12 Best Office Chair Accessories to Improve your Sitting Experience

Everyone who has an office chair should have a few essential accessories in their arsenal. There are lots of chair accessories in the market. So how do you know what you’ll require? The options are endless, and trying to dig through online forums for advice can be very exhausting.

To save as much time as possible for you, I’ve put together a list of 12 best accessories for your office chair to improve your overall sitting experience. Some of these items are essentials, and some are just handy to have. You will find here whatever you need.

1. Chair Mats

A chair mat can positively impact your health, your carpet or wooden floor’s lifespan, and your overall sitting experience. Chair mats come in different shapes and sizes.

You will find a chair mat for your carpet as well as for your hardwood floors. You need to be careful before buying one. Also, you will get different colors and sizes of chair mat according to your needs.

How Can a Chair Mat Improve your Sitting Experience?

Most of the chairs nowadays come with caster wheels. Sometimes you may find it difficult to move your chair from one side of your desk to another. It doesn’t matter how good your caster wheels are; your carpeted floor sometimes makes it harder to move the chair. 

A chair mat can help you reduce issues with moving your chair, or it can improve the lifespan of your carpet. It also keeps your carpet protected from getting stains of coffee or any kind. In total, it will improve your sitting experience a lot better.

My Recommendation: 

  • For Hardwood Floors: Polycarbonate Chair Mat. You can find this on Amazon here.
  • For Carpeted Floors: Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat. You can find this on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Chair mats generally cost around $30-60. Visit the above-mentioned link for checking the latest prices.

You can check out our article about chair mats on a carpeted floor here.

2. Office Desk Feet Hammock

If you spend long hours sitting at your desk, Office desk feet hammock is a must-try accessory. Feet hammock can help you sit more comfortably, and it also promotes blood flow in your legs and reduces strain in your feet.

How Can a Chair Mat Improve your Sitting Experience?

For people like me who spend more than 40 hours per week on the chair, they face lots of problems like bad posture, limited circulation. Sometimes even getting an expensive chair does not help that much. If you are like me who has a long desk job, you should consider investing in a desk feet hammock. 

It can rest your feet at a comfort level under your desk like a footrest. The cool thing is you can use this innovative product anywhere you like. There are different varieties of hammocks. There are some which let you adjust the height. They are actually more helpful, comfortable, and relaxing than you might think.

My Recommendation: Ergonomic Office Foot Hammock Under Desk (There is a free Headphone Holder with this product). You can find this on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: A suitable Office Desk Feet Hammock usually costs around $10-20.

3. Footrest

Let’s say you’ve planned an amazing workspace for your office or home. You’ve got an ergonomic chair, great desk, great computer, mattress for your chair that makes your workspace pretty unique and fun to work. But what about your feet? 

How Can a Footrest Improve your Sitting Experience?

When you spend long hours at your desk, you are sending pressure to the lower body that makes the blood circulation complicated to your legs, and you start to notice the difference between having the legs flat on the floor or held by any support.

If you use a footrest at your desk, it can improve your blood circulation to your legs, reduce the risk of your posture, and improves comfort level while you are working for prolonged hours. Thus your sitting experience can be enhanced by just getting this required accessory.

My Recommendation: HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest. You can find this footrest on Amazon Here.

Approximate Cost: Footrests cost 30-50 dollars generally.

I wrote more on Office Chair Footrests. You can read it here.

4. Arm Rest Pads

Armrests are made to make your sitting experience better. But if your office chair has a stiff armrest and does not have proper soft padding on them, then you might feel uncomfortable. I really prefer soft padded armrests. That’s why I would like to recommend you to get soft Armrest pads if your office chair’s armrest is not soft and comfortable at all.

How Can Armrest pads Improve your Sitting Experience?

When you sit at your desk for long hours, you tend to rest your arms on the armrest. If the Armrests are not well padded and stiff in nature, then your arms might not feel the required comfort level. That’s where soft foam padded Armrests come in. They are generally made of very soft materials, and they make the experience of using armrest better.

If you sit for like 40 hours per week, getting these pads can really help to relieve pressure from your elbow and give you better comfortability and improve your overall sitting experience.

My Recommendation: Comfy foam Armrest pads. You can find this Armrest on Aliexpress here.

Approximate Cost: Armrests usually cost 15-25 dollars

5. Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are a necessary accessory for any office chairs. Although modern chairs come with caster wheels. Not all the wheels can give you a good sitting experience. Caster wheels can easily damage your hardwood floors as well as your carpet.

You will find both single or dual-wheel casters. The dual caster design creates a wider surface that more effectively distributes weight. There are also some well designed single wheel caster in the market.

How Can Caster Wheels Improve Your Sitting Experience?

There is no doubt that a rolling office chair can improve your sitting experience. However, some caster wheels can make it difficult to roll your chair, which makes your sitting experience terrible. 

When that happens, you might consider changing the caster wheels.

The size of caster wheels usually varies from 2″” to 2.5″.” You should purchase the larger one as larger wheels create less resistance while rolling and are able to more easily overcome obstacles. This will also help you roll on your desk quite easily.

My Recommendation: Set of 5 Caster wheels. You can find this caster wheel on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Caster Wheels generally cost  $30-40 sometimes higher.

