12 Most-Common Problems With Office Chairs (Explained)

Office Chairs have become an integral part of our life. Being health-conscious, the demand for ergonomic Office Chairs is increasing. 

Manufacturers are focusing on producing Office Chairs that will minimize the health risks by including more ergonomic features. 

No matter how much popularity an Office Chair gains, there remain some drawbacks that can be pretty difficult to deal with.

This article will entirely focus on the 12 most common problems you might face while using an Office Chair. Ahh! There is nothing to worry about, and I will be sharing a few tips to minimize these issues. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Problem Related To The Sinking Of The Office Chairs 

You fix the height of the Office Chair and sit on it, but as soon as you sit on it, the chair sinks to its lowest level. Let us be honest; once in a lifetime, you might have faced it or seen others experience it, am I right?

Why Do the Office Chairs Sink Frequently? Well, it is because the shaft that helps to lift or lower the height of the Office Chair is unable to hold the extra pressure you are providing. 

Each and every Office Chairs come with a definite weight capacity, and putting more weight on it might cause the shafts dysfunctionality. 

Also, using a chair for a long time can cause the gas cylinder to dysfunction and hence sinking the chair while you sit on it.

How to solve the Office Chairs’ sinking Problems? By applying some WD-40 on the base of the shaft, the sinking problem of the Office Chair can be minimized. However, sometimes old chairs need the gas cylinder to be changed; at that time, simply changing the gas cylinder with a new one will suffice. 

On the other hand, sometimes the chair might get stuck and don’t sink at all. Well, that isn’t very pleasant. Imagine preparing a presentation for the upcoming meeting, but the height of the Office Chair is not fixed, and you end up getting late. Won’t you feel heartbroken?

So, Why does My Office Chair Resist sinking? This happens mainly for two reasons; the shaft is broken, or the shaft’s lever is very loose. Sometimes the Office chairs might not sink due to the less pressure being applied. 

How to Fix a Chair That Does Not Sink? In order to make your office chair sink, you need to tighten the shafts lever, just by using a screwdriver. After tightening the lever, you need to push the level hard to activate the shaft. However, when the shaft is faulty, you need to replace it or apply some WD-40.

2. Difficulty With The Reclining Function

Reclining the office chair is fun and relaxing until it starts disturbing. You might have seen Office Chairs that will not recline easily or recline up to a certain angle that you no longer feel comfortable sitting in. 

It can occur for two reasons when the adjustable knob is faulty, or the recline knob is broken. In order to fix the reclining problem, you can use a screwdriver to tighten the adjustable knob or the recliner’s knob. 

Moreover, to fix the spring, you need to push the spring and put it in its place. If you find them faulty and unfixable, replacing them with new ones will be preferable. 

3. The Constant Noise From The Office Chair

Office Chairs are making disturbing noises! Well, there is nothing more irritating thing in the world. Then again, to get rid of the noisy chair, you can do more than just replace the chair with a new one.

To eliminate the annoying noise, first, you need to locate the source of the noise; then, you can take proper actions. The noise can initiate from,

  1. Loosen screws, bolts, and nuts
  2. Office Chairs’ springs
  3. Rolling Chairs’ Wheels or Castles
  4. Tucked Food Crumbs or Tiny Particles

When the origin of the noise is for loosen screws, you can simply tighten it. Applying some lubricants or oils can also help to minimize such disturbing noise. 

Sometimes you will see the spring of the Office Chair making this type of sound. Well, in that case, you can apply oil to the seat spring located inside the turn-knob housing. Finally, loosening the seat tension turn-knob, and removing the turn knob, spray some oil inside the housing.

After going through a lot of wear and tear, the wheels of the rolling office chairs can also initiate annoying noises. When the wheels or the casters are in a fixable situation, you can apply some silicon spray. It will reduce the sound. 

Or, you can just change the caster wheels and get a new one. If you are interested, you can checkout our recommended caster wheels, here. 

Lastly, keep the workstation and the chair hygiene; you can also minimize the sound to a great extent. It will keep the dirt like food crumbs or tiny particles away from the chair. Clean your Office Chair frequently. 

4. Problem Related To Caster Or Wheels

Rolling Office Chairs might seem comfortable, but they can cause severe damage. After using an office chair for an extended period of time, the casters can quickly come off. It can be dangerous to some certain extent. 

Sometimes the screws can get loosened, which is also dangerous and disturbing. It can also ruin the floors by scratching and cracking them. 

As a result, you need to examine the casters for any damages constantly. This is why it is recommended to use a chair mat for your workplace. 

You can also use duct tape to secure the casters for the protection of the casters as well as the floors. If not protected, you might have changed the casters frequently, which can be bothersome. 

5. Dirt Getting Rumbled With The Office Chairs’ Legs And Casters

Rolling the Office Chairs can increase productivity; as a result, you might prefer moving around while sitting in the chair. This, in turn, can attach dirt towards the casters. Hairs and threads can rumble up with the caters and the chair’s legs.

Plucking these rumbled threads with your bare hands can be bothersome. You can use scissors to cut them or a tweezer. Sometimes, you might need to separate the casters to get rid of hairs entirely.

