12 Kneeling Chair Benefits: Are They Really Healthy?

There is a high chance that you might feel kneeling chairs are not comfortable and might not carry ergonomic features. Well, let me be honest, if a chair does not have ergonomic features, you should avoid them, no matter what. 

From my research, I have found that kneeling chairs can positively impact our body and posture. But do the advantages of kneeling chairs outweigh the disadvantages? Are Kneeling chairs really beneficial?

Check out the list of the benefits of sitting on a Kneeling Chair:

  1. Enhances Sitting Posture
  2. Makes Your Workstation Comfortable
  3. Takes Pressure Off Your Lower Back
  4. Reduces Back Pain
  5. Better Maintain Lumbar Lordosis
  6. Promotes Upright Sitting
  7. Opens Up Your Pelvis
  8. Strengthen Your Back & Core Muscles
  9. 10° Trunk/Thigh Angle
  10. Evenly Distributes your Body Weight 
  11. Controls The Pressure On Your Shins
  12. Improves Circulation And Carry Nutrients To The Brain

I was curious about kneeling chairs, I am sure you are too, so in this article, you will find 13 different chair benefits a kneeling chair provides. 

Don’t forget to seek the interesting tips provided in this article. 

What Is A Kneeling Chair?

A kneeling chair is a type of chair that makes you sit in a position with thighs dropped to an angle of about a 60-degree to a 70-degree from vertical, with your body weight supported by the shins. 

In 1979, it was Hans Christian Mengshoel who invented the original piece of kneeling chair. The primary purpose of making kneeling chairs was to reduce the lower back pain by dividing the burden of your weight. The weight is proportionally divided between the shins and the buttocks. 

Kneeling chairs are better for long-time sitting positions and reduce body pain, like tailbone pain, back pain, etc.

What Are the Benefits of a Kneeling Chair?

Kneeling chairs are gaining popularity nowadays. Why won’t it? Kneeling chairs are clinically proven to be beneficial for extended sitting periods and, most importantly, increase the possibility of sitting in a good posture.

Here are the 12 benefits of Kneeling chair,

1. Enhances Sitting Posture

Kneeling chairs are designed in such a way that positions with your thighs dropped to an angle from about a 60-degree to a 70-degree from vertical. Kneeling chairs takes off the pressure from your lower back. 

By placing your knees and hips, kneeling chairs put you into the position by tilting the seat forward, and you can shift your weight forward and move your body weight into your buttocks and legs proportionally. 

By diverting the pressure from the buttocks, helps to avoid a concave C shape in your back. Moreover, it also helps to keep your hips and knees into an S shape that will definitely feel neutral and natural. 

A study by The National Institute of Biotechnology (NCIB) confirmed that kneeling chairs that are ergonomically designed set a perfect inclination that maintains standing lumbar curvature to a greater extent than a standard office chair. 

2. Makes Your Workstation Comfortable

It is compulsory that the size of the chair should be proportionate to the size of your body to ensure a comfortable sitting arrangement. You might happen to spend more than 8-hours a day sitting on a chair every day, so you need a good & comfortable chair. 

Kneeling chairs are smaller in size and require less space than a usual office chair. As a result, you can find the kneeling chairs to be more suitable if you have a tiny workplace. 

Most kneeling chairs are adjustable; therefore, you should definitely buy an adjustable kneeling chair if you are not sure. Kneeling chairs with both height and seat angle adjustment will help you maintain the optimal sitting posture and be comfortable.

You must be wondering, how is an adjustable kneeling chair different from an adjustable office chair? To be honest, when it comes to sitting in an optimal position kneeling chairs will definitely beat office chairs. 

Pro Tip: Kneeling chair offers optimal sitting posture and requires active sitting in an upright posture. Maintaining this upright posture is difficult if you sit for a long time. So, if you want to actively sit and work you should go for a kneeling chair otherwise an office chair is a good option.

3. Takes Pressure Off Your Lower Back

Kneeling chairs are specially designed to reduce the pressure on the facet joints, which are the joints in the spine that make your back more flexible. 

While sitting in a kneeling chair, your hips are most likely to slide forward. This forward angle is helpful this way, and your bodyweight gets evenly distributed. The most exciting part is, your back, shoulders, and neck stay perfectly aligned. 

As a result, your lower back experiences less stress, prevents spinal compression and keeps your shoulders rolled back and down effortlessly, and it allows your upper spine and neck a bit of relief.

Pro Tip: No matter what kind of chair you are sitting in, always balance out the bodyweight between both your hips or between buttocks and legs so that your lower back does not feel much pressure.

4. Reduces Back Pain

This, in turn, decreases the risk of lower back pain. For those who already suffer from back pain can also be relieved from the pain.

As you already know, a kneeling chair holds your natural curve in the lower back. Additionally, kneeling chairs are most likely to make you sit upright as it makes you sit at a 20-degree angle, compared to any regular office chair.  

Even though the backrest can be missing in a kneeling chair, the posture you sit in helps you reduce lower back pressure. The proper cushioning also helps to diminish knee pain.

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5. Better Maintain Lumbar Lordosis

According to a study, kneeling chairs promote lumbar curvature, which is much similar to a standing posture due to the slope of the seat and fewer hip flexion scopes of kneeling chairs. 

As the study highlighted, sitting with a lordotic lumbar spine helps to reduce the intervertebral disc pressure, offering proper nutrition to the discs.