6. Lumbar Support Pillow

The lumbar support pillow is the most common accessory you will get to see everywhere. As it provides excellent support to our lumbar spine, which will increase blood circulation to your lower back and help you prevent injury from sitting for long hours. 

How Can Caster Wheels Improve Your Sitting Experience?

Having a lumbar support pillow is like adding an ergonomic feature to your non-ergonomic chair. The pillow will grant comfort to your back and will also help you to relieve back pain. Besides, it will also help you correct your posture and lower back issues. 

So, U think it will be a very good investment for most of the people who do not have ergonomic features on their chairs. 

My Recommendation: Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow. You can find this item on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Lumbar support pillow usually costs 20-50 dollars. For knowing the latest price, you can visit the link above.

7. Seat Cushion

Seat Cushon

I have seen many people use seat cushions for extra comfortability. This chair accessory is very common, and you might already know about it. But there are some seat cushions which are ergonomically designed, and they provide better comfortability for people who sit for long hours on their office chair.

How Can a Seat Cushion Improve Your Sitting Experience?

Generally, seat cushions are very soft and increase the comfortability while sitting. Right now, there are lots of ergonomically designed Seat cushions, or seat rests available in the market, which is specially designed and engineered for those who work for long hours sitting.

If your office chair feels stiff and is not comfortable enough, try to get a good seat cushion to provide you with extra comfort and stability.

My Recommendation: Kensington Memory Foam Seat Cushion. You can find this seat cushion on Staples here.

Approximate Cost: Good Seat Cushions costs 30-50 dollars, usually.

8. Cup or Drink Holder

A drink or cup holder can be a very useful accessory if you drink tea or coffee several times while working at your desk and don’t want any accidental spillage by knocking over a drink on your desk.

How Can a cup holder Improve your Sitting Experience?

It might seem like an unnecessary accessory to you, but having a clip on a cup holder that can be attached to the armrest of your chair can be very much convenient and can be a lifesaver for your electronic device. Once my roommate spilled tea on his Macbook Pro, and it cost him a lot more than a cup holder would cost.

So if you have faced similar problems, I think you would really appreciate how beneficial a cup holder can be for you. I would suggest everyone get a cup or drink holder because I have accidentally knocked off tea or coffee on my desk many times in the past. 

So if you love your electronic devices and want a better sitting experience, try getting one Cup holder that can be attached to your chair’s armrest. They don’t cost much.

My Recommendation: Accmor’s Universal Cup Holder. You can just clip it on the armrest of your chair and never have to worry about spilling your drink on your desk ever again. You can find this Cup Holder on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Cup Holders generally cost around 10-20 dollars. Check the latest price of the recommended cup holder on Amazon from the above-mentioned link.

9. Ergonomic Chair Mount

I particularly find this accessory to be very useful and exciting. The chair mount can be used to hold your keyboard, mouse, or even your Laptop.

How Can a Seat Cushion Improve Your Sitting Experience?

An Ergonomic chair mount can set you to work on the most healthy and position in your hair for Working. It will turn your chair into the most efficient workstation and thus improve your productivity while you are working on a laptop or Desktop computer. These chair mounts are very easy to install with your chair. 

You have to mount it with the column or gas cylinder of your office chair. These mounts will also be handy for you if you are a gamer who holds a laptop or keyboard, mouse at a very comfortable angle and improves the overall sitting experience.

My Recommendation: Ergonomic Keyboard Laptop Tablet Mouse Stand Holder Mount. Check it on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Usually, Ergonomic Chair Mount costs around $80-120.

10. Office Chair cover

Chair covers can be a great accessory for people who love to keep their chairs super clean and want to give their chair a stylish look. If you want to protect your chair from drink spillage, getting a waterproof chair cover can be very helpful for you. 

How Can a Chair cover Improve Your Sitting Experience?

Getting a Chair cover not only adds an extra layer of protection but also provides a solution if you have a chair that is old and worn out. With a small cost, you can cover all your chairs’ flaws and sins, and it would give you a feel that you are sitting on a new chair. 

I find some of the chairs cover very stylish, so you should also check them out for your office chair.

My Recommendation: Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover. I find this chair cover to be very stylish, and there are lots of options as well. Check the chair cover out on Amazon from here

Approximate Cost: $10-25 dollars. Most of the Chair covers in the market costs within this range.

11. Heating Pad:

I find these heating pads to be beneficial during winter mornings while sitting at the office chair. If you want to improve your sitting experience to be more comfortable during winter, consider getting one.

How Can a Chair cover Improve Your Sitting Experience?

During winter sitting on an office chair in the morning can be very unpleasant unless you want to feel like a polar explorer. Having a simple heating pad that sits on the top of your seat can make a significant difference in comfortability and improve your overall sitting experience. 

I personally like this chair accessory very much. Most of the Heating pads are very easy to use as well. You just need to power them and keep it under your body while sitting. You can also get a heating pad, which also covers your whole back as well.

My Recommendation: TISHIJIE Heating Pad. This one will provide warmth for your full-back, hips, and thighs as well. That’sThat’s why I recommend this one. You can find this on Amazon here.

Approximate Cost: Heating pads for chairs usually cost 30-50 dollars


I have tried to include all the helpful office chair accessories that I could think of and came across from my own experience. I think these accessories can improve your sitting experience if you have a desk job like me, and you have to spend more than 40 hours per week on your office chair. If I have missed any other essential office chair accessories, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks a lot.

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