armchair comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which is amazing.

2. IKEA Ektorp Armchair

The Ektorp Armchair is such a comfy chair that will hold you perfectly. The cushions are thick, soft, and well-padded. The timeless design with removable covers makes the chair more perfect.

You can buy some spare covers and change them as to your mood or weather. Moreover, you do not have to worry if one gets dirty; you can simply replace it with the others. It is more of a sofa rather than being an armchair. 

Unlike other armchairs, Ektorp Armchair’s comfort level will stay the same. It will never lose its shape and coziness. You can have the best nap utilizing the extra depth and find your favorite spot like mine. 

Footstool – Ektorp Armchair

The Ottoman of Ektorp Armchair carries the same benefits as the armchair or sofa. The best part is it comes with storage. Just by removing the top, you can insert your things there.

The perfect cushions make sure your feet are relaxing adequately. You can also put it along with other furniture and rest your feet. Then again, you can also use Ektorp Armchair’s Ottoman as a coffee table.

Features of Ektorp Armchair with the footstool;

SpecificationsEktorp Armchair with footstool
Chair Height88 cm
Chair Width104 cm
Chair Depth88 cm
Chair Seat Depth54 cm
Chair Seat Height45 cm
Footstool Height44 cm
Footstool Width62 cm
Footstool Depth82 cm
Chair Price$449
Footstool Price$249

Undoubtedly, Ektorp Armchair is an expensive product; even the Ottoman is way more expensive than other ottomans but let me tell you, the level of comfort and coziness the Ektorp Armchair will provide is unbeatable. 

The Ektorp Armchair comes with a 10-years limited warranty and can last for decades.

3. STRANDMON Armchair

STRANDMON is a very beautiful armchair that can give your study area or living room; wherever you place it, it is a sophisticated room. The Nordvalla dark gray color makes the chair look more elegant.

The suede-like texture of the chair will surely mesmerize you. This wig chair has a comfortable armrest and backrest with the perfect cushioning. The upholstery has greatly padded, which can make you fall in love with the chair.

A STRANDMON Armchair is the chair you want to spend your free time sitting in. The best part is if you wish to improve the environment of your office lounge or gift a comfortable chair to your parents, you can definitely go for a STRANDMON armchair. 

Footstool – STRANDMON Armchair

No matter what your age is, I would recommend not to miss the Ottoman along with the armchair. The Ottoman has the perfect cushion on its top so that you can relax your legs. 

The cushion is a great source of comfort and coziness of this ottoman, which can give great comfort, even if you suffer from back pain or if your age does not allow you to sit for consecutive hours.  

The wooden legs of both the chair and ottoman keep the furniture in place to prevent unwanted accidents. This is the perfect chair to sit in and spend the lazy afternoon just by reading books.

Features of STRANDMON Armchair with the footstool;

SpecificationsSTRANDMON Armchair with footstool
Chair Height39.75″
Chair Width32.25 “
Chair Depth37.75 “
Chair Seat Width19.25″
Chair Seat Depth21.25″
Chair Seat Height17.75″
Footstool Height23.6″
Footstool Width15.75″
Footstool Depth17.4″
Chair Price$269.99
Footstool Price$69.99

4. OMTÄNKSAM Armchair

When you are searching for a comfortable armchair that will completely support you while you sit in, then OMTÄNKSAM can be a good option for you. 

Although the real reason behind such a comfy chair was the older generation, people from all ages have appreciated the chair and used them. The perfect backrest, firm cushions, and sturdy armrests will definitely optimize your overall sitting position. 

Footstool – OMTÄNKSAM Armchair

The ottoman or footstool of the OMTÄNKSAM armchair is a bit more unique from the other ones as the upper layer of the Ottoman has a tilted surface. 

This angled surface of the footstool promotes blood circulation so that your legs and feet feel less tired and do not experience any kind of strain. 

Features of OMTÄNKSAM Armchair with the footstool;

SpecificationsOMTÄNKSAM Armchair with footstool
Chair Height42.9″
Chair Width28.4″
Chair Depth34.6″
Height Under Furniture7.1″
Armrest Height26″
Chair Seat Width19.25″
Chair Seat Depth21.25″
Chair Seat Height19.25″
Footstool Height17.4″
Footstool Width15.75″
Footstool Depth20.5″
Chair Price$349.99
Footstool Price$129.99

OMTÄNKSAM is also an expensive armchair, but it offers so much that you will never regret buying it. The OMTÄNKSAM armchair comes with a 10-years warranty period. 

Thanks for reading the article all the way through. To know about the problems relating to IKEA furniture, check out our another article on 6 Most-Common Problems With IKEA Furniture (Explained)

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