Additionally, kneeling chairs help you sit in an upright position, which requires a lot of muscles to activate and causes muscle fatigue. Nonetheless, Lumbar lordosis is better maintained on a kneeling chair than a flat chair, even in a slumped posture.

6. Promotes Upright Sitting 

Do you have to sit in an office chair for a long time? Well, then I can bet you slouch more often. Nothing to worry about, it is completely normal, and nothing is wrong with you. However, you need to fix it immediately if you are concerned with posture.

When you sit for extended hours staring at your computer screen while being in a slumped position, it is most likely to experience back or neck pain. 

A study by Arthritis Disease Center provided statistical data that 50% – 80% Americans will end up suffering from back pain due to poor posture. 

Another study by Human Factors & Ergonomics Society showed that sitting upright all day long can also lead to long-time fatigue. So, what do you do in this situation? Well, I suggest you use a kneeling chair. 

A kneeling chair helps to hold your natural posture, which reduces the harmful impact of slouching. Additionally, I recommend you a kneeling chair because you will find out that there is a stool where you can rest your legs in a kneeling chair. 

Pro Tip: You might be sitting on a kneeling chair or a random office chair; no matter how comfortable the chair is, I recommend you take a 30-minutes break every 2 – 3 hours.

7. Kneeling Chair Open Up Your Pelvis

When you are sitting on a kneeling chair, you will feel that your pelvis is tilted forward. This ensures the proper alignment of your spine, preventing you from leaning forward or initiating a C-shaped curve with your spine. 

When your pelvis is opened up while sitting in a kneeling chair, your breathing will most likely improve. The chances of compression of your internal organs are less

8. Strengthens Your Back & Core Muscles

While sitting on a kneeling chair, you engage your abdominal and back muscles because the backrest is missing in most kneeling chairs. This results in a gradual strengthening of your back and core muscles. 

Pro Tip: Just like Sheldon, we all are terrified of changes, but we need to be brave enough and embrace the new. Consequently, you might find a kneeling chair uncomfortable at the beginning. Give some time to it; trust me, you will love it. 

9. Offers 10° Trunk/Thigh Angle

Traditional office chairs usually provide a 90-degree torso/ thigh angle, which is considered a good posture. Nonetheless, kneeling chairs provide a 10-degree trunk/ thigh angle

Well, before you start wondering, let me tell you a 10-degree trunk/ thigh angle allows you to reduce the pressure that is placed on the disc situated in your spine. Along with that, it dismisses a lot of pressure in your lumbar spine. 

10. Evenly Distributes your Body Weight

As you know, a good posture requires your weight to be balanced out, rather than putting all the pressure on a particular body part, like the hip or buttocks. 

Kneeling chairs can help you distribute your body weight proportionally in your buttocks and knees. This reduces the possibility of back or lower back pain and keeps your spine discs pressure-free. 

11. Controls The Pressure On Your Shins

Kneeling chairs come with a few adjustment settings. To illustrate, you will find seat height adjustments and sloping seat adjustments. 

Adjusting the seat according to your comfort, you can control the pressure that has been placed on your shins/ tibia when you sit.

Pro Tip: Check out the adjustable Kneeling Chair, which is currently on 5% sale on Amazon and costs less than $70. In a word, the chair is fantastic. It has casters, memory foam cushion, espresso finish and can hold up to 200 lbs. You can check the chair here.

12. Improves Circulation And Carry Nutrients To The Brain

Kneeling chairs helps you sit in a good and natural posture while balancing out the body weight and balance out the body weight so that your body pain stays distracted. 

A kneeling chair simulates your blood circulation and carries oxygen and nutrients to your brain and body with an upright posture. This, in turn, will make you more energized. Having said that, it improves your breathing and prevents indigestion

What Are The Disadvantages Of the Kneeling Chair?

Yeah, I know a decision should be made considering both the good and backside of a thing, which is why you should now look at the cons of a kneeling chair,

  • Prolonged usage can restrict blood circulation to your legs and cause numbness
  • Pressure can still be placed on shins which can invite severe damage to your body.
  • Carries less ergonomic features than an office chair. To be honest, ergonomic features in an office chair are incredibly crucial. Check out this article on Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth It?
  • The headrest and armrest are missing. 
  • Kneeling chair could put pressure on the knees.
  • No innovation to its design up until now.
  • Less comfortable than other office chairs. For detailed information, you should check out another article on Kneeling Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One Is Better?

Kneeling Chair that I would Recommend

Kneeling chair comes in different shapes and sizes just like office chairs. However, I particularly like the Varier Balans Kneeling Chair as it has a rocking function and is made out of wood material.

This chair is a great kneeling chair that will always keep you in a dynamic sitting position. People love this chair due to it’s great design and rocking option. 

This chair currently costs $379, and if you are interested, you can check the most updated price on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

After proper observation, I have concluded that kneeling chairs are suitable for ensuring optimal sitting posture, and they are healthy, although a few ergonomic features are missing. 

Not only does it help in proper blood circulation, digestion, and carry nutrients throughout your body, but it also helps you reduce the pressure from your back, neck, and shoulders.  

Sitting in a kneeling chair might cause numbness, but with a short break from the sitting posture will minimize the effect. 

If you think taking a break while working is something you should avoid, then let me tell you, no matter how good an office chair is, you should always take a short break of at least 15 – 20 minutes. 

So, are kneeling chairs beneficial? If you follow all the instructions and pro-tips, I have provided in this article, you will enjoy your sitting experience in a kneeling chair without hampering your body.

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