Using Office Chairs with rollerblade casters can help you minimize all the problems relating to the casters. Moreover, they will give a smooth roll while protecting the flooring. This brings 

6. Unsmooth Rolling Of The Chairs

The Office Chairs sometimes become hard to roll, and sometimes the rolls can get much smoother and get hard to control. Well, let be honest, both situations are equally irritating. 

Such situations can cause accidents and hamper your workflow. Remember safety first. So taking necessary precautions is necessary. 

Use chair mats or a rug to make the rolling smooth, and use casters with locks to stop the rolling stop. 

7. Office Chairs’ Legs And Casters Hampering The Floor

As you know by now, the wheels and the legs of the Office Chair can damage the flooring. The soft surface and hard surface can both get affected by the legs and casters of the chairs. 

It would help if you were extremely careful securing the floors. Use Chair Mats, if necessary. When you skip putting a chair mat under your office chair, the casters will continuously rub the floor, creating tension and scratching the floor. 

It reduces the effectiveness, longevity, and overall texture of the floor. Read this article to know why hardwood floors require a chair mat.

Sometimes, the chairs’ legs can create holes in the carpets and ruin their beauty. You can cover the chair’s legs with DIY covers or buy one as per your chair leg. It will resist continuous rubbing and protect both the chairs’ legs and flooring. 

8. Extra Spending For Office Chair Mats

Office Chairs themselves are expensive. Then again, if the Office Chair belongs to a good brand, the price will be much higher. Sometimes buying the Chair Mat can become unaffordable. 

No matter, what the situation is, it is highly recommended to install a Chair mat. If not used any Chair Mats, some Chair manufacturing companies void the warranty. 

However, in order to protect the floors and carpets, installation of the Chair Mat Becomes mandatory. 

9. Gas Cylinders Of The Office Chairs Can Be Dangerous

Gas Cylinders or pneumatic cylinders might cause serious accidents. For instance, when the gas cylinder is faulty and requires a replacement but you forget to do so, it can cause accidents.

Additionally, the gas cylinder can burst and report injuries when you put extra pressure or weight on the chair. Trust me, and you don’t want that. 

I recommend you continuously check the Gas Cylinder’s status and replace it when required. Never put extra pressure on these office chairs. Look at the total weight the office chair can hold, and buy as per your need. 

10. Problem With The Upholstery

Some Office Chairs do not come with cushions which can be uncomfortable to sit in. Then again, sometimes the office chairs’ upholstery comes with unbreathable fabric, which can be problematic to sit in, especially in summer. 

If you spend 6 to 8 hours sitting in an office chair, and if the chair is not comfortable enough, you might end up hurting your back and hips. This will also leave a long time impact on your health. 

This is why it is recommended to buy a good quality office chair that enhances your sitting arrangement. Using an excellent ergonomic office chair, you can reduce the risk of lower body pain and comfortably sit in the chair for a long time. 

11. Most Office Chairs Require Regular Maintenance

Office Chairs go through a lot of wear and tear, which is why they require dedicated maintenance. It would help if you kept the Office Chair clean and hygiene for healthy living as well. 

As mentioned earlier, tiny particles stacked in underneath the Office Chair or inside the chair can make disturbing noise. Moreover, you should clean your chair once a week and deep clean the chair every two months.  

However, this can be troublesome for many people. Making time for the Office Chair’s maintenance amidst a business schedule can be tough. 

You can also seek help from different companies that provide such services. If you outsource this service, you will be able to keep up with both sides. 

12. Finding The Appropriate Office Chair Can Be Cumbersome.  

Although there are various Office Chairs available in the market, lots of brands, and variety, finding the appropriate one for you can be a challenging task to accomplish. 

However, this problem can be minimized. Do you know how? First, you need to make a list of the requirements and then look for the Office Chair that will fulfill all the criteria. 

My only answer will be Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair if you ask about my favorite office chair. It is one of the most comfortable chairs you will find in the market. 

Though the price of Herman Miller Aeron chairs is exceptionally high, you will never regret buying one. It is unbeatable with its latest technology and advanced ergonomic features. 

If you are interested, you can check out our recommended office chair lists, here

Related Questions

What Is The Average Life Of An Office Chair?

The life expectancy of an Office Chair mostly depends on the material and brands of the chair. Nonetheless, the Office Chairs with a 5-year warranty can last up to 7 to 10 years. On the other hand, the Office Chairs with a 10-years warranty can be used for more than 12 to 15 years. 

Additionally, the maintenance can exceed the life expectancy of the Office Chairs. If you look for your Office Chair well, the Office Chair will also serve you well. 

How Do You Fix An Office Chair That Will Not Stay Up?

There are many ways to fix an Office Chair that will not stay up, but first, you need to know the reason for it. For an instant, replacing the Gas Cylinder would be the best option if it causes the problem. 

Moreover, you can also use a hose clamp to minimize the problem. It is one of the easiest and cheapest solutions. The best part is, disassembling the Office Chair is not required for this solution. 

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